Dark Lyrics


1. Hair Trigger (Pull The Trigger Part 2)

Last time he pulled the trigger, he aimed it at himself,
Surgeons fought and saved him, hatred burns in his chest,
No more self-destruction, an assassin he would be,
Kill for the highest bidder, now he'll never be free.

Hold tight, take aim, shoot kill Hair Trigger.

Contacts signed and settled, a face without a name,
A pawn that's not a player, in this deadly game,
Arrangements made so perfect, no motive for the crime
A silent bullet takes a life, he's running out of time.

He stops and sees a window, reflecting his own face,
Maybe one last victim, he grows weary of the chase,
His victim gets a 'phone call, "Your killer's on his way",
The hunted now the hunter, blows his life away.

2. Struck By Lightning

She sits in the darkness, the storm is near,
Under the stair-well, quaking with fear,
She waits for the thunder, to split the sky,
Will Mother be long now? Tears fills her eyes.

Shadows are haunting, lights on the floor,
The windows have shattered, she runs for the door,
Her eyes see the storm-clouds, she runs down the lane,
Siezed by the panic, drenched by the rain.

Sirens wailing and lights are flashing,
As she runs and screams in the night.

Struck by Lightning - on the run,
Struck by Lightning - all alone,
Struck by Lightning - away from home.

3. Taking Care Of Business

Morpheus the Caretaker, Keeper of the Keys,
Cleaner of the schoolyard, all the children that he sees,
He gets the little schoolboys, with hatchet, blade and saw,
And cuts away their screams, until they scream no more,
Locks them in his cellar, and tears away their life,
Slices them to pieces, and cuts them with his knife.

He just can't take any more.

Caretaker - Heart Breaker,
Caretaker - Death Maker - Taking Care of Business.

Wickedness and hatefulness, were all his childhood dreams,
He searches for his Mother, and a home he'd never seen,
A chainsaw is his best friend, a knife is by his side,
He'd become a weapon, where no young child could hide,
He's seeing them in nightmares, they're torturing his brain,
The dreaming of their dying cries, was driving him insane.

His mind is going crazy, it won't let these vision loose,
They found him in the basement, hanging from a noose,
They said that he was buried, they said that he was gone,
There's children going missing, something's going wrong,
They found a hand, an arm, a leg, left lying in a field,
Dug up his last resting place, and found his tomb unsealed.

4. Field Of Dreams

It seems that we're so lucky, but is it what it seems?
Do you think that you can hold on to your dreams?
We're searching for the answer, but time is running out,
For the Children who will die in search of Truth,
We hear their voices calling, they scream across the sky.

And I'll find my Field of Dreams,
Where we all can stand as one,
We'll discover what it means to be each other.

They point at one another, and won't accept the blame,
Don't you think that we can reach out with our hearts?
We scan the skies for people, of another race and creed,
When we find them, will we call them Friend or Foe?
They hear our voices calling, will they come out of the sky?

5. Take A Look Around

You ask why these words, are all stories of my days,
Never seeming to look around, at the World and all it's ways,
Yet this plan you say is yours, leaves only one road to take,
But each must find his own, for something's got to break.

Take a look around, and see what's happening,
Take a look around, can't you see what's happening?

And how can I curse someone else's distant war,
Until I find my own peace, and anger is no more,
How can I cry for the hungry, and scorn the other's greed,
until I eat nothing, but the little I really need.

This future you say is near, leaves nothing much to find,
But the moment holds enough, without living on borrowed time,
So now that I have told you, are my reasons all that clear?
For the words my tongue has spoken, are not the words you hear.

6. After Dark

A vision haunts you, it's black as night,
And to escape you turn on the light,
A curtained mist that stands in your way,
And slowly turns your night into day,
Reflected fantasy,
And dreams that won't set you free,
Explain it all to me, it's all in your mind,
You're running after me,
To make me something I'll never be,
Eyes open, but you don't see, the dangers After Dark.

You broke the mirror, but you didn't care,
The shattered pieces swirl in the air,
A voice that calls you, from inside your head,
Bids you join with the Living Dead,
Too late for fantasy, and dreams become reality,
The truth I cannot see, through your web of lies,
Night creature with tortured soul,
Cracked actor without a role,
Black shadows where you can hide, but only After Dark.

Taken by surprise, see the flame in His eyes,
You're burning,
Nobody would have guessed, for fangs in your flesh,
You're yearning,
Evenings full of sin, the nightmares begin,
On fire,
Nowhere you can run, knowing you've become,
A Vampire!

You were so happy, until He came along,
You had your weakness, but now you are so strong,
You think I'll join you, how could you be so wrong,
I'll never die for your dreams, no!
I'll never die for your dreams,
You smashed your mirror, no image there to be found,
You'll stalk the shadows After Dark.

7. Crazy For You

I've got one eye raised to Heaven, the other seeking Hell,
The Devil's on my shoulder, and only time will tell,
I've found myself an Angel, you know I'm feeling mean,
But you know, you look so hot to me,
In your skin-tight leather jeans.

I'm crazy, I'm crazy for you,
I'm crazy, I'm crazy for you.

Your figure's full of promises, give me what I need,
Nod your head and shake those hips, I wanna feel your heat,
You tease me and you tempt me, with what I want to see,
Tight and black, like a heart attack,
Don't turn your back on me.

8. Zip


9. Unholy Trinity

London Town, 1888,
Under veil of fog, as it was late,
Five female victims met their fate,
Their silence to ensure
It was Jack who did the deed, a Legend born from Devil's seed,
Masonic ritual insane,
The butchered victims freed from pain,
As they looked, into the face, of Jack The Ripper.

Eddie's marriage could rock the throne,
To those five ladies, proof was shown,
Their blackmail plot, inside had grown
They said they'd tell it all,
Annie Crook was locked away,
The other five would have their say,
Salisbury knew it was the only way,
So the five then had to die,
Warren covered up the tracks, removed all clues left by Jack,
The sordid details, sick and vile,
Were locked away in secret files,
So he could vanish, without a trace, Jack The Ripper.

Beware of The Ripper, he will tear you limb from limb,
Never again will you see the light of day - Burn in Hell
Their souls cast to the fire, the flames of Hell dance higher,
They will pay for what was done - Burn in Hell.

Jack The Ripper's case is solved,
Not one, but three men were involved,
When a century at last evolves,
The truth can be revealed,
Jack was nimble, Jack was sick,
His surgeon's knife not always quick,
While Jack is nameless, he has his fame,
I've told the tale, I'll give you names,
John Netley was the Coachman, Walter Sickert was the Guard,
Sir William Gull was The Ripper... Unholy Trinity!

10. Calming The Savage Beast

This sure ain't no tale of Beauty and The Beast,
All the weird things gather for the Great Cosmic Feast,
The Beast has been a savage for times long enough,
Man's decline was easy, the climb back is so tough.

Calming, calming the Savage Beast.

The Beast will try to destroy, all his eyes can see,
A living veil of shadow hangs over you and me,
There's a wheel in the sky all bathed in awful light,
Come to calm the Savage Beast, or perish in the fight.

Calming, calming the Savage Beast.

The simplest of progressions is turned to a weapon of war,
Each more frightening and horrible than the one before,
The Beast can't live in peace, with his troubled mind,
His threat hangs over Midgard, for killing his own kind.

Calming, calming the Savage Beast.

The Starman stands alone, His strongest passion is released,
This may be His last chance to calm the Savage Beast,
So live on with your Thought Dreams, survive now if you can,
Look towards your mirror, the Savage Beast is Man.

Calming, calming the Savage Beast.

11. The Wraith

He knows that they'll be running,
He knows they're gonna try to hide,
They see his headlights coming,
Jamie's back from the "Other Side",
They don't know what's on his mind,
But he knows he's got to find,
The ones that cut his life away,
Appointment with Death,
Racing with The Wraith.

"Vengeance will be mine", he said,
He'll never rest until they're dead,
The Race of Death goes on and on,
They all will perish one by one,
They had a deadly sense of fun,
Packard's boys are on the run,
The Wraith knows he can make them pay,
Appointment with Death,
Racing with The Wraith.

He knew that they'd try running,
They couldn't find a place to hide,
The last thing they saw coming,
The Black Car from the "Other Side",
Ghostly in the setting sun,
Packard's boys no longer run,
The Wraith reclaims his life again,
Appointment with Death,
Racing with The Wraith.

12. Easy Way Out

Life's a bitch and then you die,
Defeat is hard, but then you must try,
To keep your cool and keep your head,
Talk is cheap, that's what you always said,
I know it's hard to understand,
You live in fear, it's gotten out of hand,
I'm sure you think that you know it all,
But watch your step, you're heading for a fall,
When things get too hot for you,
Overload your mind,
Just search inside your soul,
I'm sure you'll find...
The easy way out.

Don't get hurt, you run and hide,
Don't want to lose, so back the winning side,
You'd sell your soul, give your body to burn,
Go on and take, give nothing in return,
You could change, it's not too late,
Learn to love, turn your back on hate,
You know too much is never enough,
So don't give up when the going gets tough,
Hide behind your mask of weakness,
Which way to turn?
I think it's time to stop your running,
One day you'll learn...
The easy way out.

13. All Hallows Eve


14. Countess Bathory

[originally by Venom]

Welcoming the virgins fair,
To live a Noble life,
In the castle known to all,
The Count's infernal wife,
She invites the peasants with
Endless lavish foods
But when evening spreads it's wings,
She rapes them of their blood.
Countess Bathory, Countess Bathory

All day long the virgins sit,
And feast on endless meals,
The Countess laughs and sips her wine,
Her skin doth crack and peel,
But when night-time fills the air,
One must pay the price,
The Countess takes her midnight bath,
In blood that once gave life.
Countess Bathory, Countess Bathory

Living in her self-styled Hell,
The Countess dressed in black,
Life so distant, Death so near,
No blood to turn time back,
Castle walls are closing in,
She's crippled now with age
Welcomes Death with open arms,
The Reaper turns the page.
Countess Bathory, Countess Bathory

15. Jealous Love

Your love it drive me crazy,
I'm knocking at your door,
You say that I've been cheating,
But I'm coming back for more.

You treat me like a fool,
I'm sick and tired of running after you,
But I just can't take no more of your foolish games,
I want your jealous love, I need your jealous love,
I want your jealous love, I need it, your jealous love.

You tell me that you love me,
Then you leave me all alone,
So I have myself a good time,
Did you think I'd take her home?

Oh girl you drive me crazy,
You're knocking on my door,
But I'm having such a good time,
I've just gotta have some more.

16. House Of Pleasure

Third door on the right, they make you scream all night,
With whipping and bondage in chains,
Leather gear and whips, you can't get to grips,
With ecstatic feelings of pain,
A schoolgirl blitz, and nuns with big tits,
All ready and waiting to please,
You're feeling so high, stroking silken thighs,
You'll never get up from your knees.

Do it right, all night,
You're in the House of Pleasure,
You pay your money, and make your choice,
You'll love the House of Pleasure.

The throbbing sensation, and mental castration,
Is waiting behind all these doors,
They shout with one voice, you can't make your choice,
While fooling around with the whores,
You scream and you crawl, while they're stroking your balls,
Three in a bed can be fun,
There can be no rest, when you're surrounded by breasts,
There's nowhere left you can run.

Take me to Heaven, give me Hell!

These ladies all stand, vibrators in hand,
You know they like satin and lace,
It all gets too much, they show their crotch,
And then they, will sit on your face,
Try a 69, all positions are fine,
Split Beavers and Pork Swords unite,
They take pride in their trade, they like getting laid,
What's on the menu tonight?

She does what for 250 Dollars?
Just give me the money man!

17. Return Of The Zip


Brian Ross ‒ Vocals
Sean Taylor ‒ Drums
Dave Anderson ‒ Bass
Tony J. Liddle ‒ Guitars

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