Dark Lyrics


1. Bow Down

Use Disney masks to hide the grins
Of unseen rulers than never wince,
No need to care for disposable staff,
Human rights once more deep in the ass.
Exploitation, power abuse, alienation
Mind control, deception, illusion,
Money, despair, profit,
Greed, lies, scorn.
Never forget when you go to these places,
That humans behind mask are force-fed with rules,
Just smile all the time otherwise shut up,
They got no right there, bow down to capitalism...

2. Borders

Do you really believe, you bastards,
That misery is stopped by boundaries
That hunger will never cross the seas,
And that you'll never have to share your wealth ?
Don't you understand, you idiot,
That segregation gives way to hatred,
That poor and rich will always be on opposition,
Draw a line, and decide no trespassing,
Feel secure behind your laws and money,
Responsible for the third world decay,
When you will look up the world will be burning.

3. Misery

Strange shapes of misery
Haunt every street,
This world has no meaning.
All that is gained is put in the circle
Of endless violence.
Typhus and Plague
Crawl at the doors of the North,
While North is watching T.V.

4. Silent

(30 years from now)
"Economists have replaced politics.
Corruption, the law of my world.
Nothing but being silent,
A slave to gain a pittance. (I am)
Control killed the right to revolt,
So all is left is suicide."

5. Going East

Going East,
Every year,
For flesh so sweet,
(for) Flesh so young.
U.N.O members.
All of them life destroyers.
Men of filth so deep.
States collaborate,
Police regulates.
All of them life destroyers
Of the poorest innocence

6. Fuck Off And Die !

"Get them out and close the borders"
This is what you say, "To hell with strangers",
I just wish one of them strangers
Will stand up when you look down at him
With scorn on organized private tour
And smash your well-fed face,
Kick you down and slash your throat.
You'll understand what I really think of you,
When I smile and say "One less bastard on earth"

7. Greed

I'm hidden from you, my lifeless youth,
Yet I was born close to the black gold.
Here us weak things die by famine
And plagues you forgot about for centuries
Greed for oil, greed for more !
Sure you thought of protecting us.
I was born in Iraq, died at the age of three
And my finger points at the blockade meant to free me,
My skinned bones still point at your silent faces

8. Back To Dogma

They're always teaching God's the only way
A solution to explain the world
Shoolar teaching is the new battlefield
Spreading their lies through education
Creationism is the only way
Dumping proofs of evolution
Stop heresy, disrepute Darwin
Target the young, unholy science.
They have the power upon politics
To impose the chance of teaching programs
Evolution, false theory
But creation is God's glory !

9. Swallow Back

(From eastern Europe to far east Asia,
sexual slavery is maintained because of men's complicity, greed, and self empowerment.
This is not trade, this is men using economically weak women as slaves)
You're a three hole thing, just a three hole thing.
Dicks will make you swallow back the tears that nobody cares to see.
70 fucks a day.
You're a three hole thing, just a three hole thing

10. Social Fracture

Social fracture,
hidden behind graphics,
Witnesses of their lies.
Happiness is a given privilege
for those who live
On poor's slavery and exploitation.
Social fracture, juggling with the millions,
A few keep a selfish system locked
People in need as global result
Earnings're not in question, what else apart from exploitation
Beggars, misery, loss, despair, Social fracture

11. Parasite

From subconscious, shapeless control has
come to parasite man's mind.
Have a look in your head about one situation,
two voices : your own and the parasite's.
Have a look at society, charismatic leaders are stupid,
serving themselves. Can society be so low by itself ?
Have a look in myths, talking about monsters,
but now they are alive, in your head.

12. I've Been

I've been a shine of hope, 'till the bombs fell.
I've been a smile on a children's face, 'till the rapes began.
I've been a nation's drea, 'till multinationals arrived.
I've been a woman's hope for a better world, 'till the religious fanatics threw the stones

13. Despair

Narrow-minded people, you just look at your
own miserable life. You have an opinion on
everything, but no broad view of what's around
you. Thus you feel powerful and mighty because
you think you have none to fear, but those that truly
rule are beyond your understanding and chose to
kill or spare you every day.
Think for a while, and you'll fear the despotic
ruling of corporations and nations, because power is
all to those that despise individuals. The more you
know, the more you hate. Dumb or despaired.

14. Big Stick Politic

Exclusive licence
On a continent.
Deciding who's gonna die.
International agency of torture,
Trained on prisoners,
In the land of freedom
And justice for all.
America, why don't you put
Your "Big Stick"
In your own fat asses?

15. Stones Of Gore

Dressing = killing.
Two words combined,
They can make sense.
For the diamonds
'Round your neck
Are a noose for Africa.
They'll never see
Jewels they are killed for.
Diamonds business is nothing
But exploitation and murder.
Your beauty feeds itself
on African misery,
And your pleasure is

16. Burning Wife

I was born in a world where men power's strong
Nothing but a wife, less than animals
They've burned my face, burned my flesh,
Corroded my flesh, acid on my face
Reduced to slavery, I've got nothing else to say
Rebellion is a crime, soon to be a burning wife.

17. Loser

I am a loser, or so I am told,
Looked down on by all, alone in the crowd.
Slapped in the face everyday, despised,
just ignored, no one cares.
Thrown in the mud, kicked around,
Under pressure, preyed upon,
Clockwork ticking, living bomb,
Give me a gun I'll teach you all.
You believe I will never stand up,
That I'm not strong enough to oppose you,
Schoolyard shooting will be my answer,
Kill you, kill them all that did not speak out.
I am alone, alone in the crowd,
Gun in my hand, and killing in mind,
Shoot all around, madness on display,
Who will you blame ? Social bomb exploded.

18. Hopeless

Human being, just born with his own fears
And desire, trapped into destiny.
For now, positive acts directed by desire,
Negative ones by fear.
All is written, just follow the circle,
You can do no more, until you're dead.

19. No Better

No better car than mine
No better house than mine
No better boat than mine
No better life than mine
Money is a god.
If you can't afford,
You're nothing to me.
You are what you own.
Your material life sucks.
You will be buried with your wealth,
No one will ever regret you, you're fake.

20. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence fuck the rest of the world,
God Dollar needs some preachers,
Business intelligence is their doctrine,
Millions working exploited to the core,
Free market sold for more money,
Plans as toys, poor's slavery,
Obscure hope for a better life.
Fed by TV, show to me dreams they dream.
Like puppets we're controlled,
Golden boys win the party as third world
slowly falls in chaos and violence.

Thanks to executionner for sending these lyrics.

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