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1. Forever Damned

Why we fear things we can't see?
Why there is fear we can't believe?
Do you feel that you've walked the line?
Can you withstand to be contrived?

Believer, you dreamer
Where's the justice if you can't see us?
Forever searching and seeking for signs
Come dimensions away from your home to the place I reside
Let beyond guide your way to your soul again

You've played the hand now you cannot hide
Bare with the pain 'til it all subsides
Now that you're trying to find the time
This ride you've been on it is over now

All alone at the edge of your world
Can't go on now forever you're damned
Left beyond find a way to your soul
Now that you know forever you're damned

2. Into The Black

Lost in myself once again
An angel falls, the devil walks, there's no inner peace
Look at me you're lost at sea
Circling eternally
Come and help me from this insanity

I'm wearing my disgrace
I hate to see your face
I want to see you drown in your sorrow

You know, I know I'm not the same
I'm fading away, I'm falling into the black
I know that you know we're the same
We're fading away, we're falling into the black

Looking at me through your eyes
My own reflection staring back at you, you're afraid
Now the sea has calmed I'm eased
I have found eternity
Time for you to help yourself from insanity

No need to feel disgraced
Still hate to see your face
No need to see you drown in your sorrow

It lets you see, lets you believe
You're hearing what you hear
Nothing's ever what it seems
We're falling into the black

3. Evil In Your Eyes

They were deceived, made to believe
Their eyes were blinded by daylight
If you had seen what I had seen
The fields will be burning
Burning at night
Look at what we've become

You fought the millions
Created empires
And still they say
Put your trust in me

Tell me why
Do legends never cry?
Brave words are here forever
With stories to be told
Can't you see
Your vengeance star is rising
Fighting for the nation
With victory in sight
And evil in your eyes

Now filled with greed this bleeding world
Resistance not going our way
Our leaders scream
We have not failed
And still they say
United as one
We're nowhere to be found

4. Tomorrowland

See the wizard cast his spell
Now the magic has began
Hear the demons calling
To the chosen messiah

At the toll of the bell
Conspiracy's betrayed
As the phoenix flies over
A new horizon has began

Whispering shadows speak the last command
Yesterday's tomorrow will come to an end
We'll wait for tomorrowland

They will gather in the dark
And united work as one
To another mystery of the first prophecy

Come again mighty bringer of life
Shield them from evil ways
Catch the rainbow reverse the spell
A new journey will await

All that they've ever seen
Their visions and dreams
Collide into one
Break them free from their chains
To find their own way
Back to the age of Aquarius

Now with victory in sight
Memories are left behind
As the darkness will
Rise to a brand new dawn

5. Soldier Of Fortune

[Deep Purple cover]

I have often told you stories
About the way
I lived the life of a drifter
Waiting for the day
When Id take your hand
And sing you songs
Then maybe you would say
Come lay with me love me
And I would surely stay

But I feel I'm growing older
And the songs that I have sung
Echo in the distance
Like the sound
Of a windmill going round
I guess Ill always be
A soldier of fortune

Many times Ive been a traveller
I looked for something new
In days of old
When nights were cold
I wandered without you
But those days I thought my eyes
Had seen you standing near
Though blindness is confusing
It shows that you're not here

Now I feel I'm growing older
And the songs that I have sung
Echo in the distance
Like the sound
Of a windmill going round
I guess Ill always be
A soldier of fortune
Yes, I can hear the sound
Of a windmill going round
I guess Ill always be
A soldier of fortune

6. Bleeding World

Here you are
You're beginning from the start
From the descendant you've ascended
Here to forge a land

Now you stand
You have everything in hand
Even though you had it all
You still wanted more

You will hopefully see the light today
Until the sun will probably rise again
Wait for the warmth of the rays
To make you feel that you're alive

Now, tell me now
Just where will you go?
When you're left with this bleeding world
I want to know, where can you go?
All is left is this bleeding world

New horizons
Seems they're far away
When the world is burning
There is still a calling
Always wanting more

Now you see
How it all could have been
With your selfishness
And foolish ways
That brought your own demise

7. Faces Of War

Sisters and brothers
Blood spills on their land
A place where they were meant to be born
Fathers and mothers
They'll crucify
Their own sons forever more

Forever turning the war machine's calling
They're asking for something more
See your reflection
Do you recognize it?
You're not the same as you once were

Faces of war
Are they ever going to change?
A call to arms will always bear your name
Masters of war
They're deciding on your fate
Of who's to die
Who will live through another day

Cities and countries
They're devastated, they're burnt down to the ground
Children, stop running
You must endure to unite the world as one

They had seen the worst that war can bring
But what were they fighting for?
May they find a brighter future with a new beginning

8. Wings To Fly

Time goes by
Turn the page
I've got to move on
Set myself at a better pace
Hours they fly
I am left behind

Say goodbye to old memories
It's a new day now

On new wings we learn to fly
And leave the past for someone else to find
Soaring over to a higher plane
Now that I have earned my wings to fly

Though I've tried
Feels so strange
Took the test of time
I'm in a better place
Years they fly
All is left behind

Say goodbye to old memories
It's a new life now

9. Another Dawn

Somber night he awakes
He's withdrawn from the light
The son of the night
The moon and the sky
The gathering calling him out to flight
Another must pass to survive

He's the one that takes your life, your sacrifice
Cannot save your soul damn you to hell

Another dawn here it comes a new day
And you will still hide from the light
You will be waiting still sleeping until dusk comes again
Nothing but dawn in your heaven and hell
Yet you still hide from the light
Forever condemned
You're eternity condemned to the night

Baptized in blood of the ancient ones
The darkest of hate burns inside
Who is the one to be sacrificed
On this magical night?
Tempered by fire
Forgotten in hell
Ascending on this earth to dwell
Child of the moonlight
You're caught in a spell

He's the one that takes your life
As you wait for your sacrifice
Cannot ever save your soul
Destiny sent you to hell

10. Scars

So here I stand with my back against the wall
My face wears the pain of emotionless
Now that I see it through my sands of time

Help me I'm falling, you cant hear me calling,
I'm wondering where you are?
Hearing the bell toll it's taking my life

The scars I bare are all from you, they are not mine
But still this life I leave behind wasn't all mine

All that i was I may never be again
My inner self was torn it will never be the same
Now that i see it through my sands of time

11. Kingdoms

[Digipack bonus track]

On Judgement day
A figure arrives
Dressed like the night
His eyes are a blaze

In amazement he lays in his bed
And he's thinking of time
Now he's wondering where its all gone
And how will it all end
The Kingdom above
Or the kingdom below
where will you end
From your passion of life?

Misguided light
He came dressed in white
Bringer of life
Healer of pain
Forgiver of lies

In amazement he lays in his bed
Wandering names through her head
The silence is broken by crying
A new life's begun

12. Memories

[Digipack bonus track]

Another night I'm the unknown
The misconceptions in my head have gone
All I have left is what I fear
Searching for salvation
The tide to come

This mirror won't reflect
The images and words
Another night I'm left alone

In this where the angels lay to rest?
It's the miracle that I await
With the knowledge I have gained
And the life that I have lived
It's the secret of my memories

I'm the prisoner in paradise
Or am I dreaming aface of sorrow?
Remember me for when it's time
Sweet is the silence in my mind

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