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1. Eternal In Nothingness

The trees are swinging with the wind
The meadow is dancing with the rain
The circles on the lake are enlarging
The river flowest in dark

The stars are pale, the moon is cold

I’m hurtling in infinity to uncertainty I’m the one
swallowed by nothingness I’m everlasting and eternal

This infuriating prostration never ends
My dark heart is filled with hatred

Hypocrite and fake words flow
Deceitful echoes are lost in the sky

Chaos is back,
My chaos is back again!

2. Shadow Over Existence

Keep the light on against holiness
Heaven turn into blood
Don’t you see the dark throne inside thee?

The shadow of existence
Hath fallen over its light

The last flower on God’s tomb hath faded
The Armageddon had already broken out
Gabriel ended it all
The devils ran away from here

Water the seeds of vehemence
Look into the horizon
Over dead bodies
The face of the inferno lies there
It lies there!

Your fate is long blackened

3. Tears Of Hatred

The hatred that falls upon from my past
Appears now
I fear, my hatred
Of loosing myself

I just closed my eyes
I made myself nonexistent
While loosing my ego
I prayed to be forgiven

It comes one after another
Deaths, days, weeks, massacres
Waiting for the sun to rise again
The tears of hatred are flowing down my eyes

I feel the pain inside me
Every move I make drives me more to a dead-end
I’m closing my eyes I’m loosing my mind
The tears of hatred are flowing down my eyes

I know I wont’t be taken
To the lands that I want to go
I want it to have an end
When the only thing that I can do is to bloodshed

4. Spring Rains

I’m looking over the city
From above, spring takes over
A painful season

I’m looking at the people passing by
Below, and here all alone
Without any reason

Through my weary eyes
A drop of spring rain runs
As i hit the ground
Earth, take me in your arms…

5. The Secret Is Once Found Out

The death that was created by the hands of humankind
I know most of the answers
While I can’t give any meaning I’m going astray
İn a perishing world

I cannot wake up from my nightmares
Inside the meaningless abyss
While loosing my existence
I’m hitting myself into the ground

Now I’m one of them
The secret is once found out

In the place where darkness
never ends I’m despairingly
Struggling while my nightmares
Are making me loose my
Existence trying to wake up
Despairingly my eyes
Are covered in red
Now I’m taking pleasure
From your pain
When their souls
Are perishing in
My emptiness
In my nightmares
From they will
Never wake up

Now I’m one of them
The secret is once found out

6. Ancient Town

Naked bodies are swaying at the gallows end
Within the fog among the run down chateaus

The wind hurlest the sand away
In this ancient town that calling me in my dreams

They were once existed, now vanished
Everything hath come to an end
Under the pale moon, solitude hath remained
They are free now

The ancient town is free
The deads are free now

7. The Losses Of Destruction

The losses of destruction’s pain is inside us
The people who were annihilated for us to live
The people who died when we were giving our fight

Their pain are inside me, like an arrow sticking into my flesh

God, why did you teach us pain
To this race that cannot obstruct themselves
The thing that came out of your hands is going to perish in mine, chaos

It’s going to surround your world,your universe
You’re going to beg for the pain that you have given to end

While we are turturing you
Your doctrines are going to dissappear with us
Your judgement won’t rule in theese realms anymore

Rise up to your nothingness, god of emptiness
Perish in oblivion

The voices that thought humanity nothingness
You’re going to live the chaos, in my race’s renaissance
Your bodies will be cremated
Your world of believers will be slaughtered

I swear you will forget god
You w’ont call out his name again
Your children are our children now
Your familiy is our cemetery
Your god is the god of chaos

8. Beast In The Necropolis

From the necropolis up the hill
The beast will come
Looking at the children through the window
To scare them to death ----- with its dreadful face

Dread stalkest at night
The beast hidest in the dark
Can the children sleep tonight?
Are their curtains drawn?

Is the beast spying on their room out the street?
Or is it just their subconscious?

Is a knife under their pillow enough to ease them?
Will their heart sustain this dread every other night?

9. Breathless Call

There is a crowd out of the night:
With smiling masks on, angel looking devils
Dancing, talking, shouting, howling, rocking and tumbling
Thy soul, which cannot notice this fake game headest to the artificial light
They are waiting for thee,
To deceive, pain and wear thee out
Stop, notice and see:

The only real light is the darkness of the night!

I shall meet thee when the dark night falls
With the sorrow in my glance, caused by the lost feelings
My eyes shall meet thine, when darkness fallest
My words are stiff and hard to comprehend
To believe, just look me in the eye

Dead children are weeping where the light exists
There, the killer puppets of God
Praying, killing, shouting, howling, rocking and tumbling
Blood and tears never stop but flow
They are waiting for thee.
Happiness is artificial there
Stop notice and comprehend:

The only real happiness is the pain itself!

I shall meet thee where the sun never reachest, in the velvet darkness
With the shrunkenness in my body caused by the hope I’ve lost
My hands shall meet thine when the night fallest
My soul is arduous and hard to carry
To carry, just open thy heart.

The only real light is the darkness of the night!
The only real happiness is the pain itself!
Breathless call…

10. Nocturnal Tears II (Autumn Version)

Serkan Kaya ‒ Bass
Baran Akalın ‒ Guitars
Onur Özçelik ‒ Drums
Tolga Uz ‒ Keyboards
Karahan Karaoğlu ‒ Vocals

Thanks to unholyinnocent for sending these lyrics.

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