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1. Intro

2. Carpathian Funeral

Carpathian funeral blasting the might of Satan
In this black sacrificial rite the clouds are black

Blood is raining from the sky
We enjoy it very much because we are vampires
And we don't need to hunt for our food
But we do because it has become a habit

A habitus nekromaur!
Our fangs are long and sharp to bite

The black eagle of Satan
and the owls in the forest
Hohoo's around
It is spooky and we are afraid
of Vlad Dracul!

3. In The Glare Of Burning Oulugian Churches

True necrofuck Satan occultic
The night has become to burn
Might inferno danse macabre
Scars of worshipping true evil bleed again

The night is here, the day is not
The night is hot because we burn every church in Oulugia!

We bury the homosexual gaypriests in shit of Satan!

Die in snow, die in frost
Die in winter, die in Finland!

Our dark lordmaster eternal
Kill all untrue satanists of Finland
We are the only true
We worship you

4. Live In A Norway

He is here and he is going to take me back home
He is here and he is going to take me to Hell

I am ready take me Satan
Satan save me, Satan I'm ready

Ah, Satan I want to live with you
We want to live in a Norway
Ah, Satan help me I am lonely
Ah, in a Norway

Satan and me we are best friends
I am friend of Satan
We are better with Satan

Satan help me
Norway forever
Norway Satan
Satan take me Norway
Satan Norway Hell
Norway Satan and I Devil
Devil is Satan

5. I Become A Werewolf Always

I am the black knight of Satan
Through the unholy battles I ride
My sword is all red becaus I have killed you

My horse is a vampire and so am I
We share our dark desires, blood and goat semen
Every night we hunt in the dark Satanic Oulugia
We suck you dry from semen and blood
We are bloody insane

Oh the wolf of the night
I run with thee through the old forest
Eternal path in the forest of Oulugia
Leads to the Blackthrone

The moon is full in me
I become a werewolf always
The forest is covered with snow
So cold that it is sorrowful in the night

I have the magic of the fullmoon in me
I will howl in the mystical woods and the mountains of Oulugia
And I always have my panzerfaust with me because you never
know when the russian tanks attacks us in the night

6. Official Black Metal

Fuck the police with the power of evil
?... after being elected for
a new president with the power of Satan

Bomb USA because they are stupid and fat!
Bomb Russia because they are poor!
Bomb Sweden because they are gay!
Bomb Norway because they are rich!

7. Sky Is Black (And Satan)

We are serving Satan
Everything is for Satan
Eternal warlord Satan
We cannot die with Satan
The world is killed by Satan
Habitus Nekromaur through Satan
Might of Hell is from Satan
Battling against jesus with Satan
At war with Satan
We want to be Satan
god is sodomized by Satan
jesus is also sodomized by Satan
Hell is ruled by Satan
Hellfire is enlightened by Satan
Soon we will be the warriors of Satan
First we have to serve Satan
666 years of serve Satan
Throatcut by the knife of Satan
Sky is black and Satan
Angels are in love with Satan

8. Panzerfaust Division Blackthrone

The world is becoming a very black
Prepare for our next attack
When you come with your panzers
We rise and shoot with panzerfausts
Then you die!

Black forces of evil!
Panzerfaust Division Blackthrone
Infernal hordes of Satan!
Panzerfaust Division Blackthrone

You can't live after we have killed you
Because you are then very necro and dead
Your panzer is to be broken after we've
risen with our panzerfausts

Dark evil Inferno men!
Panzerfaust Division Blackthrone

Our defence-line is so thick
With the power of evil we attack and kill
You cannot do anything because we always have
our panzerfaust division Blackthrone ready

Dark evil Inferno men!
Panzerfaust Division Blackthrone
Hellish outlaws from Satan's side
Panzerfaust Division Blackthrone

Panzerfaust Division Blackthrone
Fistfucking the face of you
666 times in a day
Our defence-line is so thick
With the power of evil we attack and kill
Your tanks will be broken always

9. Black Funeral Holocaust

Satan servantic nocturniwarrior
Bloodhunger lust and Satan
The mighty Diablo is Saatana
This is the human sacrifice
Dark occultic Satanha ritual

In the night of Hell we rape and occult
Chthulhusatan is here and ready to kill
you and your soul in blasphemy

Black Funeral Holocaust right!
We slash and slice You bleed in this night of
Black Funeral Holocaust Rite
We slash and slice you bleed!

We wash ourselves In the golden showers of Sahara!

Thanks to juhas83 for sending these lyrics.

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