Dark Lyrics


1. Legion

On the horizon,the bodies are rising again,
to take the unwilling.it's all senseless killing & pain,
The fires are burning,the tide is turning on war,
louder than thunder,was Earth torn asunder before.

Bodies lie broken,the gods they have spoken so loud,
lost in their causes,an army of corpses,heads bowed.
Undead & tenacious,they fill up spaces so well,
no quarter is given,the meaning is hidden in hell.

We are legion,for we are many.

Racing with demons,Hell's unholy legions are here.
Torture eternal from creature infernal spread fear.
The ending of nations a dark revelation is born.
To rot & decay,as the world slips away,no dawn.

2. Soul Stealer

I am the one who makes the noise in the night,
When you're all alone, there's no-one there to make it right.
I'm in your nightmares and I'm tearing up your dreams.
I'm seen in fleeting glances when nothing's what it seems.

Hiding in the darkness, I am your fear.

I am the ghost of shadows, the demon in your head,
I am the entity that hides beneath your bed.
You can see the branches casting shadows on the wall,
you cannot cry for help, struck dumb you cannot call.

Hiding in the darkness, I am your fear.

Each night you know I'm there, don't want to be alone,
pure evils waiting there,
You sense me near, I am your fear.
Choking your dreams in the darkness,
your blood runs cold, I'll steal your soul,
all of your dreams are filled with madness.

Now that you have grown older, you think I'll let you be,
deep in your mind you know I will never set you free.
One day I will return, to hunt you once again,
I'll steal your childrens souls and make you go insane.

Hiding in the darkness, I am your fear.

3. Who Takes The Fall?

They want to see the nations under single rule,
it's absolute power in the hands of a fool.
The bird of Armageddon,wings pointing to the sky,
reflected like a harlequin,no tears left to cry.

Seated on his towered throne,too late for reasons why,
the jester's waiting all alone,who's the first to die ?
Discarded,unguarded,their fates are already decided.
Unshaded,degraded,there's nothing left for you.
Divided,misguided,trust should never be one sided,
mistreated,conceited,the world don't turn for you.

The stringless puppets conscience,seeks to gain control,
from the men of power,who's joker fits the role,
evermore the struggle sees fit to wear him down,
voices raised in anger,no more the voiceless clown.

4. Enchanted Tower

Can you imagine a time when the enchanted voice locked maidens in the tower ?
If you can then you're blessed,put yourself to the test before it all starts to turn sour.
If the time ever came when things weren't the same,could you be content ?
Valkyrie sing on the edge of the ring that was heaven heaven sent.

Locked in the tower,the enchanted tower.

The jester is a fool in a spiral pool,locking doors in his path,
and he looks for a planthat turns beasts into man,in the aftermath.
If the cosmic king gave you the ring hten leap frogged the stars,
could the knowledge you gained be lost in the rain by the Asgardian bard ?

Locked in the tower,the enchanted tower.

Will you be lighting the fuse ? Do you know how to use the power of the ring ?
Will you safely reach the hour when you find the lost tower,the tower of Cosmic king ?

Do you think you will find the power in your mind that you'll need to strive ?
Will you search the town & hunt him down to capture him alive ?

5. We'll Rock Forever

Hear my voice as we take control.
Raise your hands up higher,
tell me what you really want to hear.
Your world is turning upside down,
your hearts will burn like fire,
unite & we have nothing left to fear.

We'll rock together We'll rock forever

It's up to you,let your voice be heard,
don't suffer in silence.
Let the world feel what's in your hearts,
if we can change one man's point of view,
by showing our alliance,
at least we know we have done our part.

We'll rock together We'll rock forever
Together we will rock forever,metal in our hearts.

6. Terror Zone

Engines screaming give me more,
electrifying thunder roar.
Breakneck speed & sonic bound,
blazing on to glory.

Electric eye it cannot see,
I'm running wild I'm running free.
High octane powered neon knights,
are in the terror zone tonight.

Highway madness through the night,
locked on target raise my sights.
Stainless steel begins to glow,blazing on to glory.

Mesmerizing full on speed,
gives me all of what I need,
dragging knees down on the floor,
blazing on to glory.

7. Hamunaptra

8. Dark City

In the night the world is changing,
do we know who seized control ?
Their lives are planned,there's no tomorrows,
memories are held in dreams.

Do they know that I remember ?
In the crowd but all alone.
I stand & watch the changing skyline,
oppressors crushed,they're now aware.

Beneath a steel sky, no - ones asking why,
no one sees a new tomorrow.
The watchers in the park,the demons of the dark.
Who beg steal or borrow ?

I need to find a childhood memory,
leave behind the distant shore.
I find the door in the horizon,
a world contained inside a shell.

9. The Face Of Death

Heading for the day of judgement,your last days will pass you by.
Is Satan winning,heads are spinning,tormented souls begin to cry.
Hell is burning the world is turning,God & Satan take their toll.
Close the door on holy war,fighting for immortal souls.

Time is standing still for you,knowing that your life is through,
nothing left to do,look on the face of Death.

Four horsemen riding as foretold,demons living on your fear,
souls aflame their deeds remain,angels watching shed a tear.
The rancid smell,the gates of hell will open as they go inside.
Riders mounted,souls are counted,woe is avarice & pride.

Wrong or right,eternal fight,fate is held on the wheel of fortune.
Where's the plan for God & man,purgatory waits to greet you.
Sound the horn,no saviours born,they come for you,chains of guilt will bind you.
Blind will see as shadows flee,on judgement day all are brought to justice.
When that day comes & end is near,creation rocks,feel the fear,
you'll hear a voice,it calls your name,walk to the light,it starts again!

10. Dv8R

Fuel injected metal heartbeat,cybernetic brain,
lazer active xenamorphic,hydro driven veins.
Heat detecting without warning,scorch the silent air,
terrorizing all gunz firing,scream as tendons tear.

Time to run....the stellar wings attack
Time to die....no warning
Time to fight....there is no turning back
Here they come,their calling me.

Annihililating,desecrating,torched bodies slain.
Razor pointed thermal lances,leave the earth bloodstained.
Accelerating thunderchanging,piercing through the night,
shreiks & cries intensify,administer last rights.

Mass contortion bullets burning,cauterizing pain,
amidst impassive metal armies,barren lands remain.
Driving hatred while re - loading,screaming eagles soar,
the stench of steaming rotten flesh,the carcasses of war.

Devastating aggravating,dance across the sky,
DV8R blood is boiling,atrocities don't lie.
Freedom fighter scream exciter,shoot into the void,
terminating aqua planing,bio - mechan - oid.

11. Metalizer

When it's time to rock,is there total shock ?
You'll be taken by surprise.What's it all about ?
You can scream & shout,
like a shot between the eyes.

Racing out of time,I'll get inside your mind,
just to mentalize your brain.lying on the floor,
can't take it anymore,
get the priest to kill the pain.

Metal gods don't spare the rods,
the dance of death is just for fools.
Sin after sin,let the show begin,
the metalizer breaks the rules.

Metalizer brings you down

It's the final countdown,to the metal meltdown.
Metalizer brings you down.

12. Feel The Pain

You trust in me & I will deliver,
say the words of the holy man.
Live your life searching for forgiveness.
Cleanse your soul only like he can.

Taking the pain & the fear from my mind,
I feel your pain.
Leaving the shame & the hurt thats inside
I feel your pain

Kiss of death for a pocket of silver,
you sold my life but your's is sealed.
Repent your sins to God the forgiver,hung from noose in potters field.

I put fear in the mind of the sinner,
I feel the pain in the heart of a killer.
Can you feel,can you feel the pain ?
You spill my blood for the whole world to see,
I felt the spear thrust deep inside me.
Can you feel,can you feel the pain ?

Nailed to a cross to defend my father,
a crown of thorns was my only prize.
I'm crucified for the sins of others,
the blood & tears now burn my eyes.

I can't believe that there's anyone there,
I think it's me that's in control.
Go fuck yourself coz I don't need you,
and I can live my life on my own.

Brian Ross ‒ Vocals
Phil Brewis ‒ Drums
Andy Galloway ‒ Bass
Tony J. Liddle ‒ Guitars
Paul Nesbitt ‒ Guitars

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