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1. God's on Vacation

Here we go again, a sigh left for the end
Rise to fall back down, Losing what I've found
Good times and mutilation
God took a vacation
Self-worth and frustration
Everything so wasted
God's on vacation
Deceived by what you you've said, stuck inside my head
Some way I’ve been misled, the more I'm living, the more I'm dead
Nothings left, now it’s gone, all that’s left, a fucking hole
Thought I had it, should've known, this is how, to kill your soul

2. Desolation In Endless Times

Alone with empty minds
A scheme a plan unwinds
Blank and vacant stares
Enter the abyss unaware
Unfold the master plan
Control the endless times
Your life, your every word
Nothing left unclaimed
In temples, no solitude
The wretched all consume
This fight, no good will stand
Your soul under command
No one bows and prays
Your shell castaway
Shadows he controls
The desolation of souls

3. Bleed On Your Knees

They try to shun the truth, poisoning your mind
Infect a part of you, scared of what you'll find
Kill your point of view, take it all away
You’re not of yourself, you're of what I say
Give unto me
See through my eyes
Bleed on your knees
Feed me your lies
Giver of life
Giver of lies
Give me your eyes
All hail the king
And now the stage is set
On with the show
Just another sheep in the pack
Surrender all you know
As my spirit drifts, through the worlds of black
I've pledged my life, no turning back
Taste of fruits I should not taste
And leave my soul in lands of waste
Soon to die, open wide
Swallow down, dead inside

4. Born Of Strife

Forsaken, forgotten
Born of strife you're bred to die
Built on high a desolate citadel remains
A sign of power that gone
A horde that comes will lay to waste
Those who fall are left behind
Legions of damned, new spirits to gleam
A glimmer of steel through columns of smoke
A pile of bones, a pit of screams
Born of strife you're left to die
Awaken the doom, we've come from beyond
You’re damned eternally, you’ll suffer unto me
For sins all men must pay in time
Keeping the ranks, you march to die
The Wretched and forlorn, will cross these wasted fields
Of rocks and dust and face the sky and
Embrace the Grey and Eternal Light

5. Damned In The Ground

My Time is here, nothing to fear
Actions will speak, louder than words
My shell lies here, stuck in the ground
Short of its breath, for death I’m bound
The road to the damned is paved with good intentions
Our end is a dark shroud draped and hanging over
In a dead man’s eyes, cannot hear a sound
Cold here and alone, damned in the ground
My shell lies here, stuck in the ground
Short of its breath, for death I’m bound

6. Beyond The Divide

Crossing the boundaries of this land and time
A journey to enter the plains of divine
A power grows, thundering hooves
Fog obscures, cities of light
Beyond the Divide we must ride
Reach for the voices from the hallowed light
Mocking and taunting from the barren wastes
Hopeless, never coming, endless ride to the sky
You feel ever weaker, voices call from inside
Sliding from the saddle as the strength leaves your soul
Laughter from you demons as you cross the divide

7. Black Tide

8. Still Not Well

Grinding of teeth, scratching of my flesh
Wrenching of hands, tearing me apart
Itching for this, your name on my lips
Dulling the pain, the taste in my mouth
Quenching my thirst, nothing will end this
Searching, one more is all I need
My life falls apart
Driving me insane
Save me from this hell
I am still not well

9. Walk Among The Sky

You will never know, true believers see
Altars left in time, shadowed in secrecy
Lone in the night, all cloaked in white
Together we pray, the moon will not fade
Hands to the right, beacon of light
Chanting will rise, pledging our lives
Planets align tonight, stars are shining bright
Time is drawing nigh, hold the chalice high
Just a sip away, faith the only way
We’re prepared to die, walk among the sky
We are prepared to die, we walk among the still sky
We are prepared to die, we walk alone in the sky

10. Punkout

[originally by Tank 18]

He writes the songs, for the people
He writes the songs, I don't think so
He plays guitar, and looks sexy
You go to shows, who's the dummy
Buy, buy American pie, a corporate made creation so godawful I could cry
Last song sounded as bad as the first, how could you pay more to do worse
Don't forget all the common people, there is no hell to pay there is no good or evil
The limo ride downtown with all of your security keep the fans at bay
Protect your punk monopoly!
He plays the crap, with no conviction
He plays the crap, no one will miss him
There must be a point, we find it funny
There must be a hole, for all your money

11. Leveling

The day, remains, we live, in chains
Now, its time, to make a change
What’s inside
What I hide
Fade, away, another, day
Break, away, to stay, the same
What’s inside
Tear you down
Now it’s mine
Life, the hurt,
The loss, this is mine

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