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1. Distant Star

As you feel your life depart from this world
So far away on a distant star
It is a new light your dasire
A dismal universe it's getting higher
Into the light of your return you will march alone
The soul has lost it's innocence
Profound is the pain from which is born deliverance
Those eyes was not meant to see heaven
In the solvent ways of death this path seems endless
So it's now the moment
So that is the reason
All those years looking at the sky
Long is the path which leads to the light
We're in a magic relationship with the universe but we have forgot it
It's the connection that flow in our souls
We are displaying for evermore
In death entwined you could not believe my words
Remeber the time in which your soul was guided by the light from a distant star
Those eyes was not meant to see heaven
Unable to see more of this death within the patterns of divinity.

2. Old Stream Of Life

I can't find a place in myself
A place where all I can see and comprehend
The movement of civilizations where I belong
There is nothing in the world
Far into the inner universe
There is no path to the afterglow
Following the same quest
To shake death is hands
Once again i'm falling
As the old stream of life goes dying
The last truth has come to the end
The seatch of the absolute it's revealed
My soul flows in a constant progress
To a level of abstraction once again

3. Point Beyond Delirium

This is the outcome the inner evolution in a conflict being
That never asked to be reborn in this hole
The new ones are close to her gracefull smile
And remind things you can't related to her thoughts
There is no way to contact her
Cause she has nothing to again
Into the coldness movements of her life
Insanity, affinity, infinity combined
And there is no way to contact her
We always knew about your pain
She's completly Dehumanized
She had nothing more to find
The days have come when you die
The spirits are taking their time to heal the wounds
And save your life again I will be here by your side
The unseen spirits it's above all elements that cover the ground
Be stronger enough to cleanse and pain your soul
Through this empty fog, far away from the sun
I fade into this downward fall
Walking - she's walking her own path
Desperate - is what she has become
Crushing - her spirit and her mind
No more - happy ever after

4. A Perfect Kind

Increase the psychic density
In order to reach a glorious state of supremacy
Through the ascend of collective life
You search for clarity, can no find
The next mutation of human race it will create
Lowtide seasons upon the earth
A feeling overwhelming in distress
We rather prefer the truth of our tragedy
Extreme behaviour of the spirit
Uncommon nature of the mind
From such a perfect kind
The world is expanding by abusive violence
The smell of the pure untained, untouched
A shapeless dimension of humanity
Embrancing sense of control
All your life
Degenerated breed / Unfertile seed
Countless messes dwell in disbelief
Emotions in a fragile mortality
Desperation totally absorbing your life
Burning insanity
Like a stillborn walking the earth
Denying the gift of birth
Prasing indolence in drowning existence

5. Spiritual Waste


6. My Silent Shadow

I enter the maze of glass
To which i'm strained
Shattered by Thoughts
The gate to my subconscious open wide
Release the power no longer know by man
What some seek in tje depths of the unknown
Uncertain for what truth of lies I will find
Apocalyptic fears of the course this domain will take
Ancient insanity, self destruction I create
My eyes shall never greet the sun again
Another world inside of me
My silent shadow
My conscious is reaching the twilight world
Erasing the difference i'm connected and deformed
This astray life has sieged my soul
What am I to reality? What i've become?

7. Soul Axis

Can't you see my frozen Heart?
Eternalizing being in my own dead world
Wandering through holes my eyes are blinds
Can't you see don't you know you'll suffer in this paralyzing though
Eliminate all fragile emotions in order to create the axis of your soul
Bringing the unholy cruse
To the masses that were force to prevent
Any fracture in this devouring word
...and the silence that embrace my
It's the stream of consciousness
Living out of this maze I wake into another sphere beyound the threshold of this world
There is a place where you born again a place of many deaths
Our masses were assure to bring eternal fall
in dismay my body sighs so you can see there is no hope

8. Shattered Splendor


Carlos Aular ‒ Bass
Joel Vegas ‒ Guitars (lead)
Gherson Morgado ‒ Guitars (rhythm)
Keny Godoy ‒ Vocals, Drums

Thanks to wingoflucifer for sending these lyrics.

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