Dark Lyrics


1. Rise

sink your teeth into delicate skin.
armor that hides your thoughts for this eternity,
a clean break that will never heal.
is this the pain that was felt every day,
fuck you, things will never change,
is this the pain that was felt everyday,
so fuck you, you'll never change, never change.
now we both bleed, now we both die.
now we both lose inside.
now we both lose,
we've been here forty times and we still lose forty one times.
we still lose in the end, time to rise.
every second of every hour.
time to rise.
we all lose in the end.
I'll forget this, I'll forget you,
I'll forget everyone,
I'll forget love letters you never fucking wrote.
is this the pain.
so where is the pain.
so bring the pain.
I sweated blood for you.
time to rise.

2. Our Enemies

now demons running, racing through my dreams.
taking shape, destroy my life forever,
poisoned memories to fuel this fire,
I'll burn you alive, you,
too fragile frail to leave a mark for this lifetime.
legions of storms to prey this war on you.
designed with false emotion.
I'll cross the line to take the fall.
demons running,
racing through my dreams taking shape destroy my life forever.
awaken my love and inhale this beautiful silence,
but for now and this thread I hold will be gone forever. no more.
this choce that makes me choose and it burns inside me,
and I lie awake, forever. forever.

3. Wake Of Orion

look into my eyes, say it's alright,
but nothing lasts forever I'll rip the nerve from your heart and I refuse,
I refuse to live this way.
eliminate, erase the most beautiful face I've ever seen,
to salvage this frozen heart.
I feel fake, I'm feeling abused, someday,
a new day will come after eight long years of you walking by me never looking my way.
this is a testament that we must consume.
just to feel your touch isn't worth the cost,
fill the void in my life but you were the only one to see me alive.
alive. just surround me.
windows that I've seen you walk by ten thousand times.
now proceed to throw, or were they daggers,
despite the broken glass, your smile is fake,
your eyes are fake, your smile is fake,
just the way the beauty you portray.
the time has come. consume.
you sold your eyes to the worthless
and now your face is killiing me.
so many faces just like yours so many smiles just like yours, yours.
I refuse to live this way.
I refuse. take my hand and I'll lead you through it, take my hand.
I'm not afraid I'm not afraid anymore, I am not afraid.
one last torment forget my eyes for me, taking it all from me.

4. Just Another Pretty Face

infect with all dissolved memories of one.
why did you care, when you never cared before?
why'd you care, you never cared.
why'd you care, when you never cared before?
I've become an instrument of your twisted flashbacks,
still you condemn me for my mistakes.
a curse to your saviors will.
you stare emotionless, but still I fall down.
your heart dies with every breath of this poison.
annihilation. I cannot, I will not, I won't forget.
now I must stand for who I am.
and every picture I see is of you and every time you cry.
because your past can't run away,
you can't run away form this, you cannot hide,
you can't hide from this, it won't begin.

5. Savior, Saint, Salvation

forget every word you spoke.
regret this life to choke.
purity just a blinded coward.
seventeen the number you chose me.
seventeen curses now will be blamed on your sacred black heart, now I'm awake.
my will is stronger than before.
you don't know me, you don't see me.
you will never fucking know me.
everything went black tonight.
now I'm sick of being blamed for your worthless identity of a victim the claim you make.
a false claim for a bullshit tear.
not from me anymore not from me anymore.
anymore. not anymore.
now I cast a thousand plagues on you.
so left behind to make immense.
now I am set free and I can see right through you,
but you're too blind to see me.
red. red is the color that makes me sick and is paid for in blood.
it's paid for with your blood.
and now we're taking it back.
take it all back.
this time to my eyes you no longer exist to me.
red painted walls you'll have our day in the sun.
one more time.
now I am set free and I can see right through you
but you're too blind to see me.
you're too blind.

6. Turns Cold To The Touch

the surface of a broken hand,
a credent hand with nothing left to hold.
face turns cold to the touch.
my face was white, laying on the cold tile floor, the floor.
when I entered your room last night,
your face left me as a coward.
now I'm left with nothing but your stare that's burning me.
I don't try because I'll fail.
I'm just left in line with the rest who admire.
the surface of a broken hand,
a credent hand with nothing left to hold.
face turns cold to the touch.
my face was white.
left alone in desolate dreams.
why can't I be beautiful, so you would want to save me.
but you're the angel with the perfect wings that I'll fucking break and take you with me.
take you with me.
those words left a stain.
I must make you see the ugliness.
you left your light on.
you turned my will again.
just look what you created.
a sick, frail man scared to look at his shadow.
I'm sorry that you're ea part of this,
but I can't be left alone tonight.
I can't be left alone tonight.

7. Portrait Of The Goddess

goddess, goddess of hate I've seen this face before,
I do believe I've heard this voice before,
so many lines so many words,
I don't regret a single one.
do you despise the reflection when you look at yourself.
remove. remove the blindfold.
one single thought, one single breath,
one smoking gun and no regrets.
what happened to the girl I used to hold.
I'm the demon in your eyes but you're the goddess of my heart.
now I need you to feel me and kiss my lips one more time.
one more time, and no regrets one more time that's all you'll fucking get.
what do I have to gain, your faec in front of me,
what do I have to lose, yourself in front of me. a single one.

8. Ill Part 2

lost astray, alone in darkness.
this loveless game of depression.
I still hear voices of you,
so bury me alone in this hole that you left for me.
deny everything, everything.
shallow reaching out for your forgiveness.
hopelessly, I cannot see anything.
now I must take myself.
now I must take my life.
now I must rip it back from you.
now I must take my life.
now I must take myself now I must rip it back from you.
I've reached the final judgement.
every thought and every second that you smile,
it makes me choke.
it makes me bleed, it was all lies.
your smile makes me sick.

9. I Dream Of July

monday mourning, a midwest gloom above.
the word on the other end, the news of death of hope.
life slain by love, I don't think we will live through this.
life slain by promise.
one last message of the voice of him, the voice of hope.
but there was no hope, every second life unfulfilled lifeless reality.
for every weakened mind, for every broken heart,
his strength will remain for memories every fucking day.
every word you said came true, with this knife to your throat.
you got left in this hole, left alone to die.
you foresaw the end.
is this what you want from us?
is this what you wish from us?
you foresaw the end.
you took the end.
is this what you want from us?
now we're gonna give it to you.

10. Insomniac

this day on never will I look back on you,
those memories are dormant
and every thought of you I'll see you in dreams,
please don't let me sleep again,
drop your eyes to the ground,
stay the fuck away from me.
those three words none existent forever you condemned,
in my perfect world your pain to me,
your pain as great as gold.
in my perfect, you were never there,
but your words ran stale and you were never there.
this time I swear.
there's hope for tomorrow,
you turned your eyes from me.
and now I'm stronger without you.

Thanks to boomerisnotgay for sending these lyrics.

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