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1. End Of The Beginning

Is this the end of the beginning
Or the beginning of the end?
Losing control or are you winning?
Is your life real or just pretend?

Reanimation of the sequence
Rewinds the future to the past.
To find the source of the solution;
The system has to be recast.

Release your mind.
Fast forward to the secrets of your code.
Your life's on overload.

Delete or save the units that make you an entity,
That's your identity
If you don't know
Which way to go
You may feel lost and confused
A second chance your time to lose

Regeneration of your cybersonic soul.
Transforming time and space beyond control;
Rise up, resist and be the master of your fate.
Don't look back, live for today, tomorrow is too late.


You don't want to be a robot ghost
Occupied inside a human host
Analyzed and cloned relentlessly
Synthesized until they set you free

Alright, okay, alright 'til they set you free...
Alright, okay 'til they set you free...

Free, free, I'm free, be free

I don't wanna see you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [2x]

2. God Is Dead?

Lost in the darkness I fade from the light
Faith of my father, my brother, my maker and Saviour
Help me make it through the night

Blood on my conscience
And murder in mind
Out of the gloom
I rise up from my tomb
Into impending doom
Now my body is my shrine

The blood runs free
The rain turns red
Give me the wine you keep the bread
The voices echo in my head
Is God alive or is God dead?
Is God dead?

Rivers of evil
Run through dying land
Swimming in sorrow
They kill steal and borrow there is no tomorrow
For the sinners will be damned
Ashes to ashes you cannot exhume my soul

Who do you trust
When corruption and lust
Creed of all the unjust
Leaves you empty and unwhole?

When will this nightmare be over?
Tell me when can I empty my head?
Will someone tell me the answer
Is God really dead?

Is God really dead?

To safeguard my philosophy until my dying breath
I transfer from reality into a living dead
I empathize with enemies until the time is right
With God and Satan at my side. From darkness will come light

I watch the rain as it turns red
Give me more wine, I don't need bread
These riddles that live in my head
I don't believe that God is dead
God is dead


Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide.
Wondering if we will meet again on the other side

Do you believe a word
What the good book said?
Or is it just a holy fairy tale and God is dead?

God is dead [4x]


But still the voices in my head
Are telling me that God is dead
The blood pours down, the rain turns red
I don't believe that God is dead

God is dead [3x]

3. Loner

He's just a loner.
He never says hello.
A friend to no one.
He's got no place to go.

He don't look happy.
He looks through furtive eyes.
He ain't got nothing.
No one to sympathize.

Alright now

He hides himself away.
His secret's not revealed.
As life just passes by
He keeps himself concealed.

A solitary man.
An enigmatic child.
A riddle never solved.
A prisoner exiled.

Alright now

I wonder if the loner can assimilate.
A lifeless lived alone plays devil's advocate.

Come on now

Has he ever tried to be happy?
Reached out from inside
Someone on who he can depend.

It's getting too late to recover.
He won't stand a chance
And into his own hell he'll descend.

Don't descend. [4x]

No understanding of things we already know.
He has to live his life and just learn how to let go.

Alright, yeah

Communication's an impossibility.
His own best friend but he's his own worst enemy.
The secrets of his past locked deep inside his head.
I wonder if he will be happy when he's dead.

Come on in

4. Zeitgeist

Astral engines in reverse
I'm falling through the universe again
Down among a dead man's vision
Faded dreams and nuclear fissions spent

The strings of theory are holding up the race
The puppets falling to the ground
The love I feel as I fly endlessly through space
Lost in time I wonder will my ship be found

On this sinking ship I travel faster than the speed of life
Not so super nova burns
The black holes turn and fade from sight

The strings of theory hide in the human race
The answers buried underground
The love I feel as I fly endlessly through space
Lost in time I wonder will my ship be found

And very soon
The boundless moon
Will show us light
And as we crash
We'll pray and kiss
And say goodnight

5. Age Of Reason

Do you hear the thunder
Raging in the sky?
Premonition of a shattered world that's gonna die.

In the age of reason,
How do we survive?
The protocols of evil ravaging so many lives?

So many lives, so many lives.

Mystifying silence
Talking peace on earth.
We should judge each other for ourselves not what we're worth.

Sustainable extinction,
A fractured human race.
A jaded revolution disappears without a trace.

Without a trace, without a trace.

Alright, yeah.

Always felt that there'd be trouble.
Mass distraction hides the truth.
Prozac days and sleepless hours.
Seeds of change that don't bear fruit.

Oh, yeah.

These times are heavy
And you're all alone.
The battle's over but the war goes on.

Politics, religion,
Love of money too.
It's what the world was built for but not for me and you.

Oh, yeah.

6. Live Forever

Just before you die
They say you see your life go flashing by
Cold, dark endless nights
To burn in Hell or bathe in Heaven's light

Well, I don't wanna live forever
But I don't wanna die.
I may be dreaming but whatever.
I live inside a lie!

Days pass by too soon
Waiting for the rising of the moon
No escape from here,
Facing death but is your conscience clear?

I may be dreaming or whatever
Watching my life go by
And I don't wanna live forever
But I don't wanna die!


Well, I don't wanna live forever
But I don't wanna die
I may be dreaming, but whatever,
I live inside a lie.

Don't wanna live forever but I don't wanna die [2x]

7. Damaged Soul

Born in a graveyard adopted by sin,
I cultivate evil that's living within.
A preacher tried saving my black damaged soul,
Possessed by a demon that had full control.

The time it is coming when all life will end,
With doomsday approaching to hell we'll descend.
Religion won't save me, the damage is done.
The future has ended before it's begun.

Death's hand and the crazy, I can't stand the light of day.
Watching all the victims on their knees as they pray.
God of the almighty never answers their call.
Satan is just waiting for the righteous to fall to him.

I don't mind dying 'cause I'm already dead.
Pray not for the living I'll live in your head.
Dying is easy it's living that's hard.
I'm losing the battle between Satan and God.

8. Dear Father

A childhood innocence was drowned in your tears.
The demons that you fought are feeding your fears.
The poisoned secrets of your life stand revealed.
The truth destroys you, it's no longer concealed.

Dear father forsaken, you knew what you were doing.
In silence your violence has left my life in ruin.
Yeah, in ruin, yeah.

You preyed upon my flesh then prayed for my soul.
Belief betrayed by lust, the faith that you stole.
Indoctrination by a twisted desire,
The catechism of an evil messiah.

Dear father forgive me, I know just what I'm doing.
In silence this violence will leave your life in ruin.
Yeah, in ruin, yeah.

Preacher of theocracy hiding your hypocrisy.
Under a false sanctity, holy phoney empathy.
You have taken my life,
Now it's your turn to die.

Can you sleep at night? When you close your eyes
Do you think of all the pain from your lies?
Or do you deny you're responsible
For the victims of the sins you devised?

What you gonna tell them when they ask you? Well then
Is your conscience pure in your heart?
There is no exemption when you seek redemption
For all the lives that you've torn apart.

Your molestations of the cross you defiled,
A man once holy now despised and reviled.
You took possession while confessing my sins
And now you have to face whatever death brings, yeah.

Dear father forsaken, you knew what you were doing.
In silence your violence has left my life in ruin, yeah.
In ruin, yeah, yeah, yeah.
In ruin yeah.

9. Methademic

[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

The epidemic from a crystal lie
Puts you in super over drive
The methademic that is so hard to hide
Insanely staring with wide eyes

Hellucinating in a chemical Hell
Ain't my idea of having fun
Synthetic overload you're under its spell
Your super nightmare's just begun

You try to stop, but it controls you
Your love affair with it won't last
You're on a suicidal ride of self-destruction
And in the end you're gonna crash

You live too fast
You live too fast

You look just like a dead man alive
Losing the fight for survival
You sit and wait at Hell's fiery gate
Waiting the Devil's arrival

You live so fast you need more methademic crystal
You never sleep you just keep goin
Just push the trigger on your hypodermic pistol
Each time you're dying without knowing

You live too fast
You live too fast

What's the point it's killing you without you even knowing
I can tell you've sold your soul and hell is where you're going
Ha-ha-ha I'll see you there

10. Peace Of Mind

[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

I wish somebody would empty my head
I am so sorry for the things that I've said
This hopeless feeling that's living inside
I'm just a lonely soul who's trying to find
Some peace of mind

I ain't no hero who's gonna save you
I just say "hi" as I'm passing right through
I ain't that crazy, I'm only here for the ride
So please forgive me while I'm trying to find
Some peace of mind

Read in between the lines
Truth that is neither black nor white
Black nor white
Just give me something real
Broken man still searching for the light
In the night

Caught In the middle as the front line falls
It looks like I don't stand a chance
If only I could turn my life around
Or is this just the circumstance

11. Pariah

[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

Pariah from society
Addicted to sobriety
A product of a virgin birth
Another god on earth
Yes that's your fantasy

You say that you can read my mind
Be careful of what you might find
You think that you can be like me
And see what my eyes see
But you're no friend of mine

Do you believe every word I say?
Make your own truth, and get out of my way

I'm your pariah
For you desire
Ain't no messiah
Just your pariah

An angel or the Antichrist
A symbol of your own device
Pathetic in your own sad way
You're just one pill away
From taking my advice

Do you believe every word I say?
Make your own truth, and get out of my way

I'm your pariah
For you desire
Ain't no messiah
Just your pariah

Do you believe that I'm from Heaven?
That I descended from the sky?
The graven image of a pseudo icon
To worship me on high?

I'm not your saviour,
I got no wings to fly
Just your pariah
Don't look to me when your life is over

I'm your pariah
For you desire
Ain't no messiah
Just your pariah

Ain't no messiah
Just your pariah

12. Naïveté In Black

[Best Buy Eclusive Track]

Guess we’re all running out of time
So live your own life and let me live mine
To each their own to question why
We’re all just links that forge the chain of life

But who am I to interfere
Think for yourself

And keep your conscience really clear

Learn from each other so they say
But no one listens to them anyway
Inactive factions stir in time
Procrastination at the scene of the crime

There’s no return, no guarantee
Accept the terms

And let your fate be free be free

You gotta let yourself see
And let your feelings go free
Accept your own ability
Don’t want to end up like me

A dynasty of doubt and hate
Religion, politics, self mutilate
The privilege of being here
All born from nothing til we disappear

There’s no return, no guarantee
Accept the terms

And let your fate be free you’re free

Geezer Butler: Bass
Tony Iommi: Guitars
Ozzy Osbourne: Vocals

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