Dark Lyrics


1. Tear The Purple Curtain

I can see beneath the veil
And the curtain of Hypocrisy
The hidden nature of things.

Get rid of your old perception
And you'll behold a world in decrepitude
Controlled by unseen hands.

Geniuses of camouflage,
Dwarves on pedestals,
Lead the throng with a perfid tongue
And a sardonic sneer.

You must read between the lines
To find out what their treacherous words hide...

"We are right and they are wrong,
They are weak and we are strong.
For freedom's sake we attack
And wipe the blood of our foes with a flag.
Come by my side, reveal your patriotic pride,
We hold the hammer of justice,
Sacrosanct keepers of purity,
We need more lives to feed the machine...
We have to win, by any mean,
In blood we trust, there is no choice,
The planet is overpopulated,
It's our duty to clean it up.
Some sub humans deserve to die,
That's why I opt for a gentle genocide...
To secure peace is to prepare for war..."

And it goes on and on, the American way of lie,
An utopia sold to the fools who follow a false idol.
During that time, the gears of Power grind peoples
But silent slaughters don't disturb one's sleep.

I'm part of an ill generation whose forehead
Bear the stigmata of fictive revolutions
But my hands are tied and I'm mute
Chocking with my own despair

The plain red of these curtains is clotted scabs and dried bloodstains
It's so clear, can't you hear the human tragedy which is played?

A supreme terror spreads in the shadows
The dunes resound with a million screams
Geyser of tears erupt from the burning ground
As skeleton nations march for vengeance

2. A Perfect Imperfection

Welcome on earth, everyone
Not just a sphere, but a vibrant organism...
And like a lovely mother for her young child
She's offering a higher learning
Nicely revealed by the beauty of her allies

On this life-ball grows procreation
A mighty race facing a billion paths
But, in a sickening act, she choose treason

Within this perfect being
Ring so much echoes of hate
Those discordant feelings bang inside the vault
And the stars are crying...
They share the blame of our own failure
And the stars are bleeding...
Wounded by the humanity's rupture

In heights stands the silver fortress
Where golden secrets are sent in silence
Through consciousness they tell a truth
"No one can escape from the result of their choices"
Justice of foreign forces, humans are a perfect imperfection

Within a perfect being,
In the name of Gods,
Conflicts are gathering
And races crack is ever-growing
While Nature is speaking only the deaf is listening
With an open eye, see, Mother dying
Reflecting the spectre of a spiritual disaster

Even under the reign of a cruel queen
And the yoke of many borders
It is allowed to dream of another reality...
-Solidification through unification-

Poor trivialities we shall abandon
Material needs now hide the essential seeds

By handing to our fellow men the sceptre of love and honesty
Wonders of life will show the way onwards a unified humanity

3. Burning Rebellion

A crescendo of furious winds
Unleashes apocalypse
As flashing lightning bolts lacerate the skies
The storm rises and roars a funeral orison
All over the world
A merciless devastation is spawned by chaotic voices...

"You've tried to usurp the rights of my own
And failed to master the secrets of elements,
O careless, unconscious Human,
Tiny grain of sand in the desert of life!
Now it's too late to kneel and beg for clemency,
You must pay for your criminal domination.
Prepare for your punishment,
You'll perish in torment..."

Nature has decided to take a rightful revenge,
Awaking lava forces from the underground depths
Volcanoes erupt and spit rivers of fire
The brutal energy of a burning rebellion

The atmosphere is set ablaze
With impetuosity, earth's blood gushes forth
And wreaks incredible havoc
Elements seem possessed, they now reign
Elements seem enraged, the Doomsday has come

Seismic disasters open unknown faults
Our constructions reveal their frailty
Bridges, highways and skyscrapers collapse
Citizens go nuts, struck by a global panic
No safe shelter, no way to escape the cataclysm
The hurricane's mayhem spares no one


A giant wave invades valleys and plains
The flood soon submerge every continent
A single ocean purifies this planet's surface
Erasing the last memories of our civilization

4. The World Has Something To Offer

I was born alone in a crypt
Where I grew up as an hermit.
This decrepit cave is filled
With petrified figures.
I've devoted my life to infamy
Among these tombs I've called my family.

But today, fed up with this polluted air,
I escape from my shrine
To discover the lakes and mountains around.
My heart wonders at the magnificence
Of a landscape under a vibrant dawn.

The world has something to offer
That gives me the force to go further.

Again and again, I'll climb these mountains
And catch every golden ray of light.
The pure breeze cleans out my lungs,
The road is hard and long, but not that much,
As hope lifts me to the highest summits.

Making a stop to drink from a spring
I meet mountain people,- strong and straight-
And followed them in their village
To continue my pilgrimage.

They welcome me like a king,
As if I was their long gone friend.
Women are lovely and children smile,
I'd like to stay here for a while,
But I must go on, my search's not over yet,
And I'll never regret my ancient casket.

5. Under An Occult Sun

"Nations are our enemy
Everyone's chained up for a prosperous economy
With our knowledge let us build a magic place
To teach people how they must think
Of useless needs the sheep will abuse
For the New World Order we'll sow disorder
Brothers, the plan is in place and betrayers will be erased"

Illuminatis... sorcerer-pedophiles
Managers of wars and true holders of Power
They are hidden dictators inducting fear into our spheres
Brainwashing people with deadening tasks and trickeries

So many countries in the claws of Jewish bankers
Do you really know who prints your money
The great architects, Free-masons of the highest degree
Rothschild, Rockefeller and the disgusting company

From the Hollywood hills, secret hives and via satellites
A spell has been thrown on us
We are under an occult sun

Mass Medias around the world
Teach children plastic values
Carefully reminding how far life goes dramatic
Should I trust this masquerade like an idiot?
World wide news is the case of a press agency
Where nobody's allowed to add a touch of honesty
I now see through your lies
I'm shielded to face the treachery

Illuminatis... sorcerer-pedophiles
Starvation creators and terrorist employers
Behind the scene they decide who shall govern
Trapping people within their mind for their security

Obelisk, pyramid and strange symbolism
Proofs of their power stand everywhere
The eternal flame is still burning,
Is there someone knowing why?
The mighty of these days are still the same than yesterday
Enslaved as our ancestors, we pay for decay

6. Submit To The Summit

Corruption seeps in the city
Under military security
Dictators in planes and limousines
Show their presidential prestige

This reunion is a mere facade
While eating caviar paid with our taxes
They sell our food, our wood, our souls
Bashing Human Rights for a fistful of bucks

A dyslexic Prime Minister spits his speech,
Ceremonial regards to the monetary obese...

"Free trade is a step forward for Democracy,
Let Honest businessmen do their duty,
All we expect from you is blind obedience,
Come on, submit to the summit!"

Mass Medias know a bit about mind control
Playing with truth and serving us carefully selected images
They won't go see what's really up in the back streets
Where cops brutality is not a myth
Dogs of law bark in the electric night
Barricaded doors and ugly decors
Outside the fence, a motley crowd with a thousand claims
Many demands but one negation

Slaves of the state, the police stands in rows
Waiting for the order to charge
Shields helmets bullet-proof jackets
No individual will lies in these numbered uniforms

Grey streaks fill the sky
And the demonstrators disperse in total confusion
Some vomit most suffocate
Irritated and irate
Eyes burn sweat and tears mix
Flesh bruised by plastic bullets
Gas bombs thrown back from where they came
The struggle is imminent

Cause and effect... violence breeds violence
And the revolt turns to a riot
You better run fast when the cops swoop down on you as hungry vultures
Violence satisfies their primitive needs
As beaten Democracy bleeds

7. The Last Missive

Bamberg, July 24 1628
My dear, O dearest Margaret,
How I wish to hold you in my arms!
But, I shall never again,
As I'm rotting in a cold cell,
Condemned for odious crimes I've never commit.
Please, pardon my awful writing,
I can barely hold a feather
Since my torturers have crushed my finger.
As you can see, I'm still bleeding while writing this letter...

I was accused of sorcery and as you know,
At the Church Court, you're guilty even when you're not.
In the obscure atmosphere of a dirty dungeon,
I was stripped naked and whipped
By merciless, masked persecutors.
Your pain is their gain, so you'd yell in vain.
Tied to the rack and quartered,
Every fibre of my frame ached,
O the ripping suffering I endured...
But I'll spare you the most gruesome details.

Unable to bear further torture,
I had to make up some sins,
And denounce my accomplices...
What a pathetic masquerade!

Tomorrow, I'll be burned on the pyre.
I just can't sleep at night,
Assailed by haunting visions...

I did nothing wrong, my conscience is pure,
In my mind I'll be innocent until the end.
They can attack my weak flesh,
But my soul remains unstained!

My judges will be judged
For their twisted caricature of justice.
Feeble slaves, clung to their bible,
Dedicating a cult to abomination.

When ignorance is sovereign,
Superstitions kill and Faith rhymes with Crimes.
One of my jailers
Whose heart still knows human feelings
Promised me to give you this missive.
As soon as you receive it,
Run away from this land of madness.
The sun goes down,. A mournful organ
Seems to groan a theme for my requiem.
Farewell, beloved daughter,
Your father shall embrace you nevermore...

8. Reptilian Shudders

Once again, the sun has sunk in the horizon,
Breaching the Occident with crimson wounds,
Come, o Noctambulesque, creep under my shroud
and spread concupiscence in languorous pantomimes ...
your pleasure's the law if you discover mine...

Your scales' caresses -reptilian shudders-
compensates for the bruise left by fangs and claws.
As saliva gives lustre, I linger with fever over your every pore,
squirming by the temple where scrumptious vices dwell.

Seduced thus uxorious, tantalized by your venomous gaze,
I shine the idol of overshadowed rites,
this noble jewel deserves peculiar cares ...
a tongue alone won't do the trick to lick the drizzle of strange frolics,
to quaff the monstrous passions that lurk in your leer.

Your hospitable hiatus
exhales hedonistic delights,
and I taste it as a beast in a feast

Words seem superfluous, we use another language,
But alas! Confuse contradictions!
Madrigals are tattooed inside your womb
as the bane of lust rages.

An ardent and insidious duet
lay on a soil cleansed of taboos
in a hellcove where the supreme offering is brought,
an interlude amid turmoil.
We should never relinquish our immoderate projects,
may they lead us to our ruin...

A familiar spectre shortens our nights, the ignoble Somnolence.
Now that we have blessed our flesh,
our both souls should here coalesce;
We're dislocated in amorous convulsions,
-the aftermath of demented clasps -
Shatter my rib-cage and extirpate my heart
that source of trouble stuck in Ut,
the burden of Melancholy alters my shoulders.

" I cannot love except where Death
Is mingling his with Beauty's breath. "

[Edgar A. Poe]

9. The Triumph Of Treachery

Dawn of the sixteenth century...
Rome the whore spreads wide her legs
for Luxury, Lechery,and their bloody corollary...

Hypocrite town built on heathen grounds,
welcome the foulest clan...
Caesar, Rodrigo and Lucretia,
the orgiac Borgias...

On the outside, the Duke Caesar is an accomplished gentleman,
but he's two-faced, his kindness is all on the surface,
and according to scandalmongers, he's even crueller than clever.
Black eyes, black hair and dark velvet
contrast with the cadaveric whiteness of his flesh.

His father's nothing less than the Supreme Pontiff,
a master in the art to fornicate with the Immaculate,
a profligate, despite his functions - fraud of god -
who meets fleshly Maries in a boudoir next to the sanctuary.

These two baroque monsters share the same lust for power,
seeking to reunite a divided Italy under their unique authority.

They transform the court of Vatican in a place of delights and elegance
where several crowned heads discover the corrosive virtues
of a platter seasoned to poison...

Campaign after campaign, they conquer;
those who don't surrender are swiftly sent six feet under.
With despotic politics and diplomacy,
they amass riches and resentment of many enemies.

Amidst all this depravity, young Lucretia's an oasis of purity,
although the noble mob and rightful crooks, skilled in sycophancy,
covet her hymen through nebulous hymns...

Slave of her malefic lineage, crushed by a ceremonial gown,
the poor child, used and abused,
copes three alliances of tribulations.

But soon, on an afternoon, after a dinner with a friend,
the pope suffers from severe stomach burns.
Some days later, he dies in his bed full of sweat,
leaving behind him only troubles and confusion...
The empire he bequeaths to his son
dissolves as dew under the sun.

The House is abolished,
but the name remained in history
as a synonymous of treachery.

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