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1. Stations

Peace is just a warm gun away it's deeper than where there's a will there's a way I won't grit my teeth and bare it If my violence came in the form of a crown of thorns I'd wear it I am so afraid My feet are on the ground and I still haven't found a reason to pretend So sweep me under the rug So no one's with me when I lose my head I feel hopeless when I just wish I could feel a little less I feel hopeless when I just wish I

2. Tough Test

When you throw these fits, I only see what I want to see We need to talk just means, you'll never be what I need you to be I need to be told, I need to be sold There were times you stayed so silent L.ooking O.ut V.isionless E.yes What were you hoping to find? Are you even human on the inside? This is just like old times with you You're so quiet and I'm kicking over everything in the room When I throw these fits, you just see what you want to see We need to talk just means we have nothing to fight for

3. I Am Weighing Me Down

The pressure's building and nothing's fulfilling Slow down I can't keep running The good word is "You get what you deserve" I know my time is coming Hey, Hey, Hey I'm the only one left in my life I am me and I am mine So go ahead say that I'm ill But do you know what that really means? Hey, Hey, Hey Everyone's open to heaven But no one's open to death That's why the whole world is a graveyard Filled with those who lost their step I'm the only one left in my life I am me and I am mine So go ahead say that I'm ill But do you know what that really means? There's times I know I don't take care of myself So lost inside my mixed state mental health We all bury ourselves, when we feel there's nothing left We don't need Jesus to please us It's not as comforting as you'd like to guess

4. Always

Was it always like this? Finding new ways to clench my fist It doesn't take a genius to prove I take swings at the things that remind me of my youth You'll never keep them guessing wearing other people's clothes So just start confessing Mother, Father, Sister, Brother Everybody knows There's nothing you can do to wash away your past They'll just laugh and laugh when you ask Will it always be like this?

5. Memory Layne

In my life there's no truth, there's just mountains of lies.
Search for identity, but wear a disguise.
I run and I run and I run and I run and I hide.
I'm complicated, so frustrating, I know you hate it, but I, just can't fake it.
You've seen my worlds at war, when I unlock my door, showed you the things I'd hoped you'd never see.
You just said "Oh George, you could be so much more, you lost your way it's a damn shame..."
How do you criticize, when you stand so safe inside? How do you climb, when you built your walls so high.
How do you fight, when your hands are firmly tied? How do you rise when all you know is the downside...

6. Circuit Breaker

Lost in an illusion You're not the same as me So hollow but are followed, endlessly and lovingly Endlessly and lovingly, I have nothing to prove You wear the clothes of a beggar But underneath you're a thief Tell me whose robes have you sold to buy your following I have nothing to prove

7. Matrimony

My friends are all trusting a little too much Giving themselves away to each other There's a new one every month Featuring a future single mother With those rings wrapped around your finger Does it prove you love her? Now that he said "I do" Can you finally please your mother? Tell me I'm childish all you want I just want to love myself I just want to love myself Want to love myself

8. Self-Explosive

If I said what this was about Would you even care? Would you stare at me defeated? Or would you say that "all is fair"? Would you believe me if I told you this time it's not about you? I know it's hard to believe But it's not all about you How selfish of you to believe that when you cut yourself off you didn't cut me just as deep How selfish of you to say that you know me better than me How selfish of you to hide in a circle of lies pretending everything's fine But the thought of anyone but you never crossed the landmines in your mind You're just pretending to be naive You can't really believe that this is about you You, You, You, You, You

9. Burning Monk

There is no line to be drawn When I just turn my back and withdraw Silently defy You're so sad, you write your own version of my life My tongue's been bitten through There's nothing to do but stand and watch the truth Roll its eyes at the lies as it lies down and dies inside Your favorite fire Shackled to the weight of your emptiness Please don't take my silence As passiveness

10. Canonized

Martyr without a cause, stripped of all my pride, the same pride that won't let me lay down and die.
Alone exposed to the bone, stripped of all my skin the same skin I been hiding myself in.
You've never died the ways that I've died.
What do you know about speaking to God?
You've never roamed the homes that I've roamed, using your body to shield your soul...

11. Wish

Please just give me a Chan Marshall eulogy If I was ever anything at all it's all breaking news to me Breaking down in a rage just to apologize It's really so strange watching all these strangers sigh If feels like I'm living through my last days every day On your strongest of days you couldn't make me feel any less insane Wish the ongoing theme about me wasn't "he's just crazy" Wish I knew safety Wish nothing phased me Wish I felt more than just feelings of unrest Wish the darkness didn't cloud me Wish I wasn't an emotional wreck

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