Dark Lyrics


1. Chernobyl Survivor

I was only ten, and even then
I listened to my Maiden at maximum volume
It was so easy to drive the neighbours crazy
I remember them saying "This child is going nowhere"

But I didn't care, "Who are you to judge me?
Go mow your lawn and leave me alone.
I'll crank it up so I won't hear your dumb shit.
And grow my hair just because you hate it"

This music gave me the strength to say fuck 'em

I love it when the tubes overheat and crack, about to explode
When distortion roars like thunder in the storm
I wanna pump all the power and burn all the fuses
I'll surely die deaf,'cause my motto is: The louder the better

Twenty years later, things haven't changed, I carry on
Spreading the plague, yielding the horns

I must have sniffed some gun powder
I feel radioactive like a Chernobyl survivor
And when I'll be in the madhouse at 50 years-old
I'll be the only bastard up and screaming: "rock and roll!"

Banging my metal head against the padded wall
Knocking on death's door
This shit'll give me the strength to say fuck you all
Once again, motherfuckers


2. So Speak The Voice Of Law

Stop! Don't drink and drive, but don't walk drunk in the streets either
Buckle up your seat belt and shut the fuck up, this is for your safety
Stop at traffic lights even when you're alone on the road in the middle of the night
Don't exceed speed limits, and most of all, don't ask why, just don't do it

Stop! Don't offer your body on the streets, don't try to rent your flesh
You can prostitute but keep the secret and be discrete
But if you decide to become a porn star, it's ok, at least you'll pay taxes
Like any good citizen, like any honest worker would

And so speaks the voice of law
The voice that sings for a better world
Control and order, obey and don't think
Don't object, be perfect, don't ask why

Stop! Don't kill these poor vegetables who aren't even humans anymore
Who are you to decide who will live and who will die? god only can
Maybe these old men and women nailed to their sickbed all day
Are still happy to live, even if they can't eat or wash themselves…

Control and order, obey and don't think control and order
Control and order, obey and don't think control and order

In a world without crimes to prevent, institutions would fall
So many people would lose their jobs, isn't it clear?
Policemen, judges, lawyers, warden, watchmen,
Probation officers, legislators and tax auditors…


Moreover, human beings are irresponsible, selfish,
Unconscious and even dangerous, irrational animals
Society is like a giant kindergarten, it needs to be kept
Under constant surveillance… so speaks the voice of law!

3. Dead End

We shared the same name
We played the same game
This game called existence
But you were just a bit too intense

You looked at life with a paranoid stare
Trapped in your personal nightmare
You thought you were caught in a dead end
With both legs stuck in a quicksand

There was a hole inside of you
But you wouldn't admit it was true
Filling the void with booze and dope
Around your throat, you tightened the rope
You had already lost touch
You were far away and out of reach
I felt guilty, but can one help
A lonely man who strangles himself?

Life can be fucking cruel
It always changes its own rules
You stopped to play like a fool
With a twelve gauges in the mouth

You pulled the trigger and that's all
Brains splattered on the white wall
You left a letter on the bedside table
Wherein you wrote your last sick fable

I'll always remember this cemetery
And the end of your funeral ceremony
The sun was too bright, splashing its light
But deep inside my heart it was dark as night

I saw this little box full of ashes
And wondered: "Is it all that remains of your past?"
No, you're not condemned to the void
My memories can never be destroyed


4. Stranger In The Mirror

I grew up amid the cries
In a house with a rusted tin roof
I have no story to tell, just a name
A quickly forgotten name
From my childhood
There is not much to say
Except that I feel happy today
To have lost most of it
My past seems hazy
Bad dreams I can’t relate to reality
I seek the meaning of it all
To overcome absurdity

I grew up among the insane
In a parallel dimension
Where madness doesn’t exist
It took me many years to understand

I grew up with other children
In a playground where I played little
A prison I would gladly dynamited
A school where I learned disgust
I grew up day after day taming fear
A fear gripped to the belly
Shaking the nerves like a rabid dog
The fear of not being loved
The fear of being lost inside a maze
The fear that the world collapses tomorrow
The fear of being left alone forever
With this stranger
I see every morning in the mirror

I grew up in the tumultuous nights
Which sometimes ended
When two drunkards engaged in a fight
I saw all kinds of excesses
I saw people destroy themselves
Because they were happy to be alive
I saw people crawling for a line of coke
And never stand up again
I saw men fuck it all up in one evening
I saw young age too quickly
Because they have seen too much


I grew up within my room
Four walls without windows
With a black and white TV
I watched horror movies
And had no serious project
Apart from becoming a serial killer
Or the next Messiah
But I wanted not so much
And at night, under the covers
In the dark, sheltered world
I imagined that I was not me
I wanted to be anybody
Except me

5. Drastic Medicine

Not for the faint of heart
We give it a start
Adrenaline flows like nitro

We come to shake the place
To set the stage ablaze
We’re a six pack
Of ammoniac
Every ass kicked
No rest for the sick

We sweat acid rain
Sulphur drains in our veins
Exiled on earth
Condemned since birth
To deafen the world

Now you convulse, it’s getting worse
With every verse, it’s more perverse
Carnivorous, pacifist in reverse, we’ll drive the verse
But molest your corpse first
We’re a cannonball, surgical like a cannibal
When we chop your skull the shock is lethal
Then we stick scissors you’re the spine
To cut along the dotted line

We ain’t got anything to lose
We attack life a pack of wolves set lose
We’re here to rock your ass so come with us
If you don’t like our stuff we don’t give a FUCK
Sonic surgeons we plunge decibels like scalpels into your ears
Molten metal
Poured in the brain
Method to go insane
This is the drastic medicine

[Solo: Pascal Côté]

This switch is on, countdown to explosion
Total slaughter
No prisoners
Resistance is futile
You’ll join the other bodies in a pile
Building crumbles
Under skies that rumble
We’ll break the wall of sound
And burn cities to the ground

Now you convulse, it’s getting worse
With every verse, it’s more perverse
Carnivorous, pacifist in reverse, we’ll drive the verse
But molest your corpse first
We’re a cannonball, surgical like a cannibal
When we chop your skull the shock is lethal
Then we stick scissors you’re the spine
To cut along the dotted line

6. The Pace Of The Race

Get out of the womb, come on
Your mother has better to do than suffer for you
Grow up fast too, there's no time to lose
Short and burning fast, life's like a fuse

Go to school, feel the pressure, it's not a game
You need to know now what you will be doing
For the next fifty years, there's no time to lose
Choose a job, tighten the rope, climb the slope

The pace of the race is set
As fast as it gets
You must just devour the highway of modern life
Faster and faster

Tie the knot, the honeymoon ends soon
Fuck fast, cum fast, cheat your wife
Make a child or two, there's no time to lose
Divorce and then, get married again

Big Mac attacks your stomach? Fuck the facts!
Eat fast, eat fast, eat crap, fill the gap
Fuel the machine, there's no time to lose
Gulp and elbow, way to go

And become ill till you become
A walking corpse, completely used
Die fast, there's no time to lose
We ll bury you fast, and forget you even faster


7. Shrivelled Wings

We went to see you at the hospital
In your bed, you were already skeletal
It was a matter of time before you died
Cancer was eating you from inside
So we decided to take you with us
So you could at least spend your last minutes
Away from those strangers in the cold
We can't leave a dog on the threshold

When your pain was unbearable
Like molten lead pour in your innards
You took morphine to get some relief
Instantly falling in a coma-like sleep
And I often wondered where you were then
In a no man's land? Not far from heaven?
In a color dream where you could screw
All those women who didn't want you?

You were there, Death without poetry
Grotesque and scandalous nudity
I wanted to weep but tears didn't come
My heart stood still like a frozen sun
I could only stare at your open eyes
Your mouth tensed with a silent cry
Your shoulder blades under the skin
Protruding like two shriveled wings

In the night, you knocked on oblivion's door
I found you still on the bathroom floor
In a ring of clotted blood
A fist in the face, my first cadaver
So different than the other corpses I've seen
Liars in black suits, masquerade!
Perfectly prepared for the human parade
A fake prayer in the funeral comedy


8. Alone

Your grew old and grey, alone in your corner
Time passed by so fast, life's now far behind
Every hour is dull, you wither away day by day
With loneliness, time to kill, wounds to heal

Memories are all that remains now pictures on the wall
Sand in your hands, dust in the wind, ghosts of what was
Children, they are all across the universe it seems
But never here, or almost, mere presence in your head

You spend your days between your bed and the toilet
Longing for what you just cannot define
You weep or stand still, alone with your bones
And uncertainty as nightmares unfold

Soon, you won't even remember your name
The stories will remain locked in your brain
Nailed to your sickbed, understanding nothing
Surrounded by strangers, their cold hands on you

They ll feed and wash you, cold carcass
Simply existing, deprived of the sparkle
They won't answer your questions, you won't ask
Who are you? Where am I? Will it end?

And you ll leave the hospital one bleak morning
To be buried in an anonymous graveyard
Under a pale tombstone and different skies
Forever forgotten in the arms of silence

9. Bitter Aftertaste

Looking back, it makes me sick
Despite the years that ran away
The bitter aftertaste is there

I loved you, fucked up girl
Constantly on the verge of sinking
You drank like a black hole
And with all the medication
It was a fatal cocktail in your brain
And you fell down the stairs
Laughed or cried for nothing
I was ashamed, I couldn’t help
But love you, irrationally

We spent two years together
Two years to mend our cracks
Watching the sun die on the roofs
You stopped drinking
And we savored the victory
Bored as two mussels in the sea
Watching movies without listening
Walking the dog as all neighbors did
Believing that we couldn’t be normal
And live like everyone else
Looking back, it makes me sick
Despite the years that ran away

I can’t say exactly when
We reached the point of dislocation
Where our bright white illusions
Crumbled beyond repair
Everything was broken
And I began to hate you
I wanted you to relapse
Betrayed, slapped, insulted
I manage to drag you down
Even lower than when we met
You awoke a beast
Nestled in a corner of my head

Looking back, it makes me sick
Despite the years that ran away
The bitter aftertaste is there
The last time I heard of you
You were in rehab, one more time
I never saw you again

But I remember your number
I could dial it with my eyes closed
And sometimes at night
When it’s cold in the streets
I refrain from calling you
To make sure you’re not dead

10. Pornscars

Never enough, more and more, the nastier the better
Siliconed, botoxed to the bones, hardcore icons
No need for brains, bad deeds drive them insane
On the screen, nameless teen, bitches scream
The love it rough and go straight to the point
Not time to lose, no romance shit

They want dicks now and know how to get them
Man meat for dinner and cream pie for desert
Perfect dolls for dirty games, always opened wide
Sex artists with skills, every man’s secret dream

Orgasm distributors, machines designed to fuck
Doesn’t ask respect or caring in return

And they do everything, everything, everything
Doggy style, DP, deep throat, bukkake
Dirty Sanchez, salad tossing, pussy licking
Multiple impalements, deserved punishment

Blindfolded, gagged, strangled, hanged
Bonded, trampled on, whipped, dominated
They never complain and know who commands

My desire is to drill a hundred, a thousand new holes
In your bellies, your breasts, your skulls, your souls
I want to carve my hate into you, tearing you apart
Until you return to your native nothingness

Where the hell is the lustful, insatiable whore
Who’ll swallow it all without saying a word?
Reality’s so unsatisfying, so boring in the end
My wife’s sick in bed again with a migraine

She doesn’t allow me to touch her anymore
The golden days are long gone and far beyond
And I’m masturbating on the living room couch
With all these naked faceless girls dancing in my head

11. Prophet Of Nothing

Kids grow in this omnipresent violence,
No wonder then some of them get mentally ill
And develop a fascination for assassination
The will to kill
Going into schools with guns, to shoot and run
To kill for fun
An easy trick to get some days of ridiculous recognition
The enraged soldier never has thirty lives
It’s not Contra here, don’t you realize?
When you pull the trigger, one time is enough
There’s no reset button when you blow brains off

But in the end, I don’t give a damn, enough worries for today
It’s not worth it, the world can’t be changed, and it’s too late anyway
I’m the prophet of nothing, I preach to the wind, my words fall on deaf ears
All I believe in seems to gradually disappear

And then what happens? Medias are there to serve you the disaster
Shooting are gold mines for some subspecies of shit diggers
Death sells and they all want a slice of the pie
Cameras zoom on the traumatized blonde’s tearful eyes

Day after day, the crime is on the screen
Variations on the same fucking thing
Till you wanna throw
Your TV out of the window
Till you get retarded
And strangled yourself with the cord


Atlas could bear the world on his shoulders
I can’t. It’s too heavy, and I’m a quitter
All I wanna do is relax a little
Pull the plug on my schizophrenic battle
Stop the train of thoughts before it breaks all my bones
Tell the ghost of the child I was to leave me alone

Michaël Beaudoin ‒ Guitars
Julien Marcotte ‒ Drums
Pascal Côté ‒ Guitars
Tommy Demers ‒ Vocals & Keyboards

Thanks to lordsataniel for sending these lyrics.

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