Dark Lyrics


1. Intro


2. Burial

Burial brought by harsh addiction
Death on hard ground dark destructive
Dragging bones over wastelands deaddry
Turning weary, cold and dying

Alcohol will blur these eyes
Witches brew shall turn this skin
Cursing liquid forces this blood
A being cold murder struck

Filthy blood through rotted veins
Yet another grimfoul sickness
Death the sharpest blade to swallow
Life the easiest wings to burn

Triumph of the darkwood moondust craving
A sanctuary black with despair
With bonehard determination
Satans' straydogs pacing hellwards

3. Imperium Sanctum (Bleeding Mercury)

Relentless enslaver triumphant
A touch of Midas, the golden hammer
Cruelty by might brought oppression by force
Moonstruck pale, with the bleeding scars of Triton

Childskull totem sacrificial
Slain under this cold imperial daze
Teeth grows black with blood of angel
Praised be the sickness, praise and hail

A higher form of spiritual reign
Tyrannic, barbaric, monumental
Rigor mortis rules this flesh
Total supremacy, the cursed old sanctum

Mercury blooded master breed
Celestial titans unmerciful
Our imperial sanctum burns the land

Cold breath of war upon this seal
Hard hands of murder upon this earth

4. Tank Warfare

Subzero triumphant evil
Freezing racing demonic disorder
Obscured by his shadowland
Savage are the masters own

In the trenches of the gutterwar
Turn to death by the bloodwolf invertion
Minds forever locked into, cold fucking murder

You know you are a killer true
These drugs will never bring you peace
Enveloped by the spirits dark
You are counting your dead
And it smells like tank warfare

Slaveskin banner high
Satan artillery scorching
Native hammer crushing
Addicted to the stench of dying
To the raping of the slain

5. Saint For Raping

Rebel drug abundant
This dark old delicium
By no gods condoned
Worn out skin at daybreak
Bleed this goat
Cold with gravesoil
Rancid and torn
Sick with sulphur
Rusted scraps of Orcus
A scabbed lung prophecy
Dismal traces of sanity
Devilfangs dug in deep
Store the building twilight
Hard in skeletal marrow
This disease have eyes
Satan boils the venom black
Be this drunken dawn a bastard
Or a saint for raping
Be these dogdays a curse
Or a sign that we must murder

6. Beast Nocturnal

Cruel intolerance as scorn now burns
Primeval descent into ruthless chaos
Combat spirit cold from killing
Beast nocturnal of absolute authority

Driven doom, the execution of decency
Subterranean hard defiance
The blood of Jesus piss upon us
Lucifer murder order immense

The rite of passage here is eternal
Total necrosis of the flesh
Life to fuel the fascist fires
Beast of night, burns by right

Will to disfigure, to hording of skulls
The law is violation, Satan armour retaliation
Calloused oppression, death sentenced
Barbaric control, legions in line

7. My Offering

I will scourge as a plague
By the madman's call, by the shreds of skin
Silver moon, silver blade
I will stalk unseen, I will burn the screen

Dark blue mind, undulating, choking
Attainable strength lies in their blood
Cloak of depression, lost within
Cold is the steel, warm is the flesh

A lethal addiction
The nullness source
The numbness I hail
Bodies lie still, turning grey
The affliction eternal
This bastard cunt of goat

Hermitage of flesh in submission
Must maintain the mass of murder
This requiem, my offering

8. Haubitser

Within hostile fire crawls the king snake
Violent assault spearhead to crush
The soil wants blood
And fate craves death

Haubitser hellfire heretic
Scorched earth anti-christian
Serpent slithers front by front
Death lies thick, hate shall engulf

The icy determination
The rusted heavy steel
From the gutters of humanity
We're painted for war

We shall guide the seven plagues of hell
This age lies claimed for us
The deathladen destroyers
The painridden, the rulers

9. Outro


Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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