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1. Twisted Time Vectors

Within the bounds of life and death,
begin and end
Lies the evolution of all that lives
Behold the vision of all dimensions
From the perspective of eternity

Days fade out the clock of existence
When Dreams start to roam the nowhere
Birth of new beings in nature's creation
To die and evolve in a new sphere

Dark decades before my eyes surrounded by
The edge of reality, the edge of time
Monuments misplaced for centuries to come
Lives beyond the onces we know

Stranger aeons unknow to man, set the
Standards ew've tried to discover
Revealing purposes of future lives,
explain the presence,
the way to it's destination
Mirages of earthly existence

Sides of life unspoken by those in
search of the light
Mass domination, divine dispensation,
followers of masters they defy

2. Toxic Paradise

The last generation, the last civilization
With no capacity to manifest their supremacy
Collective minds with no power of thoughts
Drowning in sadness by their own hands

Human intelligence, the lack of elements
Dominion of their own integrity,
spiritual waste
Following a simple concept,
transmissions of the fallen
Waves of mental terror, empty space

Altered planet
Uncover the earth

This is the evolution round
This time is different than before
The tech and progress uncontrolled
We have now reach the threshold

Global experiment
Eradicate the seeds of all humanity
Weather manipulate
Population pestilence apocalypse

3. Vanquished

I'm walking through the path
That surrounds me for a long time
Very deep in my heart
Lies the roots where only instincts remains

I was trapped and vanquished by the
treacherous storm
I'm afraid i have to go and never return

Far from the sadness i found my soul eclipse
The place where the storm seals my fate now
it's frozen

I'm scattered in the wind
I disappear into the mist
I feel the cold around my naked soul
and pity life, Let me awake let me
open up my eyes, I'm drifting away
Is it time to meet my destiny?
How will i survive?
This torment i am living towards the day i die

4. Hostile Lands

We're lost in the mountains
for reasons unknown
And so you wonder why have we come?
The more we breathe the sooner we die
No vegetation only the fallen snow

We are victims of this hostile lands,
we're in the thoms avalanch

Devoid of all breath in the air, devoid all
faith that we have share
It wasn't meant to end this way
This is our last breath of life, we face the thuth
for the first time
'Cause we are those who are no more

The souls of those for whom we cry
Now are bleeding from the struggle leaving
our bodies out of sight
We all have beast that dwells within
In the depths of your own sins

Just one second left to behold my life again
and realize that nothing remains the same
Welcome to the battlefield, no more suffering,
no more fears

We're dead in the mountains
for reasons unknown
Hoping to be saved from oblivion
We're travelled a long long way
to be here now
All we used to be is buried in the snow

5. Fading From The Mortal Ground

Retuming once again to the abyss
Desolation reings supreme
Revel in the fields of nightmares
Beyond the waking plain

Destroyed... Destroyed
by the years of defilement

Conscience devoured drawn into infamy
My spirit writhes in nothingness

No life beyond the flesh,
there's no love no disgrace
The carnal healing of the soul
Above the sky of sorrow i elevate
Fading from the mortal ground

Throw the stones that kills the truth
Deception must be absolute
Crawling on the darkened shores
Where humans do no exist
Fallen fragments and hailstorms
Devoid of Humanity

6. The Hidden Centuries


7. Denial Of Reality

A Broken soul levitate from your grave
Can't you breath? Can't you see? Now you
know there is no pain

You fall apart from the sadness again
There's no time
there's no death,
there's no lost,
this is the end

This ethereal life continues
in these endless centuries
It contains the mind in a higher
innerscape too far to reach

Only ashes remains of you
What to do? will transcend?
will arise? where is the truth?
Liberation coming soon

Destined to feed the worms of wounds
You choose to be left with no will to live
Now what's to come?
Your entity begins it's path

The call of a thousand dwelling souls, the
number of the infected ones increases
Useless denial of reality

Agonize - burn through the sky
Revelation - ritual defiled
Beyond the horizon the nightmares begins

Brutalize - crawl in disgust
Living terror - deeds undone
Symptoms of fulminant deseases

8. Cosmic Horizons

This endless search beyond
the cosmos of the soul
Beneath the sands of oceans
A long time ago
this was subconscious overflow
Now all the truth revealed

Being in the spectral plane
2000 years of evolution
This is the virtual reality
Multidimensional consciousness

We're bringing to the light
experiences of the past life
Evoking answers to the mind
Confine of shadows,
visceral reactions in our world
Glorified the wish of power

Trapped beneath
The forgotten lands, desolation
Passing through the cosmic horizons

Through the door of endless time
We fall beyond the burning sky
Like clouds that ever sink behind
The cosmic horizon's fading line

9. Petrified Black Forest


10. Creeping Death

[originally by Metallica]

Hebrews born to serve, to the pharaoh heed
To his every word, live in fearfaith
Of the unknown one, the deliverer wait
Something must be done, four hundred years

So let it be written
So let it be done
I'm sent here by the chosen one
So let it be written
So let it be done
To kill the first born pharaoh son
I'm creeping death

Let my people go, land of goshen
Goi will be with thee, bush of fire blood
Running red and strong, down the nil plague
Darkness three days long, hail to fire

Die by my hand
I creep across the land
Killing first born man
Die by my hand
I creep across the land
Killing first born man
I rule the midnight air
The destroyer orn
I shall soon be there, deadly mass
I creep the steps and flood final darkness
Bloodlambs blood painted door, I shall pass

Carlos Aular ‒ Bass
Joel Vegas ‒ Guitars (lead)
Gherson Morgado ‒ Guitars (rhythm)
Keny Godoy ‒ Vocals, Drums

Thanks to wingoflucifer for sending these lyrics.

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