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1. Salvation At The Barrel Of A Gun

There is a war coming
I know it, do they know it?
Do they know I know?
For I am an instrument of the revolution

I have chosen a moving target
Burning - Taught - Sweat - Delirium
It has no face, it cannot
Steel - Pressure - Bones - Crack

It will serve it's purpose
Nausea - Calm - Anger - Rising
It will be the first of many
And this I am sure of...

The winter has been long this year
I've been bitten before
I am sleeping with cold steel
Listening for a foot on the stair

All I have is this - my salvation
A bullet with your name carved on it

My finger on the trigger
Deep - Fear - Inner - Silence
One shot, one kill - one way
Nerves - Wracked - Blood - Boils
It falls back and to the ground
Dead calm and inner peace
The first of many

When the day comes
I will not hesitate
I cannot hesitate

2. Dead City Stare

Born to industrial Grind
In the shadow
Decrepit urban sprawl
Smokestacks rape the air

There are starving mouths to be fed
Broken backs to be clothed
And the streets to be pounded

The city is dying
Like a wounded animal
In need of mercy killing
To be put out of it's misery

There are no politics for the desperate
No jobs for the destitute
And no hope for the downtrodden

The hunter he cannot provide
The unemployed gatherer
In a welfare wasteland
Is broken and beaten

Belief in the eye of a needle
Expression through violence
And the irresistible force of decay

The city is dying
Like a wounded animal
In need of a mercy killing
It's on its knees

3. Bite The Hand, Purge The Flesh

I am in the city
I am losing my fucking mind
It seems like the streets are made of nothing
Nothing but scum

Neon burns my senses
I should have beaten the life out of him
When I had the chance
To make me feel alive

I knew I would regret it
It made me feel alive
An injection of energy
A vital sign of no life

No fucking life
No fucking sign of life

I took the morning train to eastpoint
Commuters staring
My head pounds
Blood and dirt under my fingernails

Acrid sweat in my eyes
What do I know about
What do they know about me


I feel like my blood is on fire
And my veins are boiling
So where is salvation
I am searching for absolution
There is nothing but bitter redemption
And penitent absolution

Incredible and tremendous pain
My brain is on fire
One pill makes the retina blaze
And the other makes dead calm

Vomit on the streets
Human shit
I will capitulate to desire
To bite the hand
And purge the flesh

4. God’s Executioner, Praise Be

I'm not sure if I can explain or explain it properly
But I saw a crucifix, and a star of david,
and a crescent moon burning in the sky

I've seen the end in my dreams... I'm not scared
I can't really explain it
But I know I've been waiting for this all my life

I am god's executioner
Does it matter which?
When salvation finds you
We give praise to the war giver

Give praise to the war giver and hallelujah
To the blood letter
Hallelujah to the blood letter

Glory be to god
Infidels crushed under heel
Heretics to the fire
And persecution to the race of swine

Like cattle to the cull
Whites of their eyes
Like a shard of glass
To the throat

I am the catalyst
I am the touch paper
Let us write the final chapter
Rebirth... rebirth in flames

5. My Name In Blood Across The Sky

I dreamt of blood and iron
Of a storm of twisted flesh
Of a god that wills my hand
To be his judgement

And do you understand the rage
It will silence and deafen
And curse the slaves of men
For they are the slaves of all

This vision was in black and white
Soundless, dust, weathered hands crack the dial
A man hangs from the boughs and they beat him with sticks

So lock the door and cock the rifle
We are waiting patiently
Looking for a moving target
In no man's purgatory

What fresh hell is this
That we make for ourselves
Cut from the cloth of Judas
And the poisoned apple bite

I never had faith to lose
As god is my witness
And I am an instrument of his truth

And I don't need to be saved
And I saw you on your knees
You were asking what god could do for you

When the demons come for you
Do you fight them?
Or do you become one of them?

And let me tell you about freedom
About liberty
Let me tell you who's in my sights
And Who's on my list

I am an animal with no way out
I will write my name
In blood across the sky

6. Indoctrine

There is nothing that brings me closer to him
Then the caustic stench of sweat
And the taste of religious adrenaline

A small chink of daylight at the morning prayer
Breaks my fever and my fervour
In the grip of the darkest night

If I ever doubted his plan for me
Doubted his words or what I must do
To set them free

I am still human a simple form
I am wrath the righteous law

This word is now and forevermore
The eye of every coming storm

If I ever doubted his plan for me
Doubted his words or what I must do
To set them free

I am... SKS 7 Point 72
I am... white phosphorous
I am... semtex C4
I am... atomic fucking power

I am no longer human, another form
More than wrath and more than law
My word is now and forevermore

7. Year Zero

And this is my intent
My statement
It is my world address
And my vision

What choice? Like a trapped rat
A social lab test
With no hope
And no way out

So I made a choice
We bow to none
It was all over before you were born

Semtex packed
I grind the prints
Filed edges, metal casing
Welded, stench
Aluminum burns chlorate
Retches the skin
I fix the fuse, set the head
Grind to powder TNT
The nerves are filed
Electrical detonation
Grip hard
Strapped tight, and sweat burns

And heretic's commandments
Dogma and prayer
Your preacher's sons are gathered in despair

I'll say again, I never had faith to lose
As god is my witness
I will be an instrument of faith
I don't need to be fucking saved

This is year zero and the beginning of the end

The final immolation
And my mark upon the world
And this is the end

8. The Martyrs Brigade

I will devour my enemies
I shall turn the waters into blood
And smite the earth with plague
I am from the pit and made to war
And the dead bodies shall be piled in the streets of Sodom
I will cut out the tongues of all nations
If you want me to be the devil, then the devil I will be

What price my soul?
The martyr's weapon
I have toiled so long
And searched the faces
Of the fallen
Maybe there is no god but man

No matter
The traps are set
This is the martyrs brigade

The strong arm of faith
There is no wall high enough
To stop one man and his will
And his calling

And there will follow with me hail and fire mingled with the blood as I was cast upon the earth, I am the mountain burning with fire and the sea of blood

I am the star that fell from heaven, burning like a lamp

I will make the waters bitter and smite the sun, moon and stars

I am the darkening day and the trumpet about to sound


I am torment of scorpion and the shape of locus
With the teeth of lions and breath of brimstone
Repent repent repent for the day is here

I never had another question
That could not be answered by violence
I hear the masters voice
Calling me to war

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