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1. Slaughtering Sin

Struggle not against flesh and blood in these last hours
But against the rulers, authorities, and dark powers
Against spiritual forces of evil in realms unseen
Distorting the truth for lies, ways of the obscene

The weapons that we wield are not of this physical realm
They have divine power to tear the strongholds down
With arrows of fire, the demons take aim
On earth as in Heaven, be bound in Jesus' name

Stand against the devil, put on the full armor of God
Belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet are shod
Take up the shield of faith and helmet of salvation
Brandish the sword of the Spirit, evil exsanguination

Thirsty for the blood of Christ to wash away our sin
The sanguine river absolution
We submerge our shells of flesh deep within the flood
And rise to overcome the world through His cleansing blood

In His mighty power, we are strong in the Lord
Dismantling the deceptions as we speak His Word

Prepare for the slaughter

2. Mercy Of The Storm

Hear the roar of a thousand thunders' cry
As blinding flashes streak across the sky

Cyclone of death is bearing down on you
Its mighty wind ripping flesh, creating a crimson hue

Jesus Christ provides the way out
Call on His name in your hour of need
Even wind and waves obey His command
He alone has the power to set you free

Feel the waves crushing, pulling you under
Things once held precious are now torn asunder

Feel the fury subside
The weight of the storm is lifted
Holy Spirit gives peace inside
Rebuke the wind and waves
The tide has shifted

Storms in life will come
They continue to rage on and on
Don't be at the mercy of the storm
Make the storm be at your mercy

3. Crush The Head Of The Serpent

Cursed ancient one, you slithering snake
Trails in the sand and dirt you will make
Eat the dust, your sustenance made
For your deception, the price you've paid
The age-old falsehood, by lies to ensnare
With forked tongue tasting the air

Precision strike, the venom inject
Years of mendacity, ways to infect
Equivocation, untruths are told
Beguiling the masses, a concept of old
Jealousy to God, your plan of condemnation
Entice humankind with multitude temptation

Your crafty ways, the plan to deceive
That day in the Garden when spoken to Eve

Jesus took it all, the Lamb who was slain
His payment on the cross, body wracked with pain
Death could not hold Him, divine resurrection
Took the keys of death & hell, sin disconnection
Doomed to destruction, your fate has been sealed
When Christ returns, His glory revealed

Crush the head of the serpent

Lucifer, you better run! Run!
He's coming! He's coming!
It is finished!

4. The Day The Devil Lost

Selfish nature takes hold
No longer to abide
Jealousy-fueled desire consumes
Becoming enraptured in pride

Inflamed with repulsion
Wanton ascension
Resulting in expulsion

Legions of angels
Answer the battle call
Beauty doused in blood
Like lightning from Heaven he falls

The day the devil lost

Part of Heaven
Enters unholy alliance
And so their fate is sealed
Consuming fire for their defiance

Wage war
Burning hatred made known
To rise above God's throne

Prowl around
Seeking to devour
He knows it's the final hour

Satanic eradication is nigh

5. Omniscient

Supreme awareness, reign for all eternity
Understanding, insight, Maker of Infinity

Where will you go when you run from God?
What place can you find?
He is all-seeing and all-knowing
Searching the heart and mind

Intelligence beyond human comprehension
Bring forth compassion, eternal life-extension

Encompassing consciousness

Word was made flesh
Jesus Christ, the only begotten Scion of One
Brings forth compassion
Eternal life through the Son

The universe expands by the breath of His word
Majestic Creator, not of this world

6. Chaos Conquerer

Don't run from the chaos, stand still
Let the chaos run from you, don't fear it
We have power to conquer the enemy
Through the Holy Spirit

The chaos of the time creates the conqueror in you

Confusion ascends, creates disorder
That which is set up by spirits of deceit
Untruths spoken, lives are shattered
Resulting in mental defeat

Brethren, rise up
To slaughter the discord
Angelic beings surround us
As we utter the Holy Word
We can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens us
God has not given us the spirit of fear
But of power, love, and a sound mind

7. When The Flesh Explodes

Those who live according to the flesh
Have their minds set on what flesh desires
The mind led by the flesh is decease
Those who live according to the Spirit
Have their minds set on what the Spirit desires
The mind led by the Spirit is life and peace

The mind governed by the flesh
Is hostile toward the Most High
It's time to tear off the ways of dark
And become the children of El Shaddai

The flesh desires what is contrary to Spirit
Mind depraved, inflamed by self
Those who walk by the flesh reap fatality
Spirit desires what is contrary to flesh
Soul is saved, embraced by life eternal
Those who walk by the Spirit reap immortality

When the flesh explodes
Open your eyes to see
Embrace the new life
You have been set free

8. The Engrafting

Behold the mighty tree of old
Whose engrafted branches will take hold
Veins pumping the blood of freedom
To all who would receive its wisdom

Ancient abode of infinite sustenance
The rich sap flows over in abundance
Its embrace extends to rescue the soul
To be grafted in and be made whole

When unbelief thrives, limbs are broken
Others are grafted in, confession of faith is spoken
Spiritual insight with time grows slowly
If the root is holy, the branches are holy

Call out to Him for your every need
A severed limb can be grafted in again
God doesn't cut you to watch you bleed
God cuts you to graft you in

Join the eternal forest

9. Blinded

The world wants constant compromise

Everything this world has to offer
Lust, envy and pride
It comes not from the Father
Lay them aside

Remove the blinders from your eyes
The world wants constant compromise
Jesus Christ, the one despised

The world and its desires pass away
Distractions will come to lead you astray
Be strong in the Lord, stay focused on His way
Fall to your knees and pray

The reason we can't see the Bridegroom's face
Is because we're too busy looking at other lovers

Whatever you do in word or deed
Do it in the name of the one who set you free

Remove the blinders from your eyes

10. Scared To Death

Possessed by many spirits, he dwells among the tombs
Breaking through the chains, the wicked nature fumes
Seeing Nazarene, he fell down at His feet
"Son of the Most High God, what do you want with me?"

"Spirit of impurity, depart from this man!"

Jesus asked the spirit, "What is your name?"
"My name is Legion, for we are many"
Viewing herd of swine, the pathetic spirit begs
"If you drive us out, send us to the pigs!"

"Go! Into the herd! Go!"

The spirits exit the man
Possess the swine on the hill
The whole herd rushed down the steep bank
Two thousand to their death, drowning in the lake

The man, set free
Break the chains

Demons burn with fear, they are scared to death
So give the glory to God, the One who gave you breath

11. Behold, The Fire

Like a thief, the Great Day is near
Deafening roar, the heavens disappear

Conflagration, the elements destroyed
Earth is stripped, completely life-devoid

Behold, the fire

Great will be the destruction
But God keeps His word
A place where righteousness dwells
A new Heaven and new Earth

Since creation, life will persist
But by His word, the heavens and earth exist

He's patient with you, His promise not delayed
Not wanting anyone to perish, repent and be saved

Derek Corzine — All instruments, Vocals, Orchestration

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