Dark Lyrics


1. Intro

2. Wings Of Declaration

Shining between the people in grey
with arrogance and nothing in their brain
only adventures flows through their veins
no compasion for their pale
cause a sensation in all circles
with money they don't earn

don't pay attention - to these men - they never learn...

[Ventilator 9/88]

3. Foulmouthed Politicians

They talk about disarmament - but they build new weapons
they talk about nature conservation - but they poor the waste in the water
they wants to save the trees - but they drive the biggest unclean cars
we love them all - they are our best friends

they would stop the animal slaughter - but they give money to support this
they talk about helping the 3rd world - but they only sell them military material
they say that we are a free state - but they supervise us with the police
we need them - we can't decide about us!

[Eisen 9/87]

4. Dogmatize

I'm right, you're wrong - you're weak, I'm strong
your words are dotage, my mouth tells the wisdom
these are the men in the white jackets at the hospital

DOGMATIZE - shut up and be quiet
the doctor's life - the patients death

rip this arm, cut that leg - ampute this hand, open this head
injection, tablettes and inhalations, the people becoming things,
slaves of the medical practitioners...


[Eisen 12/87]

5. Spasmo Paralytic Dreams

Every night you frightened up
bathed in perspiration - you stood in your bed
and attempted to remember - at your dream of terror

SPASMO PARALYTIC DREAMS - the hour of horror
already now you have fear, when you fall into sleep

one night the mutants thrashed down again -
harder than ever before - you can't move around
and died misery in your fright

SPASMO PARALYTIC DREAMS - shivering fit - agony
grinding flesh in your hand - nightmare masks of death
their looks gore you - SPASMO PARALYTIC DREAMS

[Eisen 2/88]

6. Linear Logical Intelligence

Watch them try to explain the things of life but
understand that these "things" have their own lifes

life is a circulation of circulations
life is the circulation of circulations

these circulating process can't be explained in terms of linear - logical thinking, never... - never!!!

[Bestial Bernd 6/88]

7. Why?

The nuclear worldwar has begun
bombs fall down, houses and streets are burning

WHY, WHY - this stupid war?
WHY, WHY - no one could win?

bombs are nearby the earth
the people hurry to the airraid shelter

now the world is infect radio - active!

WHY, WHY - this stupid...

[Geier 9/87]

8. The Greed

in danger to start a futile war
they think to make some server laws
conceivable - false thoughts produce a reaction
serious - be able to erase a civilisation
thoughtful - to hope to get a peaceful life together
guess - what happens and better remember

tantalizing and bled - THE GREED

the commonsence is captive of copnfused souls
the tale will often change their rolls
determined of an authority mightier as mankind will imagine
this power prevents the incurable corpse
the corpse of technology who killed all humanity

tantalizing and bled - THE GREED

[Ventilator 2/88]

9. Blood

The possessed of stan are coming for church - desecration
- they are baptized in BLOOD
- prey to the unholy crosses
- dance around magic circles
infernal BLOOD flows in their veins
they had to die thousands of deaths

unholy crosses - evil church
glowing fire - brute force

faithful in god - let it rot
antichrists - let them alive
here we are - prey for satan's war
drinking BLOOD - don't believe in god

unholy crosses...

unholy crosses...

[Eisen 4/86]

10. Retrogression

We've reached the turning point -
We had to chose from live and death
the latter is easy to activate:
going on feeding flames - soon
we'll be burned down by our self - interest...

streets of mutants, cannibalistic bulls
the end of civilization, but no chance to begin new
it's the nature's repose - and death
but now all's be quiet and no one could change this


[Eisen/Bestial Bernd 1/88]

11. Technical Abortion

Go and see the technical evolution
the world's full of computized things
see the washmachine, look at the record - player
non is been working by hand

you but the things and all looks good
but you mustn't wait long
to see the shit TECHNICAL ABORTION
now you only can throw them away

mystic sounds of you TV - extreme heat of your rack
no mechanic could help you - it's too complicated for all
it look like programmed bombs inside the appliances
that blown up after the guarantee is lapsed

[Eisen 6-7/88]

12. Beyond Time And Space

Sometimes when you feel great and even better than ever before
seem as if you could change the world and everything will be allright
you don't ask is this a dream you take this for real

your mind takes off, but your body can't fly reality overuns your consciousness
can you integrate the clinic will await, psychiatistss will say it'll be allright

only a psychosis don't worry about this, take some medicaments
you can sleep at night
this is the way that our society treating people with a different sight
you are free again - what about your friends?
do they understand so many questions?
you have realized nature never lies, but have you recognize the great illusions?
so called "I" our conscience fictions of society...

who needs that the only truth - he's BEYOND TIME AND SPACE
believe in your perception and do a little bit off
so you'll understand the hidden hunts of eternity!!!

[Bestial Bernd 5/88]

13. Celtic Compost

Already the old celts composted their waste
they poor the dirt to a big hill and wait 'til all's rotten



[Eisen 9/87]

14. Jesus Never Lived

God and Jesus are only visions of the mankind
a kreating of some people to earn money
they are called parsons and their buildings are churches

he's only an invention of some cheats

these parsons tells the believers lies
peace and luck are a good world
but they are the ones who make the fat money


they drive their big cars and live in showy bungalows
their richdom is swindle of the good - believers
so hold distance from these scum and the complete church - shit



15. Economic Cancer

See what the blind faith led to:
goliath - like industrial complexity: the multinationals
exploiting 3rd world workers and earth's resources
taking hold of their energy - intensive technologies

producing things no one really needs
waking the desire by nice TV - spots
paying politicians to represent their interests

16. Ventilator Integrator

It wriggles and it blows
you activate it with a button and it spends you fresh air
it wriggles and it blows
he's activate by our songs and it spends you pure power

VENTILATOR INTEGRATOR - when it's warm it blows you on
VENTILATOR INTEGRATOR - when it's cold it spends you heat

it wriggles...


it wriggles...


[Eisen 8/87]

17. A Big Cake

everyone wants a piece of cake
and it's big enough for all
but some gets two or three pieces and some gets nothing -
why can't we all just share a bit of it?

[Bestial Bernd 6/88]

18. Tumor

Something comes, something goes-
it's all the same every time
you can see, how silly the people are-
they see and buy the next moment

one man states - all men skate
one wear sunglasses - all wear sunglasses
they jumps on every train
they ever swim with the current

hear the music all hear is good for you, than you can join in the conversation and you are the big boss of cotery.
hear the music no one hears is bad for you, than you can't talk with anyone abou this theme and no one will talk with you!

carry your individual habit to all your friends and as many other people as possible gives you the satisfaction of yourself

speak as a parrot, lose your individuality - man, you are scum
your doing is programmed by the society - man you are nothing
no contrast to all others to be yourself - man you are shit
things, that happen to you, happens to all - man you are TUMOR


[Eisen 5/88]

19. Unsophisticated Sorehead

At night he sleeps, all day he works
monday 'til friday - he only lives from weekend to weekend
then he gets sparetime for his many hobbies

every day he tells his friends such bad things about the world and the shit state
what should be better and that's all fucked up

he says that his money is very low
but twice as big as the income most of his friends
and his work is the hardest ever but after work he makes lots of sports


after closing work he goes shopping for many marks
his home looks like a noble bungalow
his car cost only 40000 marks - no money for more

he's such an asshole and a boastful man
and that's the true reason which he's a sorehead
only he doesn't know it!

[Eisen 4/88]

20. Compulsion

You see your pass will expire and went to the office
you knock at the door, but nobody takes notice
the toad stands up and lean on the table
- too lazy to help
you feel like a chicken in a cow - house
- like a rebel
the story was told - the answer was the coronation
- the cruise starts
running - it was a short to finish
crooking - to fold up the books and pencils
the toad tells the fairytale and the cross - examine begins
five minutes work for them - twenty for you
they receive money for that - you give up for it
you run to the next office - money for you
when you change your residence - the same cruise again -

where is the logical thinking - aren't we hollow?
we make it complicated to save us, but the illegal subjects
get always what they want - why?

[Ventilator 2/88]

21. Bloody Season

A group of teens spend their holidays in a
every day they swim and play and have lots of fun
no parents who made them rules
no father who said them what to do
no school, no work - only sparetime and freedom

in the summer holidays
alone in the forrest

but then some of them were missed and foun dead
with knifes in the heart and hedge - shears in the eyes
now they ran away, but the murderer is on every place
one by one he caught and finished their lifes




[Eisen 9/86]

22. Necromancer

The rocks of the valley were cruel
but the soldiers made no complaint
indeed, few of them had lips to frame a protest
the wizard's troops were beyond pain or fear of death
they were already dead!

from his zombie-borne palaquin
the wizard glowered at the rock-stream wilderness around him
his inner eye saw farther

nothing lived in that desert - but something moved
a small group of shadowy forms, little more than grave-dust in the shape of a man
wraiths! - but not his!

he wondered who his rival was!
only another NECROMANCER would control a wraith-
or know the miasma and cover its treasure

[Steve Jackson Games 1983]
[Eisen 11/88]

23. Skate Is Great

[Lyrics are shit - no printing!]

24. No Regret!

Retribution - for the pain inside
petitionfor mercy - blent with a vengeance and venture
hate burns down - the boundary of responsibility
contradiction beyond a glitter face - that only smiles
creating a contentment - who freezes resistance up
cold wake up - in your fanatical anger

NO REGRET for your foolish action
no resturation for the time beeing proud
NO REGRET for the impression before
no resturation - no creating - no contentment at all

lost friends - interior decay
alone with your minds - day by day
no resistance - indifferent screams
cold wake up of grey dreams
surround from false regret


lost friends...

-dedicated to false politicians and friends...
[Ventilator 8/88]

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