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1. The Travastian Parade

Lead like lambs whose shepherd is blind
following trails of the 'celestial' guide
Unending search in the world absurd,
blindly obsessed by lies
Living in a dream, built up by a blind belief
But Death will bring the awakening
as the world will be unveiled
Apart from their superficial pride

In shadows grows the Faustian side
Not blind, not meek - but released
from laws to deny desires
Let their seed be sown no more
on our fields which we explored
What we earned they stole or burned,
yet now the winds have turned

Powers to darken and enlighten are mine

So made it be - This shall be
the beginning of new time
Unveiled are the curtains of light
as we remake our kingdom unite

And so we shall take the fields and lakes
which were meant to be ours
Stars upon shall guide us in these ecliptic hours

The Serpent, The Tempter
unveil the kingdoms laid beneath
O creator of our race,
I am the flourishing disease

We are the ones who saw the truth
behind their lies
We are the twilight which killed their dawn,
which harvests their feeble souls
- we are your scythe

Cast away their remaining might
We rejected the light, we live of the night
In our reign there is no place for them,
we have already won the final fight

2. Under Cloak And Hood

Godless and eyeless
With a pristine word
and a charcoal heart.
Staring down from someplace else

We speak like snakes
We live like leaves
We take like men
We touch like thieves

Standing under the oak,
Under cloak and hood

Down by the sea
and under the waves
it was whispered to me
that nought was saved

Over the Plains
deep under the ground
the night sung in my ear
that all will be found

Scaling the wall
that hid all from sight
our bodies grew weak
our skin seared by the light

So why is it now
that all is undone
in the age when the moon
makes pale the sun

3. Into The Sea Of Sorrow

I stand alone, I await
the moon to rise, the sun to set
Memories filled with wounds and scars
Like nails driven through my heart

Night lays over me her dress <--tasta alempana
I shall depart this feeble flesh
No more have I pride to bend
Into endless sleep I shall descend

Alone I walked through the night
like a disharmonic note in the song of life
The song that was never sung to me
no pleasure ever touched me deep

I was one of the lost seven
stars in the sky of reality
I was a demon lost in heaven
Like a wolf I was among the sheep

A vast, black sea opens before me,
it is the sea of tragedies
It is dark, deep and shoreless
and its storms are all woven of grief
Too many ships have pushed their luck
and tried to find the other side
They all have sunk one by one,
(as they) got lost in the stormy, starless night

The waves they whisper to me,
they beg me to dive into the sea
This is the end of the trip,
I shall be part of infinity

Into the ocean of melancholy

Hope is a fake relief in the path of the weak
The feeble eyes did never see
what lies there far beneath
How could I suffer..
How could I dive into ephemeral dream
For my pleasure is pain
and my merriment is grief

Our souls are like ships
that sail on the sea of sad infinity
The journey is not endless,
yet its end can we not foresee
Some ships stuck in dead calm
fading to gray obscurity
Others raped by headwind
and none ever gets overseas

I stare the awaiting ocean,
it screams for another sacrifice
I do not fear its dark abysses
for I never ned the guiding light
In the end there will be no war,
no fight between the Opposites
The sea just turns into ice,
we never saw the paradise

I behold; the blood drips on snow
Filled with pride I stand
My stare is calm yet I do rejoice
The keys to death are in my hands

What is this pain
which grows inside my frustrated heart?
In the still of silvery moon
I lie alone stained with blood

4. Autumn In Eden

Fear upon the promised land,
they know we are to come
Arrival that shakes the ground
and sombers the sun

Like plague upon the feeble flesh,
shadow upon their souls
Prophecies of coming age
which our swords shall bring forth

In the horizon they can see
darkened clouds gathering
Our hordes they near,
yet them they cannot see

They will never see the dawn,
our swords to bite their flesh
Our seed to be sown
to make their offspring powerless

For what did they win
on their quest to reach the sun?
Enforced to partake the hopeless ride
which left their will undone

Desolated is the Eden,
jewels of time have turned to sand and dust
Autumnal wind sweeps the remaining life
and the wintry kingdom will everlast

Winds remain calm,
clouds fall like rocks from the skies
Dead are the trees, flowers covered with ice
The silence is complete in my wintry paradise

Autumn in Eden...

I walk over angel wings
and broken demon horns,
The rebel servants shall be torn
This kingdom is now mine,
the mountains and the seas
Flowers wither and die, wintry supremacy
Into blackened hole in the sky
the sun above has turned
Frost covers the falling leaves
as the heavens burn

Nightfall over my kingdom
as my reign thrusts deeper
The dying paradise
...Autumn in Eden

5. The Withering Flower Of Life

A slow descent of the midnight sun,
a fall from crimson skies
The warm and gentle summerwind
closes my tired eyes

Dead I am not, yet dying
at this long-abandoned field
I can feel how my life falls
with the first autumn leaves

I hear the distant chime of bells,
"The king shall die", they tell
Is that chime from the Hell
or from the Heaven whence we fell..?

I only know, my rose and I,
united in the outset of life
Entering the night divine,
to the new throne arise

As silent as an owl's flight,
the golden autumn arrives
My rose seems to sense the time
of our coming demise

Memories of golden dawn,
the divinity to reborn
His seers slain, his slaves torn
His body burned, forlorn

I hold my rose against my chest
to give it the last caress
Together in emptiness,
still ensnared to the flesh

Tears freeze into my eyes
as my rose withers and dies
Unhallow, unite, both shall die,
I greet the Death with joy, not cry

Autumn rides the storm
and spreads her frost-covered wings
Invocating freezing scorn,
deflowering summer dreams

shadows dance at the Henge
when the moon is on the wane
where I got drunk of the tears
on the leaves of wolfsbane

The hidden eyes stare
and await the wintry tyranny
And the forgotten one is left to die
under the leaves of dying tree

for thee I give the "gift" of life
which turned to curse with me
set my body afire and our union shall be

An Autumnal call, a whisper in the wind
as leaves fall and let the cold in
No earthly fluid, no water, no wine
could feed my rose, my flower of life

Where could we meet the keeper of lies
when there was no path
to the forbidden paradise
In sin I reigned, still I feel the thirst
In sin I die, with my hideous curse

Let the wounds bleed,
take my spirit to the unseen
Like the beauty and the beast within,
together in disbelief

A sad serenade to fade away
with the last rays of summer day
Dead eyes welcome the fall
And the spirit shall be free again

Forgotten are the summer dreams,
snow upon the fallen leaves
Flowers yield to the frost
and the angel choir screams

A flame in the northern sky,
the last sign of waning light
Fades away to the grey
as together we die

The dismal cold infinity,
silent divine tranquillity
Drawn upon the pale landscape
in our neverending dream

6. Mist


7. To Behold The Sky Of Flames

Four there were swords, four there were men
All were them clad in one (shadow)
Four pints of blood, four hands together
Four shadows were melt in one

Four there were horses, four there were horsemen
to ride under the mark of the Northstar
One there was spirit, eight there were eyes
to behold the sky of flames

Four there were paths, four directions
for all of them one to take
None were there tears, none were there words
But one was not to return

Four thousand moons are to be burned
Four thousand moons are to be killed
Rain it shall freeze, freeze and fall
until their paths shall cross again

Under the moon my life slipped out of me
Beneath the stones I lie my eyes opened
Forever they shall stare the northern beauty
Forever they shall behold the sky of flames

Four will there be swords
Four will there be men
Four pints of blood will be bled again
As I join them again
As our bonds are made unbreakable
Together we will ride forever

..to behold the sky of flames

8. When The Angels Of Twilight Dance

[Part I: the Sleepers Beneath (the Prophecy)]

As clouds descend from evening skies
and the day entwines with night
The wind whispers a lullaby
once forgotten in time

The song of this timeless wind
was once buried deep
But now it has risen from beneath
from where Twilight's Angels sleep

The Abominations of Evenfall
lie awaiting the sign;
A prophetic son, yet not born,
in the womb awaiting his time

The child he shall be born tonight,
unaware of his might divine
For he may be a guide to light
or call the beasts beyond night

It is said that if the child's alive
there will be no night
No disease shall steal a life
and grief turns to delight

It is said that if the child's alive,
There will be no nightmares
The horrors of the evenfall
shall burn away like flares <-- tasta alempana asiaa

But if the child is dead,
never there will be a dawn
The Twilight's Angels shall arise
by the stillborn one's call

If Twilight's Angels will be released,
It will be the end of all
The pain, the plague, the death unleashed
From heavens they fall

[Part II: the Birth]

A silent await for the child to born,
the time is at hand
A woman gives birth to son
while mist veils the land

An eerie whisper, almost like a ghost,
roars upon her bed
She gave a birth to son..
Yet the child is dead.

[Part III: the Abomination Unveiled]

Winds gather to unite deep within the woods
The Twilight's Angels arise hungering for souls
The mist is swept by the risen storm,
and clouds above turn red;
The spell is cast from the land forlorn
where abominations slept
The Twilight's Angels depart
under the bleeding skies
Dancing to eternities, praising the endless night
The storm screams a serenade,
as the Twilight's Angels dance
All life is swept by the raging plague,
and waters turn to sand

[Part IV: the Dance of Twilight's Angels]

And the Angels of Twilight danced...

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