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1. Wrath of Legion

Fire! Pain!
Fear! Disdain!
Revenge and hate!

Funeral dirges echoes
At heaven castle's walls
Forgotten in the shadows
Tonight shall fear thy name

A hellish judgement begins
God was convicted and guilt
Scaffold was built in heaven
To punish those biblical lies

Bring down the sky defenses
To erase their dying myths
Impiety and hate are weapons
To vanquish them and triumph

Behold the flame of wrath
To burn the entire christian realm
Vanquish all their enemies
Erase any trace of obedience

Wrath of Legion
Bringing fire and pain
Wrath of Legion
Inspiring fear and revenge

"Ashdautas vrasubatlat!
Garjapanuk agh vrasub!"

Thy infernal legions came
Demanding a new crown
A dark and mighty emperor
At vindicate the throne

A new empire of glory
Will be a human realm
To climb a mountain of bones
And there put thy throne

Ashdautas vrasubatlat!
Garjapanuk agh moraumang vrasub!
Magas burz mokal, arma ukul!
Krak kurvkuu zidru pauanug drokob gavik!
Vrasubatburuk ug butharubatgruiuk!

2. Rising Suphur

In hell!
Eternal flames devours you
Sulphur clouds and dust of bones
Crawling on ashes of a incinerated world
As more you begs, more we torture you!

Inner fear!
Unthinkable was your beliefs
Spitting on a broken cross
Disgorging blood on the nazarene's portrait
Rise our artillery to declarate war against heaven!

The unavoidable choice
Claims your decision now
Regret your stupid beliefs
Or still enslaved by the creed of the church!

Step through the wide open door
Regret your christian brand
Those who believe in saviour
Deserve die as their god
Rise the banner of Antichrist
Enter the ungodly world ahead
Rise a blood cup to salute
Ourselves and our inner demons

Regret your stupid beliefs
Or still enslaved!

Inner fear!
Unthinkable was your beliefs
Spitting on a broken cross
With any divine law
A god inside you!

Pierced hands was cut off
Spitting on altar of useless cult
On abyss of madness of religious filth
Inhaling sulphur we still untrusted

With any divine law

3. Mortuus Est

"Mortuus quod in caelum
et mortuus quod in terra ad aeternum"

When mankind desperates
Where was the saviour might?
When the nails was carved
Where was the hand of god?
When the spear ripped flesh
Where was the messiah's blood?
Here is the legion of inferno
Rising a fierce companion!

Disciples flee for fear of death
Veils ripped in supreme impotence
Even the sun retreat
While savior dies in pain

Quod superius, sicut inferius
Mortuus quod in caelum et quod in terra
Crucificatus! Mors ad caelum
Putrefactus ad aeternum

Mortuus est! Quod in caelum
Mortuus est! Et quod in terra
Crucificatus, mortuus et sepultum
Et descendit ad infernum

His elect denied him at cross
Misfortune rests on his clothes
The price of his life, a hanging
Eloi eloi, lama sabactani?

The universe itself
Gives signs of complete seizure
A earthquake opened graves
Spitting worthless bones
Hell rejecting those bastards
From earthly womb of embers
The psalmody of decadence
Decayed as your redeemer

4. Black Crowned Kings

Demonic beings of scorched black wings
Ancient demons of cutted wrists
Nazarene saviour down his head in retreat
Ravager legion arrives on Earth

To fulfill the revenge of damned angels
Of the four corners in embers of Hell
Malignant emperor and his ambassador
Read the declaration of war to heaven

Awake black crowned Kings
Invoked by empty thrones
Erase all human beings
And extinguish any resilient light!

Black crowned kings
Invoked by empty thrones
Heaven was scorched!
Ravaged by infernal greed!

Descend to erase human beings
Make them fear their beliefs...

The sixth cup of satanic revenge
Seven trumpets of abyss announces
The end of divinities that enslaved human ones
Heaven falls on eternal doom

The hammer of hell beats the altar
And condemns divine ones to exile
All kingdom of heaven now was defeat
The end of heavenly defeated empire

5. Descendit ad Infernus

Foolish and weakest of the gods
Man betrayed and deprived of rage
Oh exiled who was condemned
When slapped always offers another face

You've died, among thieves
Making the weak appears to be strong
Your demise will be oblivion
Until the devil collect your soul

Failed king of earthly things
Addicted in human weaknesses
A god just worshiped by lepers
The scum of earth, as his own image

Descendit ad infernum
Reign of no more life

"Scepter of the banished
Torch of traitors
Confessor of crucified and of executioner
Only you know in which envious swamp
A jealous god hides his valuable jewels"

You who kept your bones unbroken
That a centurion did not make in wreckage
Eternal despair of those who suffer
To anoint them with spit and tears

[Inspired and rewritten in "Revolte" of Charles Baudelaire]

6. Incinerated Heaven

Storming the realms of Holiness
With the banners of the unholy one
Burning hearts, in hate and in malice
Weapons loaded and ready to discharge

Apocalyptic sorceries
...to be fulfilled at this deadly night
Under the wings of the unholy Archangel
...we attack
Impiously we shall attack!

Heavenly cadavers, piles of ruins
Feathers extracted feed our flames
As we shall bring down the gates of Heaven
In forgotten wisdom, shall we chant

As the shadows rule supreme
As the old days of witchery
Black magic and other sorceries
Shall ban the Divine

Fire! Hell that ignites
Fire! Incinerated Heaven
Fire! Warfare of flames
Fire! Until only ashes remain

Infernal one, the new Divine
Under his flag of Darkness we'll march

Apocalyptic sorceries to be fulfilled at this deadly night
Under the wings of the unholly Archangel we attack
Impiously we shall attack!

There where the sun never shine on the sky
There where the fire of inferno grows
There where only skulls remains after
A battle among giants unknown
Land of no more light
Land of eternal greed
Land where embers carving eternally
Their marked flesh

7. Sovereign Antichrist

"Sovereign Antichrist
Thy kingdom come
Almighty Satan!
Thy will be done"

Depraved being appeal of the flesh
Conquering heavens ad there triumph
Where enslaved ones beg for mercy
They're all dust, to dust will return

A envious seraphin, sentenced one
A devious messiah who never will return
Where only weak and disgustly ones
They are all in darkness and there must remain

Sovereign Antichrist!
Thy death kingdom come
Deranged emperor!
Vindicating a throne and a crown

Only you deceiver, hear my pray Satan
Over me bring thy light, read my mind Lucifer
Only I know my doom, redeems me Samael
Oh my lord reveals me thy desires Leviathan

A dying saviour, creator who kills
One more harmless fable to despise
Where gods die by human hands
And men create god as their own glance

Where fierce embers devours their flesh
Incandescent chains fetters your heart
Deranged choir ressounded in mind
Inviting them to commit ritual suicide

Almighty Antichrist!
Thy murder will be done
An realm done by worms!
Becoming a new Eden sworn

8. Ravenous Demonium

Dixit autem serpens
Nequaquam morte moriemini

In the coming sole solarfall
My shadows will capture you
Lay my claws upon your soul
Corrupting everyone

It's the Death who came to claim you

Funereal, its song
Your soul wanders at night
Amongst graves bearing your name
For you are dead

Ravenous Demonium

Divine Intervention
Of Hellish splendour
The Earth will suffer
One thousand years
One thousand years sunk in shadows
As despair and pain
Blacken the skies

At the tolling of a bell
Your soul to be torn apart
Funeral chanting
For the Devil is always near
Of lengthening shadows
And eyes burning coal
Nebular vistas
Draping the cosmic uproar

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