Dark Lyrics


1. Long Way Home

My ego has been bruised, Havent you heard the news? Used my last excuse, now I'm falling. Just cant see through my lies, See the ghost behind my eyes, Severed all my ties, Said my goodbyes. I faced an army of myself, and I failed. My good intentions, were last seen falling through the cracks. You're pointing out everything that I lack. All my misfortunes were last seen leaving your lips, Silence is golden. Time for me to cash in. I'm taking the long way home from here, THE LONG WAY HOME. I'm taking the wrong way home from here, THE WRONG WAY HOME.

2. Finding Faith

We find our faith in the damndest place, The thin line between love and hate, Sold it all for a shot of hope, So you can't feel but you can cope, Although you know that it hurts, They can't make it any worse, You cant break a broken soul, Warm heart thats turned cold. Here it comes again, That familiar feeling, Almost taste like hate, Live in my own strange way, Like being stuck in the dark, 'Cause I'm never there to see it fall apart. On the long road finding, means to an end, here we fucking go again. Believing left me empty handed Stuck with a heavy heart, Unravelled and fucking broken, I'm just trying to play it smart, Dazed in the past Forced to die alone, I'm headed downhill fast, to parts unknown.

3. That Ain't Red Much

DONT CARE--about my generation, DONT CARE--if I stand or fall, DONT CARE--about my reputation I'm chasing aspirations I never saw. Well fuck you! So sick of culture sickness And all that I have witnessed I can't face a crowd Please believe me when I fucking say, Times about the last thing that we need, I know how it feels to not want to speak, Sometimes I wonder if I'll remember names of the faces that just went away with age, Please just go and leave me alone..

4. Crossed Fingers

Twenty one years getting older, Cashing in chips on my shoulder, Ice age coming warm heart turned cold, You're killing me or so I'm told, Memories are miseries company, I've bared my fair share, Promise land not far from here, But beggars prayers got me nowhere. String me on this fucking cross, I gave in to your cause, This is where I'd cut a loss, And tally up all my falls. I NEVER PROMISED YOU ANYTHING. I NEVER PROMISED YOU ANYTHING. Stuck in all these places Never wanted to be, Feels like a thousand faces, Staring back at me, Just let me be.

5. 3800 (We're Unstoppable)

I blame you most of all for this, The songs I sing, The loves I missed, The words you spoke The heart you broke, The sleepless nights where I can't cope. The good, the bad, the in between, All the times you believed in me, You've thrown it all away, Can't believe I'm losing you (I can't wallow in my losses) Left with time and nothing to say, Guess it's time to face the facts, I'll still save the fucking straws that broke my.... BACK. I'll never know what you wanted me to do, 'Cause you didnt care, I'll get by try my best This I swear on your life.

6. Transparent / Opaque

Loose lips have sunken our ships. we don't need to be reminded of it. The bridges we walk on have been burned, just another lesson learned. You cannot discredit me, I've been following destiny and I've still got a bone to pick with whoever called me a heretic. Miserably misunderstood. you see through everything I said. What makes you want to rely on me? Living through my ups and downs, I'm just trying to balance out. Hopelessly Hopeless and out of luck. please be quiet you selfish fuck. Miserably misunderstood, you see through everything I say. What makes you want to rely on me? Let's let the music speak for itself.

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