Dark Lyrics


1. Nocturnal Tears

2. Elegy Of Infernal Angels

Angels always deserve to die
In the dark corridors of my soul is running out the hatred from its chains!
The corpse reek of the dying child in me surrounds everywhere!
The scream of the storms breaking out from dead seas
Plunder the nature by bringing black rain
When Pure Darkness Covers False World Of Light
Night creatures asleep trigger the lonely chaos
The agony act of death's melodramatic ceremony
Again plays the tragedy. The sun rises with its lies everyday
But my darkness will one day eradicate all these
Daylight aggravates all my pain with its lies
All these will vanish with light one day
You the blind! Do you know the beauty of darkness?
The holy innocence of the stars
You can't feel the eternal peace in nature
Vanish with your lies!

3. Under The Armageddon's Sky

For the last time did the sun set
Sky was covered with black clouds
A severe and cold rain began
One after another did it thunder
A big chaos started on earth
People didn't know what to do
Ran to and fro in horror and panic
But there was something strange
It thundered only on particular people
They were the slaves of light's false world
Then stop the thunderbolts, the survivors came together
They were all the lovers of pure darkness
Under the armageddon's sky
The sun didn't rise forever
The eternal dark age started
Well then everything's been more beautiful

4. Fall Season

Human's life story is like
The travel of a seed in the nature
Comes the fall, dies the nature
The wind gathered the scattered seeds
The seed became a plant at the same root
And the plant grew its boughs were formed
To different twigs headed the seeds
Twigs separated into twigs
And become each seed a leaf
Then came the fall withered the leaves
And they fell one by one
The wind cast all aforeknitted leaves away

5. Black Candle

Life with sorrowful tears, decision of suicide
Awakening by sorrowful smiles, darkness coming
The only thing left was his dreams and soul
After loosing his dreams
He has choosen discouraging his soul
In a rainy night, waiting near a precipire
Saw him with a black candle
Lord of darkness
"A new life waiting you without sunrise and pain
Darkness will bless you! This will be your way"
Ignorance of daylight, chooses the dark
With the hate in his heart
For destroying evil
With black candle

6. Revenge Of Vampire

And now
He living in darkness
And enjoys darkness
Takes revenge from the life
Feeding with the blood of evils
No mercy left in his heart
Neither for life nor for love
The only thing he thought getting
Revenge from everything
Force him making this decision
Day by day increasing of blood
Increasing of hate to humanity
Now his only friends were loneliness and darkness

7. Gothic Ceremony

Life is the hell where evil and good
For him kind looses, and suffers everytime
Evil behind their hypocrisy
Lives with hiding everytime
Where the kind ends evil starts
Evil behaving bad to evil is evil
Is life evil that gives us sorrow?
Is death evil takes our life?
He sees killing every evil
Like a gothic ceremony
Gothic ceremony must go on
Till the evil ends

8. Gate Of Darkness

I will stay alone until I die
Sorrow like a spider
Waiting for the hunt
Wait for me, my god!
Why is that my destiny?
Tell me the truth
Which is your reality?
Evil or kind?
Why? For my lies
Why? For my desires
Why? For my hate
Why? For my sins
Gate of darknessWhy?
Gate of darkness
Discovers the last human feelings
Left in his heart

9. When The Sun Rises

The corpse of queen was in his arms
Walking alone under the moonlight
She didn't give a reaction to his love
In that case she was evil, like others
And now she is dead, like others
After that he understood the real evil is god!
Creating all of this evil was god's game
Could he kill god, like others
Well then he was helpless
Buried all of his love and pain inside heart
And waited sunrise with tears
The sun risen on two embracing corpses

10. Love Is Lost

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