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1. Intro - Qemetiel And Belia'al


2. Nehemoth - Malkuth (Namvth) - Earth

Awaken deep in the earth
Worm surrounded
Blessed in filth, nocturnal emissions
I grow from lust and desire
My hunger is insatiable, penetrating
Goddess of flies and serpents

Whore who swallows the spirits of men
Calls them nightly
Insects hear her call
Passions aroused by darkness

Cast me down into your pit of filth
Let me hold you close
Knowing death brings eternal life
Found in the passion throes of copulation

3. Gamaliel The Obscene - Yesod (Lylyth) - Moon

Found in the night, where no may seek
By darkness is she found, deep within
Always near, yet never seen
Her spirit is sensed in blackness and matter
There is no ignorance in her
Just hunger and the desire for eternal life
Wanting to drink the blood and soul
Of the children of eve
She does not stop her own hunger
It is eternal
From the first pact of ashen blackness
Which Ahrman took in hand
The serpent grew from this
Demoness soul born in fire
She rides the winds of night
Calling and devouring those not of her
She seeks those to feast upon of her own
Drinking eternally, power growing

4. Sha'arimrath, The Eighth Hell - Hod (Smal / Adramalech) - Mercury

Behold, the waiting eyes of darkness
Born in flame, enshrouded in fire
Here is the fallen creation
Those knowing of both darkness
Yet possessing light
Samael, the eyes of power
The eye which consemes all life
And gives life to others
In barren desolation
Cav puirty, in perversion be found
Samael, whose poison is a cure
Against the sickness of spirit
In this hell do i emerge
Stronger in the sign of darkness
With a spell chanted in the flame
Of blackened creation

5. Harab Serapel, The Ravens Of Death - Netzach (Bael / Tubal Cain)

Ravens formed as flies enciricle
Ripping the spirit apart
To discover the essence remaining
Seperated from ignorance of the undiscovered light
Only with smoke fouled against the flame
Can immortality be seen
Darkness born from the first of fallen angels
Bringing the gift of hunger of light

Here resides Tebat Cain
Making the blades and weapons of war
Found first in your mind and soul
Finding the flesh to center it's will
Cast down the strong who stand against you still
Back, goetic lord of the 72 fallen
Roaming the earth as the spirit of darkness
Awaken more to our gnosis

6. Lord Of The Dead - Tiphereth (Belphegor / Paimon) Tagahrim

The revolt against god
Brings the awakening of the spirit
No hunger constricted
Yaïmien, great spirit of Lucifer
Embrace with dreaming knowledge
Mastery of the earth, Black Sun
Burning my dreams, calling me into nightmares
Belphagor, Lord of the Dead
Encircle the shades ento me
That strength shall find me
Here the spirit is devoured cast asunder
Brought before the shadows
Those of our faith
Bury in the trials of the soul
Found as predators among the sheep
Are uplifted to god
The revolt against god
Brings the awakening of the spirit
No hunger constricted
Yaïmien, great spirit of Lucifer
Transformation, awaken me as God

7. The One Adorned In Fire - Geburah (Asmodeus) Golab Mars

Mars, sphere of war and strife
Bury the mace to the skull
Spirit of the wounding spear
Who is of conflict and chaos
Asmodeus rise up in the spirit
Against the weakened spirit of light
Darkness and fire burn entwined together
No longer faced with restriction
Asmodeus, who dwells in the heart of man
Let a beast rise up, drink the spirit of man
I go forth in power to rule in strength
Our wolves feast from the ruins of god
Once we have attacked
Master the spirit again and again
Found in the faith Asmodeous

8. Devourers Of Spirit - Chesed (Astaroth) Gamchicoth Jupiter Outer Form "Order Of Azariel Azryal - The Binding Ones"

Crossroads, path of the Luciferian spirit
Known in the darkness of the mind
I stretch my limbs out from the grave
Rising as shadow born again
Drink deep here of the knowledge
Forbidden fruit is really the spirit awakened
Devour without mercy
The prey shalt always be prey
The wolf shalt howl again by the night
Spirits with hunger eternal, rise again
Never to withstand
Those God fearing find spirits empty
Knowing nothingness awaits
Unless you have taken within the black flame
Rising up to devour the strong

9. Hell Of Sathariel - Binah (Lucifuge Rofocale = Satariel)

Sathariel, whose darkness is encircled in a semalance of light
Emerge, command and become
I invoke the force of the encircler, to hide the wolf
In the skin of the wolf
That I may go for ento them, consuming the unsuspecting

In darkness I truly hide, the serpent unseen
That they shall know the face which is different
By ways of magick born a blackened flame of illumination
Bringing forth the flames of eternal life

Encircled, gathered in darkness unchained
As wolf ravaging in the cold of night
Death is rising through me
To be a taloned tear against the face of God

Rising up, ascending poisoned angel
A sky lit in the war against the blinding light
Those not illuminated from within
Lawlessness, cut down the cross of sickness

Lucifuge, Angel of Darkness
Fly agains the light

10. Loathsome Serpents (Ogiel) - Chokmah (Beelzebub = Chaigidel)

Encircled in the lie
Whispering brilliance, incantations arise
I wait longer for the surge within
The hindering shadow which draws out the beast
Appearance is cracking, my skin is so cold
The veins grow thin, wire bound
A new type of thirst

Surrounded and concealed, I cannot stand up
Restricted by the weight of the false light
Wanting to stand up and lacerate the sky
Pouring blood to bring a new fire of sight
When you can't be held anymore
As when you find nothing matters
Only to corrupt and devour
The ones who are only slaves
And the strong who stand in your way

Born again screaming the names of the shadow god
My own birth as the lord of the abyss
I am down in the darkness still wanting your soul
Or what you think it is

Blackened skin and serpents surround
They are making me stronger, when I wish to crawl again
Across the ground in snake like moments
Severing insects breed in my name

11. Thaumiel - The Deepest Hell - Kether (Satan/ Moloch = Thamiel)

Of storm and adversarial darkness
Fires devastating, torment of the sightless
Unbound by the wolf spirit cutting deep in the flesh
A rape of inversion, perversity

Crowned on the Tree of Death
Thy poison your cup of sensatory awakening
Wrathful incisions, the worms are growing inside me
The ??? is breaking from pressure
Immolated passion, serpent eyes form
Opening through something dead and buried

Two faces too many
Taking turn to devour Gods
Those defied for passionless sacrifice
Giving To something which will never grant rest

In chaos born ascension go I fall as the brightest star
My twin born of fire and smoke
In this Shahet, a hell of Supernals
I can see more crime and the torment of angels who failed
To bring down the Eye of Darkness, from which those who think separate
One hell to another, casting down angels, burning with rage

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