Dark Lyrics


1. Arabian Spell

Distant lands in a sea of sand
A place with remembrances of the past
Dark mixture of energy and elegance
In the walls of mosques and palaces

I don´t know why my dreams
fall to hell
Your spell changed me into a
sick man until the end

Osiris, awaits me
I´ll go to the dunes with you
We´ll see the glory of your reign
Now I know the truth
Arabian spell

Snakes and spiders will strike us
We must go to the rising sun

I don´t know why my soul was
trapped in a labyrinth
I feel the pain of madness
in my mind

Save me, my god
Show me the real way, please
Blind me, my god
I only want to believe

Save me, my god
Arabesk inside my head
Blind me, my god
I feel like a freak

I don´t know why my dreams
fall to hell
I don´t know why my soul was
trapped in a labyrinth

2. The Wanderer

I can´t believe this is the day
When light begins to shape
When boats begin to sail
When vikings begin to navigate
Men of the north want to conquer
To set on fire and to plunder
We´ll conquer until the end of the sky
Odin is on our side

I am the sailor, the warrior
The obstinate, the wanderer
I am the sinner, the plunderer
The traveller

I am the fire, the death too
I am the northern, the wanderer
I am the storm, the wind too
They call me the wanderer

The boat advances across the sea
Dark cloud are over it
The gods will guide our proud steps
´till the kingdoms that are our fate

3. Those Lands

I saw those lands
In dreams where no man can walk
But feel sometimes we feel
The unreals sometimes in dreams

I saw those lands
I walked over mountains that touch the sun
But evening sometimes arrives the evening
But evening sometimes in
those lands

I see the falling stars in a eternal sky
I feel the cold wind of a winter night
The night is so silent the moon protects us
Maybe my soul rests from
the world in those lands

I lay in a prairie
I hear a distant sea whispering
I saw a savage land
But storm sometimes the storm
In those lands maybe the storm

In the rage of the skies
I breathe calm
I rest inside the storm my soul
feels sheltered
Maybe those lands are a refuge
for us or maybe
Maybe they´re only a dream
sometimes maybe

Beyond the clouds the soul will rest
Forever in those lands

4. As The Winter

Here, I stand,
I wait, for you
Thinking, remembering
The times when we danced
Feeling the happiness
Of the first time we met
You arrive, my darling
My beautiful girl

Say that you need me,
that you´ll never leave me
Say that you aren´t crying,
it´s only the rain falling
Say we´ll dance forever,
until the time vanishes us
But don´t say the truth,
don´t say this is our last dance

I touch your hand
Slowly, shivering
We start the dance

We dance over seas
We dance over dreams
With you I feel
The serenity, the eternity

As the winter we are
the nocturnal mist
As in winter the frost
devastates our souls
As the winter we are
the snow that falls slowly
As in winter the fury of the
blizzard hits us

I curse heaven and hell
I scream until my voice is gone
I face the sky with rage
in my eyes
I can´t face that I´m alone

I can´t belive you´re gone away...
As the winter you´re
gone away from me...

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