Dark Lyrics


1. Desolate

Sore cold forest slavery
Under the rigors of winter
Violent shadows killed these lands
Fierce beasts of north raped this child

Charred, desolate
Burning soil, demons soar
Crushed, desolate
Torn wings, foulness in blood
Forever, desolate
Laid to waste

Inherit coldness of the soul
By rulers brought to conquer
Forcing the god hand
The dark Satan vanguard

Call this breed a murderous cancer
In the wretched realm of cruelty
Barbed wire minds in state of decay
Until tepid Christ blood stains his lips again

Draining away
The razor void infernal
Burnt to black
The desolate scape eternal

2. Stronghold

Locked within Luciferian stronghold
A damnation terminal
Makes this flesh the trigger
Predatory action must be taken

Under sweeping wings burnt cold
Doomed hard and forever more
Way down in the dark
Utter death has been lurking

This beast a hard drugged assassin
Bearing fangs and weapons of murder
Acid surging blood flow
Bleed by own hand, defiance ungodly

By withered tongue unspoken
Cries of thorn clad rebellion
Bury morals deep in the ground
Turn this face to stone

Leave veins all wide open
Turn as ice so cold
Leave the forest frozen
Called by the black dust choirs

3. Tyrant

Crush horizon, choke the lifeblood
Cold blackened heritage of death
The age of the forceful fist
And an evil deaths desire

Tritons son by blood
Caesar of the pale moon carrion
Blessed be the ruler
The slayer of the brazen morning

Whores flock below
Under these bonchard killing hands
Faces smeared in semen
Bodies cold lay broken

Generations burnt full of marks
The sores of the masters iron
Crawling slow like poison through veins
Dying dark, molested cursed

Through the black ash he sees clearly
Over the rolling hills of murder
The stench of Satan's minions rots the flesh

Soil diseased
Plague ridden shallow graves
Empire built on petrified bones
Dark destroyers upon charcoal thrones

Spirit Jesus torn from the soul
Violence spawned from the cruelest tyrant

4. Karmafrost

Buried in filth, shocked fury in chaos
Where darkness grows, shadows weep
Mouth drooling blood, no light enters this place

Karmafrost - engineered by Satan
Hatred still going strong
Silencer of the holy
Wasteland mentality - Karmafrost
Pale death destroy me
Karmafrost sharpen thy teeth

Soul numb and angst raped
Forever nourished by evil
Shadow fevered war lust, injected for survival
Life will never wound me, ashes be my grave

Black nails torn
Voice still rotten
Spewing my lungs out
Stillborn northern fury
Fingers clawing dirt

5. Severe Dawn Intrusion

This fog is an obsession
Chills a doom filled dusk
Lance this would-be silence
Ravenous deathly hunger

Kills severe dawn intrusion
Dogs' blood filth distorts
Regeneration of ill tempered war lust
Devastate Sion

Bent moon wise, ways all murderous
Crooked, black most utterly evil

Intruding dawn distortion
Once buried by morning, now cold flesh motion
Cries for Satan's choking breath
I cruse all beings

Visions of war and terminal bliss
Forever lost in dried blood vessels
Hexed be the priests, drank the poisoned well dry
Drags now this lingering sickness

6. A Bolder Race

Of wolfen dynasty and devil wings
Their icy blade draws blood
Drains this dying vessel
Beastly curse awakened

The crack of two fold demon whips
Tears the surface of the soul
Fall into ruthless maiming disorder
Succumb to the murderous drug of war

Relentless pounding in mind so frail
Words of wisdom, poetry ablaze
The black serpents doom, lurking ever near

Satan's firstborn, the bolder race
Burns through this torrent of disgust
Unquenchable this thirst for death
Hunts as one, the minions of dark

A bolder race
Pale as the new snow
Erasing the past
Burning the books

7. With The Fist Of Satan

With the strength of the ages
With the might of the mountains
With the force of the storms
With the cold of the winters
With the fist of Satan

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