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1. Intro - Into The Ballinok Mountains II


2. Under The Black Caul

Born under blood black night - Shadow skin upon - Seperate from humanity - The rite is a rebirth - Marked by Varcolaci - Ascending in the night - I seek the blood of the moon - Towards the lunar sphere - Flesh is left - Spirit becomes as dragon - Strengthen my spirit - The flesh remembers - I hunger to tear again - Consume of the life - The rite of crossroads - Under a black caul - Neverending darkness - My light is within - Always to the musick of wolves - In a land so desolate - Blood is so precious here - Under a black caul - I am reborn nightly - I sip the blood of the moon, of life - Horned splendor

3. Undead Hunger

Ahriman - Corrupt this flesh - Druj Nasu, Flies infect the dead - By Samael's touch - By Lilith's caress - Vampiric rebirth - Seeking the warmth of life (blood) - Spectral phantoms gaze - Into the mirror of your world - We cast down the sun - Envenomed rites - Blackened Blood - Poured from chalice - Stained of rust and age - Unto the dragon we drink - Of ancient rites - The Black Sun Rises - We haunt forever - Casting shadow in the world - No dawn rising - When night is the end - Warm blood flows - Undead thirst - Timeless shadows - On wings of night - Wolven howls - Ahriman's gaze... abyssic horrors

4. Impaled Fields

Enriched in the mountains of an ancient land - The wolves howl to our calls - A banner stained in blood - Black and crimson - a sign of strength - The wallachian bat the raiding force - Against the invading prey - Let our stakes be sharpened against the sun - Prepare to hold flesh high to the birds of prey - Wallachian forest, wolves of the forest I call - Swords sharpened and prepared for blood - Let no arrows or wounds touch your backs - Lest I impale you in the field of death - To feed the land the blood of the living - A am a Prince of Darkness - Of Draconian honor - The banner of the dragon is held high - Let our raiding force strike in night - To bite and tear deep into the Turkish host - To feed from their life and fly into the night - As the bat and shadow embraced forest - To feed from those straggling behind their armies - Greeting them with a forest of the impaled - Rotting and life taken to fuel our spirits - Something they cannot break - Hail thou Impaling Prince - Prepare to hold flesh high to the birds of prey - Let swords strike deep, let the mace fall into the skull - The music of solves and the flies around the carrion - Is the music of victory

5. Shades Gather Among The Blood

Enter the gate of fools - Where the blood brings us closer - To the shades of death - There is the place of night - Where warm flesh is - Not undisturbed - Metamorphosis - The gateway is opened - O pale flesh - Offered at the gate - Of the black mirror - The blood so warm - Offered in the skull cap - The shades gather and drink - To grow strong - My sigils define their existence - Bound by the oath of shades - Take the flesh I give you - Stain it red - Black eyes emerge to enter this world or horrors

6. Sanctum Wamphyri


7. Vukolak

Ripping through a womb, blood filled, rotting stench - I awaken to the thoughts of devouring - Of serpent and dragon blood - Embodied with the spirit of the wolf - Awake, from the pits arise - To go forth in devouring passion - Thirsting for life eternal - I coil and raise up - Striking the sleeper by spirit - Tearing into the aura, drinking divinity - I will consume all until I am god - Ripping through the womb, birth by self love - No longer be held in a rotting tomb - Blood coursing through my veins - Keeping decay sleeping in twilight dreams - Spider-like talons scratching on your window - Open and receive - Away from the light - Darkness my cloak of sanctuary - I ascend in shadow by the light of the moon - Drinking... devouring...

8. Wolfskin Essence


9. The Moonlight Glittered Upon The Snow

[originally by Sorath]

Oh, the night rises again, I feel the beast possess me,
Stimulation of bestial desire, way of the wolf is my oath
I prepare for a hunt of human life

Ritual prepared, master satan, grant me the powers of the wolf
Wolfskin belt is given, succubus, rape my flesh and gather the
Blackest lust
I feel the pain and suffering of the innocent child,
As the flesh is torn and the blood is shed

The night has teeth, as many humans have found
I am the lord of the forest, my skills of magick and death perfected
A service to my dark lord-the death of light, in human form he was
Death welcomed him... the soul is immortal... beware...

10. Ars Upir Sabati

[originally by Gräuen Pestanz]

I spread the wings of my shadowed mind, into the circle of Samael’s seed.
Inauguration in blood, born of Lilith’s fornication
Blood, which drips from the infernal moon forms a sigil upon my lips
To pass through the black witch’s flame, and seal the sign in consecration

Obscuro in melancholicus, simulacrum chorus mortis
Perspicientia lamia, via intempesta nox noctis
Penetralis antiquitas, cruor degeneris Abel
In Pestis nefastus adsigno obscuro lux triumphans


To the Awakening of the immortal Blood, which flows within my veins
Phantoms of The Darkness, born in the Ashes of Libations
Awakening the ghost of the sleeping tomb, the dance of the infernal flame
I kiss the lips of Naamah, and pass through the veil of endless ages.

11. Ripping Through The Aura

Crimson hunger arising - Spirit not encircled in flesh - Gathered in the night cloaked in darkness - To go forth where the sleeping lie - Gathering shadows - Astral tendrils grow, black and darksome - Within the center of my shadow - Burning fire, crimson desire - I hunger for life, I hunger for immortality - To feast eternally on the blood of spirit - The very essence of life itself - No boundaries on the spirit plane - We can rip through them - Our tendrils of darkness reaching in to the body - Tearing into the aura - Draining slowly - Ecstasy and power - Hunger for life renown - Arise in the form of draconis - Arise in the form of the wolf - The bat shall carry us on wings of night - Burning center, the beast hungers within - Must go forth to feed - Tendrils rising, desire for drinking from the spirit of my prey - Gathering shadows - To go forth where the sleeping lie- Tearing into the aura

12. Outro - Mors Omnipotens


Michael W. Ford: vocals, bass, machine sounds
Marchozelos: guitars, bass, drums

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