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1. Albert

Albert was a man
Took kids by the hand
He had too much fun
He touched their little bums

He lit fires up his ass
Made him cum real fast

He tried to eat his shit
That came from his pit
He did chow it down
He never wore a frown


Cum splattered corpse
Use a knife and fork
Stinky mouldy flesh
Is what I like best


Slicing penile meat
Rotting flesh I eat
Pumping body chunks
Semen, gore and spunk


2. Northcote

Hey I got this funny feeling
Stirring deep down in my balls
I'm gonna stand in fuckin' crowds
And rub myself against you all

My stiffies rubbin', shuntin', and I'm
Fucking gruntin'
I like the nylon blouse you wear
I'm a weirdo - or so my momma tells me
I wanna blow chunks everywhere

Ohhh... ride... sugar

A wet spot in my duds I'm making
It's all tense around my ten foot pole
Now I'm shakin' yeah shaking
I gotta get me some more sweet
This feeling's happenin' in my
I'm a stroker, I'm a pleasure poker
I'm a crowd pleasin' son of a gun

3. Motherfucin'

4. Chuck

5. Showered With Affection, Pt. 2

6. Strop

7. Nasty Chicks

Got you in my sight
I'm a mean bitch
Yeah that's right
Smash the shit
Out of you prick
And I'll make sure yoiu die - yeah!

Yeah - grrr - yeah - ohh yeah - yeah -
Yeah - yeah, ha ho
Smash you up real good
Oh yeah I said I would
I'll load my gun
And shoot your face
And spread you bits
Around the place

8. Intro

9. Vulgar Taste

Open the wound
And peel back the skin
Stench of rotten cunt meat
Put your cock in
The hole is rotten
Your meat is getting sore
Along with the dead slut
Bleeding on the floor

Face to the crotch the
Corpse dead and stiff
Chunky rotten meat flaps
Try and take a whiff
The pungent aroma
Of this rancid treat
Wafts to my nostrils
And makes me want to eat.

10. Kill, Kill, Kill

An all-American boy
Voted likely to succeed
Started hearing voices
So he made people bleed

He had to kill 13
Stopping earthquakes
Was his dream by 1972
Herb became a normal dude
But he kept hearing voices
He was in a violent mood
He had to kill 13
Stopping earthquakes was his dream

Voices told Herb
13 must be killed
He did his best
That the orders were fulfilled
Splattered with their blood
More fun in Santa Cruz.

11. Bitch

12. Intro

[Samples from the movie]

13. Mortician

I love necrophilia
Slice the rotten flesh
Suck on the entrails
The sweet scent of death
Ripping back the meat
And fucking whats within
You shit as I fuck
And I cum with a grin

14. Sadomasifuck

Open wound, fist fuck
Lance the eye, of the cock
Egg beater shoved, in your gash
On you ass, I will lash

Forced into a vat of boiling acid
Now you ain't so fucking placid
A pair of pliers pull your teeth
On your head a razor wreath

Crucify you on the floor
With the nail gun rancid whore
Blue vein hot dog on the grill
Your ugly cunt is what I fill

Bleeding skin
We adore
Just a taste
Of what's in store
I get off
Inflicting pain
Oh I love
This filthy game

15. Rectal Spawn

16. Intro


17. Grossman The Meatman

Old George Karl Grossman
He made money from his ham
He chopped up some sluts
Then disposed of his guts
Old George the butcher man

Sliced up cunt
Tits and butt
Human pork
On your fork
Sleazy whore
Cut in four
With a knife
George has a ball
Ugly old man
Cleaver with ham
George Grossman

Old George Karl Grossman
He made his money from his ham
He diced up some meat
Then prepared it to eat
Old George the cannibal man

18. Bloodfart

19. Knee Deep In Menstrual Blood (The Bleeding Bitch Returns) (Pt. 2)

The bleeding bitch returns
She's back for revenge
To soak us in her blood
The terror never ends
Rancid from her date
Tampon up her butt
My tongue will desecrate

The unrelenting gore
From her pulsing cunt
Putrid menstrual reek
Sorgasmic grunt
Drowning in her blood
Covered in her gore
Putrid menstrual mess
Rancid bleeding whore

20. Intro

[Samples from the movie]

21. Chunky Bit

22. Intro

Oh! Oh! Fucking yeah.

23. Simultaneous Pleasure Pinch

Up the date
And up the cunt
With my fingers
I will hunt
Score you holes
Touch the sides
And grip the skin
That divides

The thumb in the ring
Middle finger
Up your cunt
Pinch it like a crab
Make the bitch feel the itch

Feel the pain
Will you cope
Nip the skin
From cunt and ring
This is not
An evil thing

Ease away
Out of the cracks
Like your fingers
Here comes some snacks

24. Intro

[Samples from the movie]

25. Theatre Of The Macabre

Dance for me bitch
For you will surely die
What is the point of screaming
No one can hear you cry
You'r trapped in my hell
And you will do as I say
The critics they all hate me
I too soon will have my day

Hacking off limbs
In a bizarre torture hell

Women are my slaves
And no on live to tell
I put them in my cage
And as cannibals they feed
This twisted human wastage
They are the sardu breed

26. Gimme Some Lovin'

27. Raping The Elderly

28. Intro

[Samples from the movie]

29. Anal Feast

Anal penetration
Shincter muscle split
Tender shredded rectum
Makes it hard to sit
The tissue from your buttocks
Ripped from the bone
Shit oozes from the cavity
As a sloppy rectal moan

Horrid black shit
Spews from the pit
Starts to convulse
Bogus anal fit
It rips the flesh
A vile anal death
This putrid rotten stench
Or horrid rectal breath

30. Fisting The Dead

31. Intro

[Samples from the movie]

32. Derek

(c) (p) Relapse Records 1996

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