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1. Don't Ask Me Where I Stand

This is a war
Of the opinions
Battle to win before the fields
Enter our minds
Alter our egos
Telling the tale of wrong and right

Sitting beside
Watching the barricades
Seeing them leave it one by one
Crouching inside
Common opinion
Safer to play the sovereigns game

Don't ask me where I stand

Got to look good
Dressed in commercial
Don't want to fade into the crowd
Got to stand out
Being proverbial
Scent of the bad but still allowed

Got to make way
For modern Midas Touch
Making the world a giant mall
New world improved
Turn all to plastic
Waiting the last and final call

Don't ask me where I stand

There is a code
There's a convention
There is a list of things unsaid
Better be true
To the opinion
That has been planted in your head

I wanna know
Is this the modern day
Is this the way we had things planned
Is it the end
Or the beginning
About time to don't give a damn

Don't ask me where I stand

2. Iron Cage

If I told myself again
That I'm one of a kind
Would I have myself to blame
If I was told a lie
If I told myself again
Have I been told a lie?

If I stand here all alone
Would I be my own man
And be wholly in control
Of what is in fates hand

Could I make it on my own
If I was standing in the cold
If I was my own man

If I speak my peace today
Would I have nothing said
Maybe I would just repeat
That planted in my head

We might have a right to speak
But long since lost the right to have
Anything to say

We're marching towards
Demystified times
And thus closing in
On the polar night
We're loosing ourselves
In the iron cage
Who'll reside there next?

3. Let It Go

If he says it's okay
Let it go
Mind yourself and don't blame
Those who know
Join the other inmates
Fin your role
Soon enough you'll be tamed

If he says it's alright
You should know
Better than to ask why
Let it go
Let the ones that know right
Take control
Play your part they just might
Let you go

4. Would I Make You Believe

I found a way out
From life in despair
I found a better day
But forgot how to find my way there

I sensed a morning
Not ravaged with fear
I felt a better place
And I knew that it couldn't be here

But I tell you that things
Will be better
Tell you that things will be fine

Would I make you
Believe if I told you so
Would I make you believe I said

Okay I was lying
Not telling the truth
I've seen no sight of day
And it's not like I've been in pursuit

I saw it on TV
Or read in a book
Thought I'd make you believe
Things are not half as bad
As they look

So I told you that things
Would be better
Told you that things would be fine

5. Follow The Fools

Wise men mislea you
And prophets will lie
There'e always something
Their thying to hide
Ask and the answer
They'll give you will be
Don't go to others,
You will be decieved

Dream of a new day dawning
When madness comes upon us all

Follow the fools
And a fool you will be

6. Back Off

We won't give in
Till you surrender
Until you acknowledge
Our demands
Because you know
A human rights defender
Can not let mere
Numans spoil his plans

Back off

You cannot keep
The weapons we gave you
Don't worry there's
Plenty here with us
Off course we might just
Let you have a taste too
We will tell you when
You've had enough

Back off

7. Fading Memories

Bloodstained visions
Cast a reflexion of the past
Fading memories
Under ones more built to last

Past days mischief
Left to dissolve on memory lane
History is founded
On the centuries of pain

Call on the misfits
To take the blame and
Set things wrong
A chance for the man
To stand up and show
The world we're strong

To keep united
We need something to be joined again
Fading memories
Didn't this happened ih the past

Under the lid this kettle's boiling
Under the rug this floor's unclean
Always someone
Whose plans need foiling
Making sure we control the means

8. Unsellable

Thought I could avoi temptation
Lying to myself again
Heading for disintegration
Seems like nothing more remains

I thought you wanted it this way
A time when everything's for sale
Go out and shop and you'll be saved
But nothing's worth a dime
I hope you're happier this way

Sold myself for liberation
Prostitute my mind again
Whoring for appreciation
Bend over and don't complain


Nothing is sacred
Nothing to small
To weird or at all


Guess I'll get back in line
Guess I have nothing more to say
Guess I'll just bide my time
Just hope I'm happier this way

9. There Must Be Better Ways Of Losing Your Mind

- The only reason we will ever need sacred
- And that is why we're gonna bomb 'em to hell
- The man provides us with an alibi
Stand up
- And only hope that you're he last one in line

There must be better ways of losing your mind

- It's a rehearsal for the holoaust
Lean back
- It will be coming to you live on TV
- And in the comfort of your very own home
Sold out
- Don't miss the broadcast of coming demise

There must be better ways of losing your mind

Nuke 'em
- We'll get the ones that chose to not agree
Good thing
- It's the oppressor that's defining the lies
This time
- The ending gonna be spectacular
This time
- We're making sure we're leaving no one behind

There must be better ways of losing your mind

10. Be The Same

I lost my will somehow
And found the concept to win
All thoughts cant' be allowed
So all: repent and join in

Let us all just be the same
Join in hands and walk the same way
Those who differ take the blame
Raise your head and walk without shame
Everything would just be plain
All should learn to play the same game
Walk the same way
Feel the same
We'll be buried in the same grave
When the world's tamed
End of days
If we all could be the same way
Talk the same way
Walk the same way

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