Dark Lyrics


1. From The Outside

Who are you now?
I can't see past the mask
you wear a smile
who are you now?
your face shines like the sun
but your hate has life of its own
who are you now?
impure from the onset
you desire to destroy
who are you now?
you saw the seeds of dissent
in the name of free speech
the only love you know
is for yourself
your opinions change with the seasons as do your beliefs
with a smile you twist the blade
your words are bitter
they bring no relief
your ego knows no bounds
if only you knew
you can say so much
with you silence
contain your thoughts
open your mind
shut your mouth you weapon of discourse
let this be the lesson learned
that there is another way
let this be the lesson learned
that there is another way
I will never tolerate your endless lies
Why do you choose to haunt me
I will never tolerate your endless lies
your foolish words fall on deaf ears
I will never tolerate your endless lies
you will fall face first
on the platform you adore
you use the weak
to expound your shallow views
you have nothing left to say
you are less than nothing
who are you now?
I can't see past the mask
you wear a smile
that shines like the sun
who are you now?
who are you now?

2. Timepiece

My own hand was the instrument destruction was imminent the pain of sorrow
was too much to bear I walked away and you never said a word punishment
enough I hang my hand I cannot look you in the eye coming chaos engulfs me
there was no warning it is never too late to start a new breaking the crutch
of the passive nature I will seize salvation that has eluded my grasp had I
only listened I was in earshot whispering shouting your ancient wisdom my
mind changes with every breath I cannot deny this burning sensation that
comes with understanding do now pass me by that was never your way.

3. Immortal

After all this time after all this time knowledge I've gained can be put to
use my consumption of truth beckons me to the everlasting I now speak and
accept responsibility for my actions a lifetime of this struggle results in
the immortal your words will live forever in me you will never die rip
through the fabric of birth my existence has always been known and I intend
to benefit from the words written in stone I must not be silenced when I am
vocal you are immortal I must not be silenced you words will live forever
you will never die.

4. Purify

A malignant blackness invades the light you seek sanctuary but nothing's
changed in the midst of conflict you are paralyzed opposition face to face
don't beg for mercy it is to no avail led to the slaughter like a
sacrificial lamb I dwell on thoughts of you where did I go wrong every
consideration made swept away like the tide dig into the mud if you must
find a foothold truth is a cancer to the heretic crush his rhetoric death to
the ways of the degenerate lost soul confiscate purify look at yourself and
expel the waste view obstruction unattainable goal strength alone is hollow
wisdom's invitation destroy the carnal hostility becomes a trademark to any
obstacle in your path.

5. Mediocrity Syndrome

A steady flow of bane runs through my blood and infection boiling seething
causing a stench to my thoughts those around me mindless spineless weak fear
ridden worthy of a fir of anger never seen before their thoughts should be
destroyed fire consuming burning the flesh cleansing this world of its
inequality the sense and value lost trodden upon tear tear tear I will no
hold back anymore I will not fall victim to a system that holds down the
truth a fine oiled machine which deserves to rust and die all to often I
wake and realize my efforts are in vain nothing changes people follow the
followers to the grave I want to tear my heart out and shove it down their
backbiting throats and let them taste honor let it run through their veins
like acid burning a mark of who I really am someday they will wake someday
they will see and someday they will understand.

6. Willfull Ignorance

Tearing flesh searing wounds of despair open for a lifetime a scarred
existence never truly finding a peace a lost world breeding predators who
hunt out of insecurity the pain of countless souls goes unanswered our
response is void where were we then? we should stop this cycle but we
nurture its growth tears flow and flow our reactions fall incredibly short
from the needed action at some point we will have gone too far we do not own
one another we must begin to nurture respect at some point we must accept
responsibility I did not forget you in your pain I still love you I was
there when you cried for help I did not close my eyes love at the cost of
hate is what we have paid the fear of desolation bringing the chance for new
life we should weep for you but where are the tears? we should punish the
iniquity forced upon you but we close our eyes and our hearts we are
responsible for your blood we are responsible for your tears we are
responsible for your pain we must accept it we must accept this generation
will pay for the blood that has been shed judgment.

7. Miasmic

For the birth shallow and inferior thoughts and actions descendants of
Adam's curse destiny plays its hand sowing the seeds of baal incubus ever
deaf to the judgment seventy years of self indulgence the soul mourns the
lust of the flesh consumes the eyes gateway of the beast the pride of life
ascension of the body the beloved has fallen to the wayside brush aside
sacrifice of life gorge on the blackness slacking the thirst on the innocent
swallow and laugh it hastens the apocalypse moments pass considering the
torn veil the heart lies the tongue deceives man brandishes the weapon thorn
in the side of salvation with aggression desecration fills the air there
will be a reckoning all is well the soul of man is at ease peace for a day a
thousand years running to the water time stands still burn a chill follows
the blood runs cold wrath fall and confess murderer deceiver you will die
whoremonger you will die man of perdition you will die for all these things
you will die.

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