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1. Showdown At Cremation Creek


2. Vietnamese "Two Step" Viper

So Here We Are
Another Tragic Situation
Another Stress Filled Problem
To Violently Drag Us To Rock Bottom

We All Know The Feeling
To Helplessly Watch As Our World Flips Upside Down
"Why God?, If you love us so much why put us through this?"
We Begin To Ask
And When We Don't Get The Answers We Wish To Hear
We Lose Our Faith In This So Called "God"

But Have We Ever Thought Of Taking A Second Look?
When We Hit Rock Bottom Did We Actively Seek His Grace?
Or Shrug Him Off And Curse His Name?
Did We Once Look At The Bigger Picture?
Or Were We Too Self Righteous And Too Self Centered?
Is God Only Good When Things Go As We Plan?
Or Is God's Plan Flawed?

These Struggles Have Made Us
Carefully Crafting Us Into What Our Architect Intended Us To Be
Will We Ever Give The True Love Of God The Chance To Purge Us Of Our Selfish Ways?
And If You Truly Know The Feeling
What Do You Have To Lose?

3. Ahh...Real Monsters!!!

The zombie horde is upon us
We'll all be dead by the morning
In the dark they surround us
Left For Dead

This is our final battle
This is our final stand

Against Satans army
We shall not fail

Within this darkness
We are protected by the light

Satans grasp on this world is is strong
His sin is a disease that plagues us all infecting society

These zombies are nothing but puppets who can be saved by only one
Jesus christ alpha omega beginning and the end

It's time for us soldiers in christ to stand up and fight for this world

The war is waging
The end is near
Choose your side.

4. 12 Counts Of Sass In The First Degree

If only I could be everything you need me to be
If only I could do great things within your name
but I am held down by my twisted desires

For I am fighting what seems to be a losing battle
Against one of seven titans who seem invincible
This one has beaten me down again and again

Never have I felt so weak
Never has it been so hard to do the right thing

I know what's right in my heart
but the flesh is weak and never falls through

I am so far from perfect and I cannot achieve this on my own
For these titans were created with intentions to hold us down

For the flesh of man is weak, but your spirit is willing
To renew and sustain us in our time of need
To rise and overcome against all odds

Through you I will crush these sinful desires
Through you I will conquer these titans.

5. Now Museum Now You Don't

Through Christ we are all saved
By His blood our hearts are cleansed
This is the key to salvation
And to accept it is the first step to the kingdom of God

But I soon learned that it takes so much more
The repercussions of my past quickly came to haunt me
Addictions and violence and lust I had committed overwhelmed me all at once,
tempting and pulling me further and further away from you oh my God
And I began to question of God really cared, and as I fell back into my sinful past I assumed that he was never there,

But I soon learned that it takes so much more
Satan will tempt those who strive towards God promising them things within world
A new life in Christ begins a journey
I had learned this was only the start
Put to death impurity and evil desires
And I soon learned that it takes so much more
God had not Ran from me, instead I Ran from him

But God never gave up, and I was renewed through knowledge in Christ
I was a failure, but He helped me overcome
For anyone born from God can overcome this world.

6. Escape To The House Of Mummies Pt. II

I know the troubles on your heart
You bury them far away out of sight, but you could never hide this fact from me
I know you better than anyone else could
Through your restless nights you always ask "what will tomorrow bring?"
I wish I could tell you, but you must have faith for I know the plans I have for you
Plans to prosper and not to harm
Plans to give you a hope and a future
Some things you may question, but in the end it will all work out
So do not let your heart be consumed with worry, but place your heart with your Father
Todays worries are enough for today.

7. Zookreeper

Lets stop acting like everything's okay
With fake smiles and eager faces we keep the truth buried inside
Away and secluded hoping they will vanish we carry on
Our own lives with a sense of false hope

"I am important" we always mumble, but the fact is we're not
In the midst of 7 billion people it's outlandish to think the world even cares
What's right and what's wrong, what's good and what's bad
The world doesn't care about your Worthless needs or want's, desires
We're all meaningless organisms in the eyes of this world
Meant to carry out a pointless existence and wait to die

But then again, who care's what the world believes?
For I know what's real, for in the eyes of God you are priceless
And by his holy spirit and unconditional love you have a purpose
So what are you waiting for?
Are you ready to prove this world wrong?

8. Lady Nightshade

This ends now, the lies, these rules set forth creating a double standard among our family and friends
It's time to break this structure that has tainted so many minds
It's time to relinquish the judgement that turned so many away
What was meant to to be a tranquil society contains much tension and created countless wounds
Mankind has taken something so great and created an unstable disguise full of judgement and rules, standards and schedules
A disguise of religion
Spread the word, this ends now
Love does not come with guidelines
And our generation will be different
To show the world the difference between Gods' love and religion
Love is patient
Love is kind
It does not envy
It does not boast
Is not proud
Is not easily angered or keeps record of wrong
Love is the relationship between you our God
Spread the word
This ends now.

9. I Know Why The Caged Bird Kills

My God my Father
What have I done

This world is withering and falling from your hands
How can you still call us your children
With all the sinful things we've committed

It's by your grace-we live
Your Love-we're blessed
Your Son- Forgiven

You've blessed us time and time again
Yet we ask for more and refuse to give

"Let every thing that has breath praise our Lord"
Let every thing that has breath praise our God

How can we neglect all you've done for us
You have given us EVERYTHING

It's by your grace we still LIVE
It's by your son that we're FORGIVEN
Its by your love we are BLESSED
How can we neglect all you've done for us?

This world is falling
The enemy is here
My God my Father
I shall not fear

I will take this oath
And stand true
And by your name
I will persevere

10. The Guild Of Calamitous Intent


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