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1. Shall We Dance

These times they mean so much it's all about love and family.
No one can ever hold us down.
No one can ever hold us back.
Stuck it out through all the hardships, but troubled times have come our way but in the end we'll prevail.
I accept the challenge to change our destiny, Gouge out your eyes, and judge us blind.
We refuse to take your judgements and your lies.
The lives you've turned away will be your true demise.
But this is something you will not take from me, it's in my heart forever.
And now the time has come for us to rise again, too bad it came to this... settle the score.

2. Demonstrating My Style

You've only got one life make sure you do it right.
No promises for the future no promise for tonight.
When you're gone there's no coming back, make sure you leave here knowing that His love is the only way.
Not doing anything about it is a choice, being a good person won't do.
But accepting the pain and burden carried for you.
Sin is life and life is sin.
Knowing your forgiven for it comes from within.
Living and dying with the choices you've made.
Save us oh God, from the enemy that strikes on sight.
Save me from myself oh God as I lay down to sleep tonight.
Let me rest in your arms as I take my last breath.
Let me rest in your arms tonight as I take my last breath of life.
Let me rest in your arms.
Let me rest in your arms tonight.
As I take my last breath.
As I take my last breath of life.

3. Know When To Hold Em...

And we've worked so hard over the years to get where we are.
Now there's no turning back so we'll keep on keepin' on.
Some said we wouldn't amount to anything but we're here to prove you wrong and good things come to those who wait....
10 years later, still goin' strong.
Never stopping until it's over always fighting this endless battle.
And all the choices that we've made are left behind.
The promise of truth isn't hard to reach in and find.
But we're falling apart can't you see the truth that's always been lying right here in plain sight for you to see.
Put on your armour, fight for your life.

4. Not Another Teen Love Song

I didn't think that it would come to this, I never thought what we had would end this way.
I gave and all you did was take from me, this was nothing but a game to you.
But I refuse to live in the past.
I'm moving on to better things than you.
With you I was weak but now my strength, it is renewed.
This game you played is over now.
Never again will I mistake lust for love.
This game you played with my heart is over now.
So as I lay down to sleep tonight, I will pray that you find what you're looking for but my seeking is over, for I have returned to my true First Love.

5. Sundress

My eyes wander in their blindness.
My eyes consume truth.
Take this time to decide my beliefs and stay true.
Take this time to look inside my heart and find.
If you look among the masses, you will find that sex lust lies and greed only bring pain.
Just remember where your heart lies and never let it fail or die.
My God, I'm Yours.

6. Hammer To Nail

The time had come to make the ultimate sacrifice, the bitter cup would not be removed.
Through betrayal and denial you never said a word.
As the flesh was ripped from your back, you never said a word.
As you walked to your execution you saw man at his worst.
Your silence spoke volumes and your path was unshaken.
Thorns embedded in flesh, sweat burning open wounds.
Tortured by the ones you were dying for.
Hammer to nail.
Nail to flesh.
Blood flowing crimson red to was white.
With dying breath, asking forgiveness for our murders.
All this for a world of imperfection and sin.
All for a world who would deny your existence.
A world that could never deserve grace and mercy.
But yours abounds, unending love for an unworthy world.

7. ...Know When To Fold Em

This one goes out to my friends, family.
The ones that have been there through thick and thin.
Being true and standing tall, helping me pick myself up whenever I fall.
Family extends farther than blood, having my back when push comes to shove.
A forever bond that can't be broken.
The words I've said couldn't go unspoken.
I make this vow to you my friends, we'll stick this out until the bitter end.
Nothing will ever break our tie, my life for yours... no greater love have I.
Our friendship will stand the test of time.

8. Saturday Night In Dixie

Your life is nothing but a shadow of your lies, come on rip off your disguise and realize.
That you always gotta push forward.
Perfect sinful disease, sickness, it eats us.
Always progress, never reject.
Scars are here to show me what's next.
This is a war, this is a fight that I may sleep when I lay tonight.
Where will it be?
Struggle to see all that is left in store for me.
Let us forget where we were at and all that is holding us back.
Holding us back.
And everytime I turned away from you and everytime your faithfulness proved true.
Evil days keep plaguing my whole life but this time I think I'm ready for this life, I know I'm ready for the fight.

9. A Variety Of Damage

We will set this world ablaze.
Everyone has the chance to make a difference, everyone has a chance to change.
When you retrace the steps of your life, will you have used every opportunity given?
Mediocrity is a choice that you must not make.
Take your chance to make a change, be an example of what's within.
Live what you preach and preach what you live.
Let your words be the spark but let your actions be the flame that will burn the truth into the world.
Don't let your silence be a tool for the enemy.
Always speak the truth.
And with the flame of the truth burning within our hearts we will set this world ablaze.

10. I May Have Been Born Yesterday But I Stayed Up All Night

Don't confuse taste for truth our blood still burns like fire.
Don't get caught up in the way we rock, it's just a ruse to get us close to you.
Don't be startled by the way we rock. We tear down walls, New York to Cedar Falls.
Soon you will see the there is no one truth, trust us, this is not a game.
Prepare, end is coming soon, the judgement of the strong and weak, judgement of the strong and weak.
Fade away into another reality, fall asleep, wake up and smell the agony.
Dead where you stand.

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Thanks to bb1220 for correcting track #10 lyrics.

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