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1. Face Yourself, Make Up Your Mind!

Look in the glass / a dilemma
Commit suicide / or build a life ?

Sitting in my bedroom, so many years of time
So little time, running away...

2. Sometimes

Sometimes man believes that he has been created to dominate,
But he's wring, he belongs to a whole.
Your function is not to exploit but to watch,
You have no power, no attribution, but only responsibilities,
And don't let us believe you're what you are not.

3. Reek Of Deceit

Listen well / I will tell / what you are / to me
Liar / deceiver / faker / loser

I will shout to the world all the lies that you spoke,
I will destroy your false image

And you thought that you would live with what you did hidden to all...

Dual-faced pig,
Fond of make-believe,
Forked tongue adept,
You reek of deceit !

4. Enmeshed

I'm enslaved, captured by militia,
Vanished for my family free thinking is my crime.

Fear another day of life suppressed
Fear another day of life oppressed

I'm thinking by myself, I act freely the way I choose !
You're the toy of society, propaganda, your will erased !

5. Primate Way

Captured, sedated, deported, imprisoned !

I'm a king at home, not an animal.
I long for my tribe,
I will break loose and declare war.
You call it a zoo, it's a prison !
I will not submit.

I will go back to my tribe,
Declare war on your kind
Show my teeth and hit my breast
Demonstrate my power

I am alone in my cell,
No feeling left but despair.
No way to call for my tribe,
No hate, no joy sedated...

6. Ephemeral

Human life only lats a moment [x4]
You must have the will to live it as you want !

In this world, unreal like a dream
To live, suffering, only doing
Unpleasant things
Is pure madness.

You shall fight conformism,
You shall reinvent life.

7. Rupture

You who don't care about morality,
Money is your only aim,
Your God is the revered dollar.

Torn apart, by never-ending greed

8. Lamenting Spirit

I am old, primitive, ancient.
There was a time when I freely roamed this continent
But now I'm slowly dying...

Long before you came to my land
I lived well, but now my spirit arches,
I dwell in smoky cities.

Through my people I look back
Remembering a long lost time
My land, my race, my dreams...

9. Positive Incentive

One can never return to what is called the spirit of an age.
Because the world is coming to an end its spirit dissipates.
Even if we try we cannot return to what is the past,
So it's important to give the / best of every generation

10. (...)

11. G.M.O.

You study, manipulate, you control, you create, you impose...
You study, manipulate, you control, you create, you impose, on the world.

G.M.O. [x8]

Biotechnology and manipulation of the living are a
good way to improve your financial power,
But we don't know the effects of genetically modified
products on the lives oh human beings !

You want us to be depending / on G.M.O.
But we don't want to be living / on G.M.O.
And soon we will see you burning / your G.M.O.
Because the world is refusing / your G.M.O.

Don't try to create monsters of Nature

12. It Will Eat You

Cattle slaughter house, zombified lumpen,
Decerebrated, zombified
Cattle slaughter house, with castrated brains,
Return to your feeder, and try to forget

It will eat you [x4]

Lost in a paradoxical dream
I see money ruling
Lost in a paradoxical dream
I see addiction spreading

I see / money ruling
I see / freedom dying
I see / addiction spreading
I see / terror ruling

13. Dreamland

Imagine the world without us,
What a pleasant place to be.

La planta : burned alive !

Once great plains of grass and trees,
Now cities of glass and grease !
Rid of us the world would live...
And thus we deserve / Extinction.

14. A.C.T.

(Against criminal theocracy)

Your laws were not made for people
But to protect your position,
What you believe must be the truth
'cause you despise all that's not yours.

You don't try to explain your faith,
But to impose it as a rule.
What if people find their peace
In another way of belief ?

A saint in your religion
May be a demon in my faith
How can you be sure you're right?

15. Dead Men Working

Always under stress to be the best at your work,
You never take time to rest it shows on your face.
If that's success you're after you should think again,
Because the only thing you'll gain is your early death.

Look at you, look at us, look out for/ Dead men working

Workoholic [x8]

You feel alive when you come home only to sleep ?
See your son born, teen and father in just a blink.
Stranger to your family if not to the world,
What do you think of your life ? Wake up it's insane !

Throw down your life and start building another one
Where your career will be secondary to life.
You'll find reward in the love that you will receive
From your family and friends you will never regret !

Dead men working !

16. Shaman Pulse

Peaceful in our country, we saw the white men come,
Hunted by the strangers, endangered in our homes.
We have no fear or doubt, we'll fight them back and live.

But they master thunder, unseen death from their hand !
Eliminate [x6]
We fall to their magic, technology their God !
Call our Gods, shaman pulse !

We pray to you / O unseen one
Give us the strength to fight them back and live again...

Feel the blood in our veins, the power of our faith,
Strength and violence heightened, berserker rage on rise,
No mercy for the weak, the strangers will go back.

Oblivious to pain, hunt down the invaders !
Panic deep in their eyes, their blood spilt on the ground !
Thank our Gods, shaman pulse !

17. Micropig

Hairless pig / Fit for ham
Created by / Human race
Butcher !

18. Hide Your Face

Hide your face, you're part of the human race.
Shame on your king, that's fighting Gaia.

Totemic figure / prostrate myself
Wild tribes / beast men

I was blind now I see !
I was deaf now I hear !

19. War To War

Civilizations overpowering one another,
Every genocide is a rebirth.
Evolution relies on mass destruction,
So war becomes a theater of cruelty,
Where killing innocents is a strategic move.
We were all born in blood as a sign
That we live by fist, sword and gun.

20. Logic Of Chaos

Whales, agonizing on the beach,
Point out to human failures.
Wastes on the sea,
Asphixiating the water dwellers !
You failed, you failed, to prepare future !
You failed, you failed, to protect Nature !

You destroy life everyday,
Crush the weak to feed the fat !

What will you gain, when there's no life on Earth ?
Corporation, short-minded greedy pigs !

Profit in mind, you desecrate our land !
Exploit the earth, jeopardize our lives !

Humanity suicide [x4]

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