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1. Cold New World

[Lyrics from Jaako Lehtinen and Timo Palokankare]

Are you the one to save the day?
Confess your sins and walk the way
The call to arms is ranting strong!
Disrupted system, there's no absolution
What's your endgame? Now, break the silence!

Run, or live to fight forever!
Dark, the path for the fallen ones
Rage against the silent mankind
and stand on the head of this Cold New World

Discovering our evil machine
No cure for chaos, insanity
Become the void, the grief, the nothingness
The time has passed to realize
For that we have to pay the price
When the walls go down
there are so few real heroes!

The silent hollow man arises
Tomorrow holds no greater pride
Pyres destroy before our eyes
And break apart your mind again
Foolish mortals rape your gods
Your souls eternally decay
We cry bloody murder!

From sanctitude they lead us
And in disbelief we must remain
For the final hour is about to unveil
The times of terror fall upon the world of reason
When the walls go down you're done

We're in the end, no time to repent
The paragon of men arise and fall

Run, we had to fight forever!
Dark the path for the fallen ones
Rage against the silent mankind
No new beginning for those who will waste it all.

2. Mind's Armor

[Lyrics from Anders Öström and Timo Palokankare]

Now weep for the world
where only gray flowers bloom

Like a war ending our life
The white stone shines
Relentless king, He reigns
Take a bow as their maker descends
The vial breaks
One mind is gone
Still in sanity we trust

Forever we trust

Give me back my mind
Bring back my voice to set me free!

Infected, oblivious and willing to consent to a lie
The choice is mine how long I stay blind?
Or will I wake?

This daemon I designed
It stays beside the shadow I cast

Don't trust

Give me back my mind
Possessed and blinded by fear
Bring back my voice to set me free.

3. Bring Down The Tears

[Lyrics from Anders Öström]

Giving up the endless walk
Through the broken signs
Search for the ending
Where no-one has ever been
Living in a fantasy
Or disguised in the shadows

Shutdown minds from the worldwide
Blindness prevailing our lives

Where is the glory of our last days
There lies the truth of our blackened hearts
Feels like I've been here before
It's more than just an empty feeling
More than just a déjà vu

Dead inside I built my wall
Shelter for my heart
Enclosing my tears
Inside my mind in nothingness
Perfect shielding for
The great cold curtains to fall

I just fight to find way out of the sunlight
Veins are freezing inside my soul is dead!

There's no hope for the dreaming ones
There's no cover, no shelter
No escape from the silent guns
Wall of lies, liberty fails

4. Mindless Dreams

[Lyrics from Tuomas Riihimäki]

Parasites, the decayed voices
Horror visions and violent whispers
The sweet taste of illusion
The obsessive strength of lies

The frozen silence crawling in
Mindless dreams
Awakened lust, hopeless path fading
Come to me, come to realize
Lost and forgotten
Truth has no color, true blood is rare.

Pleased by the unwanted figure
With no regrets, just don't forget
The hypnosis strikes me down
But my dreams carry on

There is no way out of this path.

5. Death And Rebirth

[Lyrics from Jaako Lehtinen and Eino Tuominen]

Loss of Reason for a moment
I thought it was ok
Maybe it could have been
Without all the faces
Sweet taste of disappointment
The ultimate hate experience
Sweet dreams you mother fucker
You were living for the excess.
Living for your dreams.
Did you have to be so high?

I'm so afraid
Afraid of the otherside
I'm so aware
Aware of all the lies that kill me
And I do hate - and I'll break your soul
'cause I hate all the faces
I'm so afraid. I'm so afraid.

Standing up one more time
I found what I was after
No more the trail of tears
Burning pain is gone
Feeling of heavenly life
Compared only to the death
My life, your death
I am living for the moment
Living on the edge.
I know that I'm alive again.

I don't see you, I don't feel you
No more trail of tears burning pain is gone
I don't know you, I don't need you
My life your death.

6. Blessing Of Freyja

[Lyrics from Anders Öström]

Blessed light take me away from the end
Broken by dreams
We are born from the death of our sinned
To tear it open, the Earth, from her pain

Two thousand years and
Still no sign from Him, this mind is set
Dream by dream I walk back and forth
Led by the shadows of us all
War by war I die more and more
Led by the signs in the empty wall

All I hear is silence, red like blood
Beautiful destruction, we watch in awe

One hundred thousand soldiers
Religious cults of madness

Blessed light take me away from the end
Failed by life
We are born from the death of our sinned
To tear it open, the Earth, from her pain.

7. The List

[Lyrics from Jaako Lehtinen and Eino Tuominen]

At the frail glass halls of his mind
Remove the blindfold!
The statues and the banners began to collapse

So, what options you were given?
Pain was the number one on that list
You, had to to tear down the walls and barriers
To keep your sanity and freedom

You did not feel hatred anymore
Everything felt good and right
Like you had wiped out an error
That caused this world to rot

But again you realize - Nothing did change
Too much unspoken, statues are falling
You cannot change the mind
Of the sheep flock called humanity
It was all in vein

Her fingers run through my hair
All her lies run through my mind
Razor blades on her finger tips
Rend on my skin

Pain was the number one on that list
9. Suffering
8. Fear
7. Death
6. Hate
5. Insanity
4. Deceit
3. Torment
2. Rage
And Pain!

8. Redemption

[Lyrics from Jaako Lehtinen and Timo Palokankare]

The wither, inconceivable darkness inside
Define the sanity: in the wake of the forgotten
I take the fall

Cry out - for redemption
Downfall - the end has begun

My sweet insanity, a comforting lie
False sense of justice and no one to blame
The world, my crawlspace
Speak to me my soul, I'm lost

The end has begun
The end has begun
Cry out
Cry out
For Redemption

No one there?
The serpent's alive
I found the way to eternity

Death is kneeling to me
In yearning rapture lost my insanity
The sole survivor from darkness within
feelings of hatred keep me alive

Is this life a remake of yesterday's lies?
All in all - whispers from beyond?
All in all - just whispers from beyond.

9. The Disciple

[Lyrics from Jaako Lehtinen and Ossi Elonen]

The missionaries came
Gathered us all
Crowd stares blindly
They start their presentation

Deep down there's something wrong but
Everyone joins so so do I
Open armed they welcome me
My new-found family

I listen as they teach - but I know better
How everything should be - but I'm no better
Then words turn into acts
The feeling of togetherness
So good, so right, so fine
Yet so wrong

Their words seem wise so true
And their doctrine crystal clear
One of Us or one of Them
And sure they should not be

Peace it shatters so fast
Then comes the call to the arms
By force a soldier I'm made
And so let the war begin

My conscience dies as do they
Triumphant our cause now
The man I was is no more
For what it's worth I'm one of us.

10. Daughter Of The Sun

[Lyrics from Anders Öström]

The judgement is near
The judgement is here

Daughter of the Sun
Today our minds will be as one
Gathered before you
The judgement is near
The judgement is here

And the flames descend from the heavens
All the horns will play for majestic blood
We cry, crown salutes you

When all the time has faded
Then will be shown the mark of the sun
Watch as the darkness becomes the bright light
Of this dramatic, chaotic world
Will be under the grace
The will of the silent grace

And it's time to feed the hunger
Within this tempted soul
Burn with the time and feed the flames
With the remembrance of the truth
For the truth

Shine upon my guiding light
For the glory of my hollow pride
For the name of my descended guide
Shining does not forgive the ones
Whose faith didn't last 'till the end of the time
Burning, burning everyone is burning
As she bathes in the lights of the flames so bright.

11. Legion Of Lost Minds

[Lyrics from Anders Öström]

Stay away from the sadness and pain
Stay away forever again

White crown and the ruined future awaiting
The Messiah, The Lord of the worms

Scorched ground burning before you
You're paralyzed, have no choice
But to pledge allegiance to me

Curtains of the shadows, they are wast
King of everything, a distant dream
Failing to see reality
Take the divine infection
Take the divine injection
And it's yours

Rise before me my newborn son

There is no-one to bow before you
Your throne is thin as the air

Do you see it finally my son?
You doublecrossed, you betrayed being

We are the choirs of the madness
Legion of Lost Minds
Crying out the list of your sins

This is the revered hatred
The loneliness, the grieving rage
I am the revered hatred
The end of everything
This is the worshipped one
Dust of the Earth
The pathetic man
The worshipped one
The lifeless wraith
I hear it calling my name.

Ossi Elonen ‒ Bass
Eino Tuominen ‒ Vocals
Tuomas Riihimäki ‒ Keyboards
Jaakko Lehtinen ‒ Guitars, Vocals (Clean)
Anders Öström ‒ Guitars
Timo Palokankare ‒ Drums

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