Dark Lyrics


1. Impact Prologue

2. Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Shockwave in the suburbs of the Empire,
The twin towers collapse, a glimpse of apocalypse,
30 seconds and the face of the world has changed

Scorched earth policy applied on US ground
Achilles� heel touched irremediably
And the giant chokes in the ashes of his dreams

Security increased and paranoia swells
Vengeance sharpened its claws
We need a scapegoat, a scarecrow, a symbol

A symbol of Hate and its horrid sequels
A scarecrow to incarnate our secrete nightmare
A scapegoat to charge and judge without appeal

But, there�s a but, eye for an eye is a law
that makes the world blind
There�s an enemy and a victim,
but the victim soon becomes the enemy

Who wages the war, and who pulls the strings?
Hidden murderers, suit and tie criminals
Who wages the war, and who pulls the strings?
Don�t be fooled by their weapons of mass distraction

Don�t misunderstand our critic of the conflict,
We stand for nuance, doubt and judgement
Our point of view: there�s no Good and Evil in such a war
No one-way terrorism, no heroic excuse for murder

The circumstances were perfect
for the capitalistic untouchables
To instigate a New War Order
To implant monster corporation in hostile lands
To pump the black gold right from the veins of the Middle East

Shockwave at the heart of dissidence
Innocent civilians in the eye of the storm
Western reprisals take aim at the wrong target

The besieged crave to prove their firepower
To an invader of this stature
The jihad seems a suitable response

But, there�s a but, eye for an eye is a law
that makes the world blind
There�s an enemy and a victim,
but the victim soon becomes the enemy

[Chorus x2]

3. Global Denial

I was told we once were a monkey
Even more, previously an insect or a fish
Destined to become a part of a great society

Although this may be a seducing story,
I believe that time has come to leave the lapse of memory
Our true origins we will remember
To understand the Beginning

Could the soul be the missing link???

Don�t sit & pray, refuse! Resist!
Refuse the Mason�s treachery!
Resist to TV mental slavery!
Don�t sit & wait. Denounce! Push back! Counteract!

Of my despair, hope occurred
Kind of a Global Denial
Torrents of energy which rejected Fear
The sacred shield of the Mind

This is just a fragment of a vast hypnosis epidemic
A preconceived History
Filled with concepts to numb the mind
With an amalgam of bewitching approaches,
A thousand fairytales to feed the new-born
To assure our devotions towards ignorance

Could the soul be the missing link???

Don�t sit & pray, refuse! Resist!
Refuse the global policies!
Resist to the propagation of disease!
Don�t sit & wait. Denounce! Push back! Counteract!


A global denial against a global domination
A global denial
Expose the facts, see how they react

4. Consortium Y2K

Subliminal propaganda, corporate theft, no conscience left
Is there something wrong in the land of the freak?
Behind the so-called ideals, shameful and odious lies
Chromed scum, masters in disguise selling shreds of paradise

They twist laws, crawl in marble gutters
Playing with lives like they juggle with numbers
Some people rob us with a fountain pen
Even worst: we�re helpless when such things happen

Oh! They surely do it with standing and grandeur
Criminal measures wrapped in golden words
Should we applause their falsity and their tax-free philanthropy?

Yes I wanna be politically incorrect
And plunge my fingers deep in the unscarred wounds
Medias can spread their praises, don�t give a damn
I won�t pay a facelift to the gruesome minds

What�s the gist of this joke? We�re forced fed with illusions!
Mesmerized mass, stuck in a rut, caught in a web, paralysed
Broken hope, downhill slope, slow decay, corruption�s heydays

So many struggles to strangle the witnesses�
Too many sickening truths in confidential reports�
So many reasons to burn the compromising proofs�
So much dishonesty rightfully breeds contempt.

Overthrown democracies, moral bankruptcies
Falsified archives, a jigsaw puzzle to analyse
Contradictory information, a labyrinth of deforming mirrors

Suspicion is not dissidence; it�s a right we must all claim

Listen to my blazing diatribe, my desperate anthem
Here and now my revolt growls
as I spew sick rhymes for a troubled world
The explosive chronicle of an epoch of silent wrath
A tragedy tattooed in the back of a blind.

5. Barcode Blindfold

Everyday, every minute, everywhere
We are assailed by appeals to consumption
Always the same song with a few variations:
�You must buy�you must buy��
You must buy a cage to trap the beast within
You must buy revolvers to sleep well
You must buy a house with bullet-proof doors
You should even buy a fake wife to wax your floors

You must buy this new car to go far
You must buy that new pool to be cool
(and soon you�ll rent the sky to hang yourself with your tie or maybe slash your wrists with a loaded credit card)
You need more and more shit to be wise
You must buy more stuff to looks nice
(And soon you�ll need a psy �cause you�ll be wondering why your whole existence is so devoid of sense)

What you get ain�t what you see
Publicity deforms reality
Use your fucking brain cells
To get rid of the barcode blindfold
What you get ain�t what you see
Don�t shut your mouth, don�t let it be
It�s now or never, the brainwash is over
Take off the barcode blindfold

They will turn garbage into gold,
They will sell cosmetics for your soul,
Instant pleasure and plastic love,
They might even solve what can�t be solved
Top-one illusion for a limited time
Packaged paradise and chap peace of mind
Wake up and tear down the screen
We�re not living in a fucking dream.


6. Elite Insight

Once a tangible domination, today it�s a covered supremacy
From a mighty vortex the darkest City drains energy
Since the first epoch to our modern era
To the royalty we leave our reward

[Verse 1:]
Once it was a religious way of living,
today it�s a scientific way of thinking
As abstinence used to be advised,
Debauchery is now advocate

Oh, geniuses of evil know in such a way
To be dissolute is to be lost away

Do not fear the Elite insight
Hold on tight; they�re scared of our wealth:
Of our consciousness,
Of our spirit, endless
Together as one we will break the spell

To assure our longevity, a new medicine shall be the key
�Be aware of disease and drink the poisoned elixir!�
Our obedience to the Brotherhood:
Fear to lose a unique life

But the time has come for us to know
The deliverance of our mind dwells in
Forgotten knowledge of mankind
We are eternal, as every living kind

[Repeat verse 1]

Oh, geniuses of evil know in such a way
How to prompt us to enter their maze of decay

From the events covered up and report
We must learn to read between the lines
To finally discover what lies behind
The feather of a twisted mind

We now have the Elite in sight
Hold on tight, hope stand in the Light
In our consciousness,
In our spirit, endless
United we stand to reflect the spell

I fear not!
I now fear nothing at all!

7. Finger On The Trigger

Point blank indoctrination,
Brainwashed youth, brought down, twisted, crushed and recast
Formatted robots, ready to be programmed
Inhumane principles to spawn the ideal soldier:
Psychological shutdown!
Disintegrate the individuality, annihilate identity
Until all mental forces collapse,
Then redesign the self to server abstract authorities

Blind killing machines, recruited at eighteen
Almost children, perfect preys to defile
Slaves, pawns, cannon fodder!
A neurotic instructor pours cement in your skull:

�Listen to me, silly sissies, faggots with no balls,
You�re worst than nothing to me,
worthless scumbags with no backbones.
If you wanna be somebody here,
Don�t think twice, don�t think at tall, just do what you�re told,
and it�s gonna be the best of both worlds.
You need some strict discipline!�

Glory to the star spangled-banner! Now let us pray�
A good American is a man
who was born with a finger on the trigger
to erase the problem cases and promote the noble causes.
A real American is a man who�s willing to die
for his beloved country

�Crawl in the mud or on your friend�s corpse.
It doesn�t matter how many people are killed,
Never mind how much blood is spilled,
Victory is ours, we never surrender
Enemies lurk in every corner, the threat is permanent,
We�re rightfully suspect and purge.
Never hesitate to bomb the fuckers!�

They don�t even know they serve higher interest!
Corporations behold the show and laugh in the shadows,
orchestrating wars from afar, financing fear and worldwide paranoia,
protecting their privileges as armies crumble on the battlefield.
With an elastic morality, they speculate on human pain,
led by their lust for power.
See nothing, say nothing, hear nothing: credo of the corruptors!


From the ashes of Britannia rose a country
struck by a collective Viet Namnesia
Uncle Sam is out of control, out of reach
Happy bloodbath, Mr. President!
Democracy is now a vain word,
Peace goes down the drain.

8. An Ordinary Day (In North America)

Today I have some time to lose
So I open the papers to read the news
A bad buzz, a disturbing experience
A real shock, I�m going nuts
Tangled titles still linger in my head
The harsh new reality, revisited

[Pre Chorus:]
The gloves are off. And truth hurts.
Step through the looking glass.
Civilisation is on decline

It�s just an ordinary day in North America
Where the world�s a stage and the play is not a comedy
It�s just and ordinary day in North America
Sit comfortably and enjoy the show

Scandal figure resigns after being subpoenaed,
Political plunge in misbehaving.
Senators seek to improve their image,
Lady vengeance knocking at the doors of the Congress.

Police shoot a knife-wielding fugitive
in front of shot pedestrians.
Stray bullet killed girl, no progress in the investigation.
Attack dog out of control bites baby in the park.
Paris Hilton ruins Nick Carter�s life
Journalist beaten by a drug crazed pop star.

Five years after the anthrax scare, no answer.
Homeland security awards $400M in anti-terror funds.
Experts gauge the quantity of materials for destroying planes.
Lawmakers agree to spend $1 billion on tightening border.

Today I have some time to lose
So I open to papers to read the news
But there�s something I don�t understand
We revel in violence, plots, crimes and scandal
Masturbating while reading the death notices:
A post-modern form of catharsis?

[pre chorus and chorus]

9. The Dead Don't Talk

Conquerors burn the chronicles, archives are erased in auto-da-fe
The invaded ones lose their past and identity
As the scribbles embellish the legend of the strong
Slaves are doomed to kneel and stay mute
The dead don�t talk.

Elites recreate reality for their own profit
In the dark, cold blooded liars tangle the tracks
Disfigure effigies and pull the strings
Make the puppets dance a grotesque waltz

Some truths still sleep in the shadow
In the gulf of the unknown where no probe can go
We must scratch the varnish to touch the rotten wood
And break the cast to uncover the infected wounds

Those who don�t remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Reality is writing in blood and tears
Learn to perceive what�s beyond the evidence
Tear the blindfold, lift the veil
Chase out the spies that lurk behind the wall of Shame

We are told what to thing and who we must hate
Force fed with sentences with no sense
Like �the land of freedom versus the evil axis!�
Vain rhetoric, shallow speeches� We�re sick of this shit
But for sure, we�ll hear it again
As long as the media�s diarrheas will be poured in our brains
The question in not �are you free to speak?�
But �can you afford to be listened to?�
The Star � Spangled Banner can be a gag, such a useful tool�

It�s time to make a stand
We must now understand
That Machiavellian forces rule the world

It�s time to break the door open
Nor more eavesdropping
The game is over, we�ll wreck the plan.

10. ...Game Over

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