Dark Lyrics


1. Menacing Thunder

Lightning flashes, thunder booms
Feel the rattle in every room
Trees burn, the ground it quakes
You see the walls thrash and shake
The trees, they flutter
People must die
From the menacing thunder in the sky

Feel the rush flow through your veins
The flashes burn brighter,
The acid pain
Nuclear war, destruction to all
The light greets me now,
And then you must fall
The bolt in the clouds
The sign in the stars
The end of the world must be not that far

Menacing thunder in the skies
The clouds are deep,
But now they rise
The storm is gone
The ending grows near
Menacing thunder shall take you fear

The gods fall victim to the rain
And then you feel it's only dreams
The sparks fly through the blackened sky
Earth splits open for all who have died
A taste of the future,
A bit of the past
A great shock of thunder
The ending at last...


2. Kill For Pleasure

He sees the body unprepared
Stalking the prey everywhere
Moves in for the kill tonight
Bow down to his will and might
Too late to run
Raise of the sledge
Bring it down on her head

Hunting victims out of lust
Embedding the terror
His sledge will never rust
See the body lie on the floor
You panic then race for the door

Kill for Pleasure
Satisfy the need
Kill for Pleasure
Make her bleed

Prowling the graves, he looks for souls
Fit for slaves, some heads are gonna roll
Stalkers find clue at one hellish sight
Of the killers presence, end of his plight
Kill for pleasure... Kill for pleasure

3. Cannibal

Expedition of death our story begins
Aboard the barge deception
Down the river of sins the winding and the bends
There will be no tomorrow
Forced to take a path on land
The trail is over grown
Your tour guides flee because they are scared
But some power is driving us on

You can't see - you fall into the sand
You struggle for life - but you are damned
It's futile to run - they're right on your heels
Your life's almost over - that is the deal

[1st Chorus:]
The cannibals are coming for you
They will hunt you down
Drooling all over themselves
Making all grunting sounds

We come to a clearing feel a gush of air
With a smell so disgusting
We all gasp and reel it smells like a meal
Finally see what we searched for
A village in this hell all people covered in mud
They look as they smell
As one looks upon that sacred pole of death
You shake in despair


[2nd Chorus:]
The cannibals are coming for you
They will hunt you down
Drooling all over themselves
Making all grunting sounds
Breathing hot breath on you
There is no escape
All they want to do is chew
They'll have you on their plates

At least we realize we become disdraught
The fear is too much to take
But too late to run, they surround us all
With their knives and stakes
Make a plan to escape, the cannibals move in
With hunger in their eyes
They get one person, time to dig in
And you will all die

[Bridge and 2nd chorus]

4. Vampire

Sleep in the day, come out at night
Trapped in coffin all locked up tight
Chain won't hold he'll be free
When he comes around take your wives and flee
Looks upon you with his hypnotic gaze
You feel your thoughts blur then daze
Shows no reflection cause he is dead
With his power he could crush your head

Shed hate unto the world unending terror
The bodies he's slain fall on the heap
Decaying remains they cried and they weep
Prince of hell, vampire's sleep

He lurks in the shadows hides in the doors
Seeking by smell it's you he looks for
The prince of the night lives by desire
One bite from his teeth, plunge into fire
Lust for the women always on his mind
Three bites and they're dead not enough time
Only wants to eat warm flesh blood
The dirty old man, but he feels no love

Transforms his shape suit his needs
Attitude charming wanting to please
Some he kills out of lust and hunger
Others he saves to be with forever
When he comes around bar your windows up
Won't do any good he'll break them down
He'll stop at nothing when blood's around
Gods seem useless not to be found

Lock your windows bolt your doors
He comes around you he looks for
Scouring the grounds only at night
If he sees the sun to dust on sight
On bats wings he flies by the moon
To rest by his crypts daylight is soon
Back on his bed sheets of silk
He's filled with blood like mother's milk

Evil rules with sword of power
To watch his slaves by the hour
The kind to all forced exception
Bought his way by deceit and deception
Sits on his throne crown of thorns
He wants all life even unborn
They plot to kill they're master
If they fall pure disaster

In daylight hours they come to the grave
Armed with cross, stake and stave
But he has moved predicted their thoughts
So he kills again and this time they saw
Follow him back to his hole in the ground
Open the lid without a sound
Pick up the stake, drive through his heart
But by his death is only a start


5. Suicidal Mission

There you hung
Oh so sad
What went wrong?
Who took your life,
Your last breath?
He has won!
Play with fire,
You'll get burnt
No mercy given
You're being used
Each day you die
No use livin'

[1st Chorus:]
You took your life
Convicted by all
You were the one
Satan's son

Won't cry no tears
Cause you're gone
It's all the same
You're here today
Gone tomorrow
Same old story
You lost your life
You must pay
Endless sum
You stupid fool
Your day has come
The chosen one

[2nd Chorus:]
Rituals begun
Each one, his son
Spiritual life has come
Demons work is done

You, yeah you die
No tears fall for you
You, yeah you die
A victim of his curse
He waits in the pits
Now your death is worse

[Repeat 1st verse and chorus]

6. Venomous Death

Out in the wild in a forest so deep
Walk unsuspecting, not knowing all that creeps
It slithers and snakes through all the high grass
But you're not careful, he bites your ass
He lies in wait for victims to walk by
To strike in hatred and then you will die
You fall to the ground to lay and wait
To fulfill the pleasure of all who hate

Seeking shelter from the blaring sun
The dessert, hot and balmy
You're becoming well done
You find shade at one lone tree
But to your misfortune it's not as you see
For on the limb all curled up tight
Is the killer scaled one ready to bite
You hear a hissing up above your head
But you're too late, and now you are dead

You have fallen upon venomous death
Weary traveler you should've never left
With the bite from the serpent's fang
Your soul shall never rest

Trudging through swamps on a cold rainy morn
Exiled to this place out of hateful scorn
You slip and you fall in mud up to your nose
The slime overcomes you, you struggle for your hose
The thick of the moment you notice it moves
As it turns to look straight in the eyes
The snake coils around you like vines to a pole
Crushes like vice you sink in the hole

7. The Evil

The burning power flows through your souls,
Filling you with unholy thoughts
Engulf your body and soul in lust
Your life he now has bought
He who watches your mortal soul
And points to death all around
He grasps you in his merciless hand
Then you hear the sounds... of death...
In flames... tomorrow... your dead

You try to run, try to hide
His grasp you can't break free
The prince of darkness, ruler of hell
Stands in front of me
Evil thoughts run through my brain
The signs point to my way
You feel that you will go insane
But still you have to pay... with death...
In flames... tomorrow... your dead

Kill. Rip. Seize
Your heart begins to bleed
Lust. Tear. Flesh
Drink the blood of victims
Heart. Eat. Now
Purest flesh of virgins
Death. Now. Has Come
Tormenting Souls of God

No escape from this world of Hell
End is coming for you
The time of rain and storm draws near
Coming to the masters doom
Crucifixion in the dawn
The rise of the blood red moon
Watch the impalement of the fools
Unsoul the bodies they do not move
They died... in flames... their dead
You'll die...

8. The Darkside

A nice old lady sits on her chair
She looks so peaceful with her streaked white hair
Her family is gone, her husband has died
All this loneliness brings out her darkside
She's the crotchety old bag that everyone knew
When you played as a kid she'd yell names at you
If you went by her house she would call the cops
You hated her so much, you hoped she would drop

Oh -- it's in your brain
Oh -- you feel the pain

Now that you're older a bit more mature
You understand now that no one is so pure
A little bit of evil inside any of us
In some it's noticeable and actually a must
Others you must search deep within their souls
But with a little bit of prodding you bring out that troll
It overflows goodside and corrupts you and me


Trials and tribulations, we all go through them
Sometimes they end up in death
The good and evil fighting for the top
When will we ever be free
Torment -- torture
The ongoing force to be seen
Penance -- for whom
The only way to know is who wins

There is one other darkside that everyone can notice
It's ever present and very hard to stop it
The threat of destruction by one man's hand
The instant annihilation of all man
Yes, you guessed it, it's the big boom
If it ever goes off the world will be our tomb
So we live our lives day by day
Hoping that the reaper will never ask us to pay

9. R.I.P.

With the destruction of the land
Death will be close at hand
A mishap long, long ago
Who taught us to fight, no one knows
Terrorism a thing of the past
The power in the wrong hands kills at last
Survivors are few and scattered
Their remains are torn and tattered

Get your guns, get your weapons
We're going out, for the killing
Don't get in our way we'll stomp you
If you live we take no prisoners

Sick... Disgust... Eternal... Rest
They come from all sides
Better make sure you put out your best
Sick... Disgust... Eternal... Rest

The ultimate sacrifice has come to us
Worse than exploding a school bus
The time to regroup and strengthen
To the earth's end will make us legends
Kill all mutated and birth defected children
Leaving no sight for anyone to catch them
The endless winter is cold and harsh
Remembering when you thought it was aforce

Sick... Disgust... Eternal... Rest

The world as we know never regains
It all changes in time, not quite the same
The marauders reap, havoc in time
But they run around the world more or less
In all the confusion no one knows / blind
The evil one plans for everything to blow
One last bomb was left for some strange
It goes off now there will be / reason
No more seasons


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