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1. Past Forever

nside me I can hear a melody
of death and destruction
remembering eternally a time
of my life I can’t forget
Treacherous memories
lost in the past,
unbalanced desire of going back
Strange miseries born from
the dark are screaming

in the dawn
In the dawn I forgot my name
Eternal sigh that shows my pain
In the dawn I forgot my name
Mortal reflection that happens again

Again and again and again…

2. Eternal Sand

Eternal sand, suffocating heat,
weared stones /Hail the enslaver
Wicked land, land sentenced
by the gods /Hail the slayer
See the power of the sorcerer-kings
/Hail the desecrater
Feel the power of the fear
/Hail the sorcerer-king
/Hail the one who kills
In the middle of the desert is the city of Tyr
Hail the defiler
City of our god, the sorcerer-king,
Kalak is /Hail the sorcerer-king

Why our people have to be slave of a tyrant?
Why our people have to be the toy of a despot?

Hear the legend of a land consumed by a mad god
A land of winds and sand,
a land of wild and proud men
hear the glorious beast fly in the sky, the dragon of Tyr
See his eyes full of hate towards men, ‘cause he was one of them

Slowly the slaves carry the stones
They serve me, their god with their blood
Slowly the Zigurat begins to form
It will change me into a dragon
I will kill all the citizens of Tyr
Their death will give life to me

This is the end of one thousand years of slavery
This is the day when tyr will be liberated
The sorcerer-king must die if his reign we want to end
Tyranny must end today is the day

The city now is free
Tyr is free now

3. Without Faith

Dark clouds in the sky
I died the last time
The sorrow buried my mind
I have no life
To win is only a dream
In this world of them
Raining and raining again
I don’t see my fate

Liberty, we are all looking for you
I lost you, I need you
Bravery, without you all is wrong
I lost you, I need you
Honesty, you are the truth of the world
I lost you, I need you
Liberty, bravery, honesty
I lost you, I need you

We are playing roles, in this lucky life
Blood in your eyes, why can’t I forgive?
I am alone, alone in this sea
I am sure of just nothing

When I look into my soul I see only pain
I’m in chains, without god I can only wait
Teachings from childhood,
communions and baptisms, it’s all so far away
Empty cathedrals, closed churchs,
we live without faith

4. Chained Souls

I waited at the top of the mountain
I felt the cold wind in my face
I saw you appearing from the mist
We met again, yeah

We’ll be forever in chains
We’ll be always
You’ll be forever, girl, my chain

I felt the same feeling again
When I saw you under the rain
I knew that I’d love you always
I knew it when I saw you, yeah

I’ll go to hades, I’ll go to hell
If that way you’ll get to be with me,
I swear
Chained souls we will be again
I’ll be with you, I’ll be always

I felt that years hadn’t gone by
At least for the both of us
I felt that I had another chance
It wasn’t the last dance, yeah

There is no way for me to be with you
No one cares for this except me
I’ll spend my lifetime loving you
I don’t have another way to live

I feel the fire / I feel you, girl
I feel the ice / I feel you, girl
I feel desire / I feel you, girl
I feel you again, girl

5. Noah

God warned the men of an era of darkness
Only a man obeyed him, the rest remained in madness
In the silence, one heared
In the silence, one believed

God sent a sign to the chosen one
God showed him a light, a light in the dark
In the silence, one worked
In the silence, in the silence of the
Times, times before the times

The sky began to darken
Light dissapeared from the world
The seas began to wave
The clouds began to roar

From the sky / began to fall
Rain and rain / fall and fall

The storm flooded the earth
Deserts, forests and seas
The punishment was done
The end made them believe

That Noah saw
From the ark
The loud thunder

The death cleaned one thousand souls
The earth was purged
Man had a new age
But no one forgot what Noah saw

6. A Battle In The Snow

Scotland, winter land, snowing over us
The king watches, warriors wait for the start of war
We stand on the hill, we stand in silence
We pray, pray to the gods, Thor and Odin
The Celts are on the other hill screaming
They scream for our death they are waiting
We start, start to descend, to the valley
The Celts, the Celts won’t see, see another day

The snow is turning, turning red
I shout a curse to the sky
Dying, dying, a thousand men
Only the brave will live

At the end of the battle we stay in silence
We pray, we pray to the gods,
Thor and Odin
The Celts, the Celts lie, they lie in hell
We pray, we pray to the gods,
Thor and Odin

War. Savage, destructive war
Warriors bleeding, swords clash
Celts and vikings are a mass of hate and blood
Only the brave will live

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