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1. Sailor

In the sea I feel the air
I see the clouds, the lightnings
I sail on seas of rage
I am always fighting
Go ahead! In the silence

In a time of injustice, I’m here with all I need
Only liberty and you and me, it’s the only thing I need
Feeling love and agony, feeling life in the air I breathe
I’m a sailor in the sea

A sword is in my hand
A word describes me: pirate
A tresuare in the sand
A world full of nightmares

2. Furious Hope

In the air we feel it
In the sky we see it
In the soul we have it
The most forious hope

In your eyes I can see it
See the joy and the strength
No one is here to stop us
No one could stop us now

´Cos we live for the high gods
´Cos we believe
´Cos we'd die for the high gods
That's what we feel

It's not the time for unbelievers
It's the time for the bravest of men
Nothing about pain, no more the same
Nothing but honor, pride and faith... inside

3. Confronted

As I feel the fear inside
I feel you arriving, you come in
I feel your presence advancing now
I know you, you are me

Confronted to the wind
struggle within
Fight until death
Who will win?
Never feeling love
Never getting near
Never hating more
You and me

I'll fight you forever for love and faith, I'll win again
One day the disease will be gone away
And now I'm waiting for your end

I will destroy you
Or you will destroy me
One will die soon
This is our destiny
The gods sent us this curse
In your eyes the flame
I won't rest ´till you
Are in your grave

4. Moria

Here we stay at the gates of Moria
All we see is the darkness
We watch a door, the door of Moria
Waiting for a word of hope
Suddently, the door with a word begins to open
And we, begin to see a path behind
And we start to walk to the gate of darkness
But a noise stops our steps, in the lake
In the lake, just in the lake

A beast appears from the water
A creature from the deep
The beast attacks the bearer
The bearer of the ring
I feel the ring so far
So far from Mordor it is
I sent the nine ring wraiths
Just mine the ring will be
We fight against the monster
The monster from the deep
We cross the gates of Moria
The fear now we feel

In the darkness
In the sadness
In the blackest pit

A tragic journey beyond the strangest lands
Only darkness feel our hearts
We see the glory of the reign of mighty dwarfs

In this times of death we feel the end
We hope his soul will rest in the air
Oh! Gandalf, lost in darkness

Now Isengard works
To create the ultimates orcs
Their name is Urukhai
Humans and hobbits will die

We go to the bridge of Moria
The bridge of Khazad-dûm
Gandalf fights the Balrog
Gandalf falls to doom

Time stands still
Here in the bridge
We feel the same
We feel the pain and rage
Slowly we start to react
To Gandalf's death
We feel the same
Feel pain and rage

In this mines we lost
The must beloved friend
Gandalf fell for us
Fell for middle-earth
In this times of glory
In this times of death
Only faith will save us
In the end

5. Times Of Life

6. Times Of Steel

They arrived from a distand land
Came the dark
Like soldiers, they though we
Could attack
They caused a lot of pain
With a blood rain
They hurt us with their lance
We want another chance
No way!

The times of steel arrived
Our lives began to die
Hate screams too loud
Blood is all around
We'll never be the same
Heaven close it's gates
(The) eternal storm explodes
Death sits down in his throne

(The) enemy shot arrows on fire
We threw all balls of sand of mine
Life is our work, but they said we
We have swords
They thought we were a risk
But we only have rocks

No one must be slave
No one must set laws
I'm not to blame
I'm my king likes brawls
No one must kill men
No one replaces god
Peace is now our gem
Murder is not my job

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