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1. Holocaustic Church Devastation

Blasphemous rage, victorious process of scarlet harvest
Deity of weakness has fallen in shame
Summoning of black death and holocaust
Eternal blood order evoked
Church devastation - upheaval command

Baphomet commanding for death
Invincible demoniac's call
The eyes of the blackened goat - burning the minions of God

Church devastation - Nazarene's holocaust
Darkness attack commence scourging trinity's race
Chaostorms of holy doom vitriolic rise
Blasphemous hammer is crushing children of God

2. Antichrist Order Of Holy Death

Black Prophecies of holy death, Profanation of Scared blood
Infernal Supremacy, Darkness, Dominion - Holocaust Storm
Bestial Carnage of Jehovah's laws, Holy minions burn in black flames
Antichrist order of Holy death
Summoned through Blasphemous hate

Thrones of Profane Majesty, Invocating chaos and hate
Blasphemous storm of destruction, Holy temples burning in flames

Triumphant Order of Black Holocaust
Invocation of death and doom
Claws of bestial vengeance are tearing angels apart
Endless Slaughter of jehovah's flock
Holy minions crushed, destroyed
Dawn of Eternal Damnation Termination of Christian souls

3. Apocalyptic Carnage

Supreme escalation of darkness descending upon the flock of holy scum
Demonic manifestation of cruelty, torment the corpse of angelic host
Pestilence, genocide and mass rape
Desolating the breed of the twelve disciples
Devil horns ascend into the blackened skies upheaval of hatred and Blasphemy

Nuclear devastation descends over the race of divinity
Infernal holocaust forever prevails
Iron devils crushing the cross
Holy angels scalded and burned
Morning star is rising from the abyss of Hell

Goetic demons of genocide are summoned
Holy altar is burning and stained with divinity's blood
Jehovah is kneeling down in the graveyard of the holy
Perpetual curse Antichrist prevails

4. Barbarism Domination

Ritual blade after bloodshed of the Holy priests
Burning metal sign of Satanas
carved flesh offered to the Underworld

Ultimate hordes of the superior unleash the storm attack
Angels of God defeated kneel to the Murderous storm
ORgies of death in unsilent pits
Evoking the Black gods
Blasphemous spell of Nihil prayer
Command the black abyss

Whipped flesh in desolation crucified on Demonic cross
Christ's blood and flesh devoured to tame the hunger of the fiends
Minions of hellbound in flames chanting Dark eternal praise
Celebrating the dark Victory of the Infernal Hierarchy

5. Inferno Of Sacred Destruction

Black hearts of Damnation arise
Beast of abomination calls
Holy minions burning in mayhemic flames of doom
Victory of death and destruction!

Apocalyptic command for death
Black moon's rising over the nuclear mist
Praying for salvation as the holocaust approaches
The flock of god is engulfed by wrath of Darkness

Blasphemous storm of death
Darkness and evil attack
Crushing the Mass of christian slaves with Black Destructive Might
Inferno of sacred death vomiting forth
Scourge the race of the weak Jehovah's faith

Holy chapels are burning in blasphemous black flames
Sacred minions tormented to death
Invoke the Seventh Sign
Mayhem wind's death call
Legions of the blackest blood arise

Fallen Purity is scorned
Apocalyptic holocaust command
Sacred minions tormented to death

6. Kingdom Against Kingdom

[Conqueror cover]

7. Sepulchral Witchcraft

8. Ascension Of The Obscure Moon

I walked through a gateway within a gateway
in the midst of sulfur black darkness
blackened by the heavens the obscurity inside of me was lit by your Flames

Praise the darkness that covered the light
prophecies of the sign of doom
all of my flesh will come to your adoration
only here can my soul be reborn

Lord of the world, angel of the abyss
see the cathedral I built within my black soul

Invoking the sign of the coming end time
the apocalyptic scar reveals
the divinity's secret of the swine
proclamation of the sign of doom
Desecration of hollow purity
profaned seven angels with broken seven trumpets

Lord of the world, angel of the abyss
crushing the worthless era of silence and peace
the ever-flowing Darkness of Lucifer reigns
prayer and worship swept by profane blasphemies

Crucified to death the christian blind messiah ceased
death celebrated the advent of the cross
there is no risen corpse of God to see
pray for the judgement of the final arrival

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