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1. Tourist

I've stood on a wire with no desire to ever go a certain way, Looked down on the world never tried to be heard, Real life just had to wait,when I tried working it just didn't seem to work out, so I tried college but I just wound up dropping out, I've put my life on a shelf while everyone around me found happiness and wealth, A tourist among my family and friends They all wanna know what goes on inside my head, There all happy in homes of their own while I have nothing to call my own, I lived between right and wrong for far too long.

2. Wolves At My Door

The end is just the beginning of being lost then found, You find yourself wondering how it would be if you weren't around, Here I am, Here I stand, I've reached out my hand, But you had a different plan, I've should have known you were one of the wolves at my door, You drain the life from me, I'm so easily deceived, I just wasn't made to believe, I've given so much energy trying to place the blame around, This time it rests on me for letting my guard down. I should have known, All along, You were one, Of the wolves at my door, Now we're back again at this same old place, I'm just trying to recognize your face, I can't let you in now, That's how it all happens in the first place. I should have known all along, I let you string me along, I was just to stupid to realize, I let myself be compromised.

3. Bruising Serenade

I couldn't tell you what I was thinking, god only knows. You've got me stumbling over myself feeling so low. Don't tell me about love, you only love yourself. You're a liar. You're a liar. I slept in deathbeds, Felt so disconnected, you've got me running on empty. You gave me that look that makes me feel like a lesser man. I couldn't feel your face hit the back of my hand. Don't tell me about love, you only love yourself. You're a liar. You're a liar. Your wrong, I'm right. You just can't see the truth, Your built on lies, Dry your eyes its only a bruise.

4. I Refuse

My mask is slowly fading, I'm quietly coming into my own. Time can be, can be so draining, like a cut that won't heal and goes straight to the bone. I refuse, To stand by, I refuse to close my eyes. Just because we're breathing doesn't mean we're alive, the beat goes on long after we're gone, what will they say after you die, moving along slowly moving along I'm moving towards, Nothing, Screaming out screaming so loud I'm screaming for, Nothing. Everything I want to say, buried deep inside of me, Everything that I say came back to me the wrong way, it's hard but I still have to try, to leave something behind, I refuse to stand by, I refuse to close my eeys. I refuse. I need to be moving towards, something, I need to be screaming for, Something, I need to be more understanding, I need to do more than standing, I can't, I can't let life pass me by.

5. Life Moves On

Going through the motions, Can't turn back time, I've lost all devotion, I've had inside, Like anyone I've learned to play like I'm blind, I've learned to believe I'll always get by, So many times I've wished my emotions would just give in, So I could be anything, Anything but human, Like anyone I've learned to play like I'm blind, I've learned to believe I'll always get by, Life moves on or so I'm told, Life moves on when your gone.

6. What's Wrong With George?

He hides his thoughts buried so deep inside, In the very back of his mind, Everything he can't let others know and prays that no one finds, He has reasons for everything, In his mind its all justified, Always so easily embrace, The mirror is just two faced, It hurt sometimes but he liked the taste, Didn't want to hurt anyone, So he looked to the blind one above, He'll need answers in time, For now he'll just stand tongue tied, What, What he feels, It hurts, And it kills, His mind, Stays concealed, His thoughts, Stay unrevealed.

7. Old Friend

I was thinking to myself, If you keep performing this act you just might lose yourself, All of this just desn't suit you but you wear it with a smile, Inside I know your not happy so I'll bite my tongue for a while, I've seen it now for myself, Your just slowly losing yourself, You look so old, Felling so cold, Believing all the lies you're told, I'd say something if I had something to say, It was all so long ago, I feel like I went astray, Treading water, Trying to breathe in, I should have been there by there was no way of knowing, All this time, You were drifting, Drifting away.

8. Brightest Son

Those traditions, Those ambitions they are yours, They are not mine, I don't have any visions, And I can't tell you my position, I'm not trying to reach the sun And I'm not shooting for the moon, I guess I'm just my mothers son, I gotta do what I gotta do, This life your living, Everything that your giving, These are all things you choose to do, I'm not trying to be just anyone, I'm trying to put my life in tune, I guess I'm just my fathers son, Willing to lose what I gotta lose.

9. How Quickly We Forget (Again)

They're all coming back again, The same faces that turned they're backs are now letting me back in, How quickly the tides change, How quickly they remember my name, Did they think I'd sit around waiting for them to stand by my side, Did they think I'd sit around waiting for them to arrive, They're all leaving again, The same faces that came back are now walking away, How quickly the tides change, How quickly they forgot my name, It's all water under a bridge now anyway, How quickly we forget.

10. Do You Feel?

I hope the pain opens up your eyes, Cause what you can't see you can't feel, It's time to put aside our difference, It's time to heal, You've gotta open up your eyes and see things clear, Do you feel, Do you feel it, Do you understand now, Do you feel it coming down, Your tears begin falling, Falling just like rain, Can you feel it now, The pain is here, Its time to heal.

11. Coming Clean

In my defense I've only ever lied in self-defense, In a sense I've only ever lost my Innocence, I'm coming clean.

12. Good Grief

If I should ever fall from grace, Just let me fall right on my face, Turn around and walk away, My soul just ain't worth the save, Your wasting your life waiting for me to come around, But when I hit the ground I'm off and running, Your trying to build something out of nothing, Say you'll never give up, But I can tell you one thing, The only person I've ever been afraid of is me, Cause I hear the things I hear and I see the things I see, It's been twenty-two years since I've bothered to care, I'm not impressed with yourloneliness or the fact that your still here, I'd say sorry if I thought you'd believe it, I'd promise you something if I thought that I could mean it, I'd show you the way, I'd promise you hope, But I won't.

13. Mother Teresa


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