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1. Bleeding Blades

The first incision is made.
The knives start to tear your skin.
The blood drips at the end of the bland and you can't go back.
You started to change your life.
Why don't you love yourself?
Your infinite beauty disappears.
You will never really see your true self in the mirror
Until you see yourself in someone else eyes.
You can smash the class, cut yourself, change the pieces
But don't you know your heart will stop someday?

2. The Easiest Way

The only way to keep me from watching you die
Is to stab myself in the eyes before I do that to you.
Those eyes that were telling me truly your feelings for me were so strong.
But there's no more of this tenderness.
You entered the mold of the pathetic human kind,
Who just fills up his life with dreams of true love and sincere devotion.
why didn't you ever realize you were sinking into this world of fake drama
And desperate need of affection?
Your sudden apathy gives me the strength to load up my rage.
I promise, it wont be long dear.
You wont even see it coming.
You'll never see the ground coming so fast.
As I grin, your last word goes up in smoke.
From this perfect shot.

3. Vanea's Divinity: The Dark Chapter

Hundreds of circles are on the pathway.
Leading the evidence.
The venom is taking all the optic lines of the carcass.
An ocean of misery.
You are stagnant.
This is the junction ending.
Ruining my globe like every time.
Drained as consumed an additional chronicle to endure.
The fall of the affinity and all those sweet instants, abandoned.
The radiance will appear soon.
Leading the way out to the domain.
Revenge. Thrust me. I'm indestructible.
I wont give up, you're the next.
There will be no more afflictions.
I'm the solidity and you'll be vanished.
Every sense you're living, will be your following agony.

4. One Soldier Battle

A thousand miles between us can't separate me from this.
I'll reach all the seas, looking for an end.
Giving my everything to forget permanently red.
Hiding myself in different cities.
Lost in conversations, seeking for the moment I'll get back to my head.
Fighting in this one soldier battle.
Now we are both missing what we use to be.
I keep running, sinking, sticking myself to it.
For you nothing matters at all.
Finding the balance to know if it was the right move.

5. This Is What My Heart Will Break Against

For the first time,
I raised up my head to the sky
And I've clearly seen the sunshine comes through the heavens.
That shining light shows me the path I need to follow to be by your side.
So many time I've got close enough to feel your love shine on me
But I lost it without being warned.
I found myself alone and cold again.
You're probably too far to feel the distress in my veins
That gets me on my knees again and again.
This is what I'm killing myself for.
As tides meeting the shore,
My heart will break against yours.

6. The Great Immunity

Inferno's coming this way.
The degradation of reality.
Combustion of all the city, revealing a plague.
Shame of the vitality, it'll be.
Funeral of the whole vivacity.
The greatest hallway to a ruining extinction.
But we, we wont retreat.
Ascendancy, we're clevering everything.
Load up the metallic element.
We are crushing the cryptic legion,
We're crushing the nuance,
We're crushing the shade
And we're crushing your face,
Destroying the grace.
Clearing the way and engraving the frontline.
The engines are smoking,
Depressed by the time.
We are the union,
You should glorify this moment.

7. Alberta

As these days pass, I miss you more and more.
Baby, you're further from me now.
You made my heart stop
When we first met.
You're so flawless, so perfect,
But you were so quick to leave me.
Wide awake I lay in my bed,
Hoping my phone will ring,
So I can hear your voice again.
When I think about your smile,
It makes the distance seems like nothing.
This seems to be so right.
I could almost say it's fate.
Just say the words: I'll be yours...

8. Vanea's Divinity: Silences Are Words

The dawn is coming and I'm feeling the fluid over my skin.
Melancholy is filling the life and it will grow by itself.
Pass through this masquerade.
You will die.
This universe can't stop us.
This is our world.
You will be buried.
I remember you were there full of passion with a smile on your face.
Enjoy every moments.
Hoping, living and tightening.
Now you're white, pale like snow and you know.
You'll pay for this.
Don't you know that you'll burn?
And I'll be sitting on the throne.
Hear this symphony.
This is your end!
Don't you know that you'll burn?

9. The Design

I've slept for years under a white blanket.
Maybe I'm not right?
But all there thing have changed from themselves so fast.
So should I ask them to be like before?
I don't think so.
Buildings are higher by the time and all this highness get rid of me.
Take these five snakes and take you're time.
Slowly, hold them tight.
Clearly, it shows a light.
And oh dear, they wont bite you.
I promise.
They're kind of seraphic.
Please, please show them who the king is.
By the next days, I'm leaving the high voltage kingdom,
Becoming one of the glowing sea.
Underneath the torrent, filling the stream.
I'm levitating through well-known capitals.
Walking down the dark hallway; skies are sinking cocaine.
The citizen's routine.
This is the first look of a new generation novel.
Oh god, this can't be happened all these snakes around me. I wake up.

10. Escape The Past

My spirit is now too weak to escape the past.
All my souvenirs of you still remain the sacrifice that I did for you.
I try to forget every moment I spent with you.
You're engraved in me.
Now, I'm requesting you give me he chances to come back on the right way.
The way I should keep.
I try to forget every moment I spent with you.
You're engraved in me.
You're engraved in me.

11. Words And Meanings


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