Dark Lyrics


1. Let The Stillborn Come To Me

Let the stillborn come to me
Their souls shall melt into a mass of death
Commence the ritual beyond the veil of life
Poison my heart, shred my veins

Claws of death
Cold light blind my eyes
Call upon the undead
Blazing inferno
Powers that be
Dragging me further down...

Fixed on the altar
Come forth

Dead blood

Jaws of old
Gaping in the abyss
Calling out for fettered souls
Feeding the darkness
This rotting life
Death will witness our ordeal

2. Total Death Exhumed

Corpses allured by the funeral bell
Under the lid rotten limbs will dispel
Scratching, crawling for the surface ever calling
Soil to the wind as coffin walls fall in

None so vile
The revenants rise on the doomsday
From dust to flesh
Twisted through decay

In hideous stare
Shadows rise to the sky
Nursing paranoia
Urine rains from up high
Ridden with filth from beyond the veil
Insane is the blare that comes riding on the gale

Blackest bile
Spewing from their veins
From ashes to blood
Leaping remains

Reeking of mold and bloodshot in eye
Hordes of disgust fuck peace till it's oh so dry
Undead parade
A summoning through the never
On a left hand path
Global fucking bloodbath

Present yet unseen
The one with horns
Candles all thirteen
The scent of thorns
Denial of the living
Slaughter of the womb
Six feet under
Remnants of the tomb
Total death exhumed

Walk the earth
Calamity souls pervade
Walk the earth
Millions of deaths portrayed

Insane hallucinations with every breath
Excavating pits of abysmal death
With every dawn a stillborn sun shall rise
Suffer life eternal in disguise
Only death is real

3. Anne

Unspeakable wretched thoughts intensify
As she caught my eye - so divine
Young slender blond haired muse
Hard to refuse my urge to abuse
Her beautiful smile so fine
In my morbid mind to the floor I grind
Such a thrilling illusion
That pretty silky skin all soaked in sin
As my knife goes in

Forced to the floor
Cuffed and gagged
Tearing severe
Don't be scared I'll end you quick
Blunt force trauma
Your head I'll split

Anne, don't fear
You'll live through me forever
Until your body from decay collapse
I'll come back to relapse

My filthy sinister plan now set in motion
I approach with great devotion
A tale of broken arm and my harmless charm
From the herd she's drawn - to my car
Once there I'll smack her head
Then we're off to the place all women dread
A secluded old shed
Soon I will reach my edge
With my manhood fed to her severed head

Anne, don't fear
You'll live through me forever
See, I brought a friend to watch me smash your head with a rock
Anne don't fear
You'll live through me forever
Until your body from decay collapse
I'll come back to relapse

Meeting you was such a delight

4. Church Of Vastitas

Face of our father in the abyss
Controlling our mind, churning the void
Subconscious torture to open the chasm
Our will is enslaved in these festering caverns of death

Drenched in the blood of a thousand lives
Witness the slaughter of humans as sheep
Memories fade as nightmares will rise
Building our church for the oldest one to see

His will be done
The righteous fall and tragedy will strike
Once more to crown
Our sovereign commander of emptiness

This poison will linger in the blood of fools
The void will expand and the cleansing is nigh
Government of death, the tyrant ascending
His chemical talons drill their way through your hearts

5. Famine Of God's Word

A plague shall fall on the weak
As He arises from His pit
To relieve this world from the filth
Once made by God now laid to rest

Finally, the time has arrived
To bestow great Death upon sheep
The vile stench from the underground
Shall be on your final breath

Oh, what a tragic sight
To see all your faith come crashing down
Beheaded, your Prophet will lie before His feet
In torment your soul will be forevermore!

Oh, the panic in your eyes as lightning strikes before you
Forced down to kneel before him
Oh, the famine of God's word will drain you,
In vain you'll gasp for mercy!

Oh, what a tragic sight
To see all your faith come crashing down
Beheaded, your Prophet will lie before His feet
In fire you'll surrender all to me!

Now gaze upon the elite,
As we stand before you!
Paralyzed by God's deceit,
Exposed to the heat!

Denial has left you in shame!
Humanity's divinity shattered for eternity!
Defiled and led into the flame!

To burn side by side to your brother, befouled infernal incineration
You choke on the stench as you start to commence,
No virgins await in the pit where you'll dwell!



6. Mental Abortion

Sworn to seek
The cold void of the grave
High on rotting ways
Mind's destruction
Salvation is the gored
Fall into the abyss
Of mental war
Smear the soul with the blood of the old
Casket dreams ever present
Totally devoid of human ideals
Flushed out into the maelstrom of death

Internal massacre
Disposal of the self
To reach nonphysical
Wallow in dreams of human decay
Ungodly retribution
Anthropoid carcass
Regurgitated prayers
To vomit forth blasphemy

Mental abortion
Funeral of sanity

Dragged your God to death
The emptiness of prayer still lingers on your breath

7. Beyond Cremation

In my claws your open heart
In my veins I drain till silence
In my claws your bleeding heart
Life is blood
I drink till silence

All your fear put aside
All you hold dear
Left to die

Abrasive dissection
My martyr and my slave

As life force is lost
Pain and death is all you face
As life force is lost
Death is on your face

Abrasive infection
Deluded and profane
Feeding off the blood
Till nothing more remains

As I crawl your life impaled
Blood & death engulfed in violence
Memories now burning frail
Your church of light, greeted the darkness

On the floor your body starved
Flayed and rained from suffering
Memories now burning frail
Life is blood
I drink
I vomit
Torn far beyond cremation's lust
Inject sulphuric acid in your brain
Crawl far beyond temptation's lust
No empathy
A craving will to slay
One life less lost

8. His Infernal Necropsy

Feel his presence
My blood is cursed
At war with compliance
Rancid slur
Survival of the sickest
Inhale the smoke
Of a thousand funeral pyres
Disgorge and choke

Cadaverous humanity
Earth becomes a corpse
His infernal necropsy

All consuming
Satanic death
The lungs of Hell will take you
Corrosive breath
Casket village
Your habitat
My urge to murder
Thrust the nails for total collapse

Rotted angel
Rise to drain our lives
Feeble race must die
Rites of atrocity
Upon this altar

Burden be gone
Sickening slaves of greed
Fall to your knees
Madness begins as the dark is upon you

9. Unite In Pain

In this sentence of death
Dignity's rotting away
Fouling yourself into shame

Step on the rails
Nightmare unfolding entails
Found in a heap your entrails

The deadly shadow marks your grave
You died in pain
Infested maggots eat your face
Unite in pain

Once more
Face the gore

Morbid death
I cannot find the peace of mind to pray
Morbid death
I'm paralyzed by peace in life and fail

Morbid through the days

10. My Torturer

Face down in a plastic covered room I awake
My entire body's screaming from excruciating pain

Abducted and kept in here for days on end
Defined to the mind of a man so vile

I've been beaten and burnt, molested and carved in
He has peeled the skin off my back with a plane

And with a 40-inch lead pipe and excessive force
He's turned my hands and knees into gore

Compulsive cruelty
My body's a canvas for his urge
A sick mind emerge
In this desperate time of need to god I turn
May my torturer's flesh in hell forever burn

A fierce panic sets in, as a new run begins
A sickening sensation as the drillbit meets the skin

Leaving gaping holes for my insides to pour through
My cries in vain "please end the pain" spur him on even further

And then a fretting sting as the acid's poured in
A wretched sound of hissing my organs frying within

Force-fed my daily drug to keep infections from spreading
To extend the time of torture till
I remain no more

Nothing left to hold on to
All hope has faded away
Unheeded are all my cries
Begging for my demise

A painful path into the ground
Never to be found

11. Grand Morbid Funeral

With rags drenched in the deaths of our own kind
A massive tail of rats align our steps behind
Scattered crosses in every corner of our eyes
While our mouths drown in oceans of swarming flies

Black death leprosy slithers on skin
Pierced from within
Fever grins like a madman's face
Ungodly fall from grace
Foul rash of agonized bleeding
The pulse receding
Vultures circle impatiently
To carve the flesh from bone fatally

Many a moon on, escape from a death so certain
The plague breathes down our necks just as sure as night's curtain
Trapped to wander this procession of inhumation
Our bloodline parched on a cursed road to stagnation

Jonas Renkse — Bass
Nick Holmes — Vocals
Per "Sodomizer" Eriksson — Guitars
Martin Axenrot — Drums
Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström — Guitars, Vocals (backing)

Thanks to mercedesh84 for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to arkfiu for sending track #5 lyrics.

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