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1. Harbinger Of Pestilence

Beholding the path of Paitisha
The devouring worm within us all
Cast our sight into the twilight veil
Glancing to a world of decay
Weakened religion crumbles
Show now the foundation of the way
For those who cannot be uplifted
Shall then be devoured by our children
Chishmak form insects in clouds of hunger
Apaosh, who brings clouds above the enemy
Bring the storm of insects
Consume all that these sheep may eat
That famine shall encircle them
Reaping their harvest
To then make wolves of men
Beholding the path of Paitisha
Cast our sight into the twilight veil
Glancing to a world of decay

2. Hymn To Ahriman

Crumble you days of gilded pestilence
and rot in your imprisoning fear
I cast down your scornful
worm-eaten delusion
cloaked as tatter'd redemption
I roar forth a thousand swords
from stronger mountains
than you could ever dream of falling from
and pierce the rusted armour of your salvation
I bear up this darkening world
upon my serpent-kissed shoulders
and shake loose the detritus
of your crippled hope
Ahriman stands beside and within me as your Omega blooms
Ahriman stands beside and within me as your weakling children earn
Their dust
Ahriman stands beside and within me as your fallen empires mark your grave
Ahriman stands beside and within me as you weep for false glories lost
Rise up on broken feet, oh hobbled aeons of despised light
you'll stand at this moment of thy end if ever at all
my word is the dirt tossed upon your waiting grave
and my deed is the truth that buried you there

3. Ordog

I shall enter the depths of hell
Descending into underworld bliss
When the serpent awakens within
My spirit has been set free
When the body of light is encircled in its shadow
Casting darkness upon all around it
No limitations the flesh is entombed but spirit awakes
Bound by my circumference in a circle of shadow
Breathing the blood of the ancient in my flesh
I open my eyes, burning light, the source
My angelic nature unfolding into the beast
I affirm the mind of Ahriman
Serpents rise from my flesh
Tiamat before me
Chaos stirs within
I ensorcel my spirit to the flesh of draconis
My thirst for life grows fervent
In the halls of the 7th hell does the serpent arise
Shall I be now the father of serpents
To exist beyond the halls of the dragon

4. Mummu Chaos

Whoever shall drink of my blood
Shall have eternal life
I have emerged from the Abyss
Vomited my blood into your wanting mouth
Shown you desire in the name of the Beast
Enter my gates which reveal the serpent's throne
I breed dragons beneath my flesh
Cloaked in night burning lust
Scaled in the time worn strains of the Adversary
Breeding war and unrest
Kiss me deep Mother of Serpents
And let your blood drain into my mouth
Tiamat, who devours and blesses a waking world
Your children born of Kingu's blood
Shadowed enraptured serpent entwined
Beneath the scythes blade do we reside
Unending, partaking of the divine
Gazing forever within the reflection of the beast
I have become upon the altar of Lilith
When the moon does not shine
Darkness surround, cast down
I arise in thy flesh
Blood a fountain of spilt life
Whose own land craves cleansing
Beast forlorn lead them to the slaughter
I hate this world of human overpopulation
Raise them up for the feast
Chaos awakened storm summoned bane
Where flesh seeks no end
Drink of my blood and know eternal life

5. Of Ravening Wolves

Daughters of Lilith, mother of predators
Bride of the serpent, whose breathe gave us life
Whose instinct is a sharpened blade
Dancing across the flesh of your desire
Do not preserve them from Lilim, those of our faith
Emerging from the womb of our darkened mother
To drink deep of the sleeping
Relive again the ecstasy
Of first tasting the blood of the sleeper
And racing deep in their heartbeat
To steal away all life
Does strength come to you
Sisters who devour souls? Would you embrace my mighty visage
And sip from the throat of God?
Breed more shadows from such desires?
No more breathing light worshippers
Can be spared from their duty
To serve the strong and cunning fair
We seek the ocean still
The abyssic abode of Leviathan
That which swallows up human life
And feeds the awakening beast
Gather around the mother in a circle
From which she rises up through us
Ardat Lili, we are one
Ardat Lili, we are legion

6. The Chain

Oh Prince of the mountain of the eternal midnight
Receive me in the chain
Make me part of those who haunt humanity's nightmare
I give you souls in exchange of godliness
Master of death and resurrection
whose name is a mystery among mysteries
Spirit of shadows spawn from a darker shadow
Green dragon of the court of Sigismund
Oh Lord, receive me in the chain!
In the name of the fire that never dies
In the name of death that feeds from eternal life
In the name of the corpse lying unputrefied in a centuries old grave
In the name of the spirit that grants limitless powers
By these words be the red pact consumed
And I become a link in the silver chain

7. Deathless And Eternal

Memories absorbed
The survival of spirit is constant
Fallen into the void
Where flame is found revealed within
I seek to break down the strong
Absorb and drink from their life
When their hope fails
I want to show them my true form
Blackness enraptured in the visage of death
Yet deathless is the spirit which is the wolf
Given the fire from one so ancient
That time can no longer hold
To give to those who attend the darkness
My brothers and sisters of hungering shadow
Who have tasted the rebirth of the Serpent's kiss
Beneath the veil of a dark moon
When the mothers' legs open again
She of the Night then flows into our veins
A New life awakens
Deathless and eternal
I seek to master your world now
I seek to build the apocalypse

8. Abyssic Doctrine

By darkness untouched by Sunlight
Embraced by the serpent's tongue
Long fallen in the corridors of Arezura
Hell welcomes those who may face it
And serpents filling the bowls of the pure
I invoke chaos to corrupt and break down
To rebel towards the darkness of possibility
Humanity as herd indulged prey
Seeking something greater than the spirit
But in the abyss there is nothingness
To the empty
My doctrine is self-deification
To overcome weakness
Let the weak feel guilt
Of spiritual ignorance and blindness
The Serpent's eye opens within
To those who approach the dragon
Who resides in the blood of man
That very storm awakening now
Let my word be the Dragon
The Lie called Druj
No more dawn for those who cannot face it
And the black sun offers a new light
In a new age, we bring the abyss to earth
Machine cold invigorating predator
Anti-life to those who are blind
World without end for the wise
Children of the Lie hear this call
Bring the chaos to the rights of man
Unchain Zohak and march through oceans of blood
Our life eternal...infernal bliss be ours

9. Unclean Spirit

Unclean spirit enter them
We are many, legion
We are filth, of blackest earth
We awake in the bloat of corpses
The fly which is our form
Legion to whom nothing stands
Within a hatred you cannot understand
I want to enter your flesh, become one
Unless you resist, then to drink down your soul
Night and day, no rest just torment
Cut yourself in my name
There are many who offer blood to my cult
For they cannot understand a deeper meaning
I require not sacrifice no bent knee
Rather defiance as the spirit from which I am
We breathe pestilence into the cowering peasant
Who will never be of us
All of my abominations shall defile this earth
And create it again in my image
In one hand I hold heaven
And in the other Hell
Can you see the mark between my eyes
My flesh may perish but my spirit lives on

10. Ode To Pazuzu

Wings of disease, trapped in stone
Stone carved from nightmares
Pazuzu, primal egregore of man's suffering
I call your name, and carve your image in my flesh
Lord of plagues, river of the northern winds
You stare at humanity through your glass cage
Brought from Assyria to the city of Lights
Your energy radiating from the Louvre pyramid
A pestilence set out to destroy human life
In a world made of glass and concrete
The flesh is so weak, so easy to corrupt
Ripped by your infected fangs and claws
Lord Pazuzu, spread sickness in the heart of men
Spread fear and terror in the soul of Jehovah's chosen ones
Feed me through your frozen wild eyes
Now I can bring the sickness in the heart of men

11. Lilitu

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