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1. khavoid

[Lyrics: Austi in summer 2006]

a radical beginning
fulfilled by all disgust
demasked putrid theorems
clotted blood under porous skin
decline seems to be
just a question of time

rise of the synthesis
ascent towards undefined twilight
spreaded depression
at the path's peak
a refusual campaign
war of regress
the slime to overcome

…and did you fuckers think you were worth the pain?

never resting
the wanderer is taking over
the darkest valley
the lightest height
senseless passion in time
a blossom that's never gonna open

…and the world is still the cause for all that pain

2. Battles Of Modern Art

[Lyrics: Hacky in January 2006]

Possessed by the ecstasy of the extreme
Destroying chapels of devotion
Overwhelming addiction to dormancy
The essential confusion of senses

The endless hope of breakthrough
Only hate and grim, for sober reality
Impalpable in the glare of lunar
Behind the times

Mesmerized of ambient aeons
Clandestine cognition
Inspected through these empty eyes…
…the inside of longing death.

Limbonic lifetime
Gathering aimless souls
Raping their etherial illusions
And releasing their imprisoned minds

An apocalyptic moment wafts with a wet fear
… through our rotten hands.
A new aeon, a new blaze…
We climb with an erection, to usurp your place
...on the throne by the hills…

3. Echo In The Empyrean

[Lyrics: Hacky in March 2006]

Dreaming in another reality… intoxicated
Striping through the nightfall
Hailing the wolves of demise
Staring at the frostmoon
Mighty reigning from above

The inner blackheart of the soul
Poisoned by grief and despair
Without embracing solace
The shape never vanishes

Blackthorns in the engorged mind
A deathtrip to a cosmic void
Eclipsed by polarizing sorrow
Huddled in the safety of intoxication

Reveal the secrets of your creation
Thou, the Blackheart,
the kinglike epicentre of the universe
The Echo in the empyrean
Through their fall, thou rise above
Being life and death,
Hate and love!

4. Beyond The Cosmic Forces

[Lyrics: Hacky in summer 2005]

Pure and clear landscapes
Melancholy and wrath blaze up
Pleasure and tranquillity
Frozen hatred for men

Abreption begins
Subconscious becomes reality
…and wisdom?

Stare into this realm
Calming scenes inside your mind
No scorn any more
Desperately in need of her hand?
No longer mesmerized
Veracity reveals, no regrets
Celestial cosmic force
Pestilent old-growth forest
Smouldering nature
Toxic rain of resurfaced humans
The old woman lost her elegance!

Back to raw, majestic nature
Kissing her, numb with grief… futile…
Vast grim… no encore!

5. Purifying Onset Of Winter

[Lyrics: Hacky in autumn 2005]

Spiritual essence
Caused by excess
...and the glacial nature
Initiated by woods
...and their morning dew
…and this unbearable voice from inside

Stunned of toxic substances
Drunken of this sweet mountainside
Tumulus, surrounded by winds
Draped in the cold nightsky

Between the old tree's,
We are wandering
Impelled by the thorns of sorrow
Illuminated on the glade
...by the rising wintermoon

Trivial life, they cannot see
They, the decadent vagary of nature,
the cancer on earth
Burned by this healing season
… subtly toiled by our domain

Misanthropic and purifying time
…on this forlorn earth
We linger alone in the abyssmal spiritworlds

6. Archetype Of A New Existence

[Songtitle inspired by «Oh, My Sweet Polaris» by Temple Of Tiphareth]


7. Avant-garde

[Lyrics: Reiner in May 2005]

Sophisticated enchantments
Of impressive abhorrence
Created not for human ears
Joyful eulogize annihilation
And continuous ordeal

Verbalized in deepest odium
By a psyche beyond any idol
From the end of the vortex
A place devoid of concern
The absurdist's elation

Creeping keen on your deliberation
Skulking in circles for the impiousness
Assassinating all divine virtues
With alluring somber momentum
To relieve its voracious hunger for sin

But though it feeds on beautiful souls
The fatalities become enriched
By sipping the potion of clarity
From the unambiguous chalice of scorn
Whenever their spirits get spoiled

And as now the grave canopy unfolds
Over your mental magnificence
Imbibe the fiery draft from this goblet
To amalgamate with the avant-garde
The perverted cult of transgression

Thanks to entrisch-ebual for sending these lyrics.

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