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1. Vampire: The Wisdom Within, The Truth Without

2. Opferblut

"Manche wollen den dinger folgen, die sich bewegen aufpassen, schleichen, warten, spigen um zu toten und zu beissen, beisse tief und reichlich, sauge das blut.
Manche wollen mit den Zahnen winen und die dinge mit den handen aufwuhlen und sich in die erde hinein kuscheln.
Manche klettern auf der baume, manche kratzen an den Graben des Todes, manche kampfen mit der stirn, den fussen oder klauen, manche beissen platzlich zu ohne Veranlassung!
Die bestraffing ist streng und gewiss.
Deswegen lerne das gesetz.
Sage die Woter!
Sage die Worter!
‒Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Rituals

Behold The place of necromantic lust, our sorcery is an iron!
Three subdued in our dungeons, all serve our specific needs...
an opfer who screams as an insect, hooked inverted to provide balance to the thought.
Drips the blood of youth into our mouths, feel the precious life leave... we consume the spirit... we shall know the trapped spirit.

Trough the sphere of Azanigin, we all transcend a calm of conscious is achieved, chained to a haggard table observing the fear in the eyes...slicing the nimble flesh... drinking from the wounds, observe the beautiful misuck of the skull drums, witness the death dance.

I will learn forward, to below the Kraken's kiss
The screams invoked act as an angel's dying song...
Haunted, we shall focus the will to thy astral, trough our ghastly touch all lifeforce drained, into the crystal...
Wamphyri, from the land of dark immortals communion was held.

3. The Land Of Phantoms

A predator of humans, who haunts the roads near Tirgoviste,
holds the soil of its decrepit grave...
to slumber and give rebirth
unto the blood of Nachttoter...
Ghastly images haunt the domain
decayed as the tombs of stone
numerous apparitions we have evoked from beyond the graves
those, the stakes in which much blood was lost, they cast our biddings...
be it light or dark...
many frigid and warm nights, when the black flame devours all
there was a talon formed...
which struck the light from Yeshua's horde...
Through the manipulation of flesh and spirit I have
become a shadowgod and devoid of humanity...
I discovered the Philosopher's Stone,
all was revealed...
Enter this dominion, prepare thy funerary posture,
they haunt in malignant forms...Das land der Phantome!

4. Bathory Incarnate (Goddess Of Death Arises)

"Won't you look into my fog encased eyes, to be damned for all time!"
Baphomet incarnate, perceive my goddess being 77 you are all, fill thy bath with crimson

I entrance you as a silhouette on a bloodstained wall
to send thee visions of enrapture
allow my gloved hands to caress thy pale skin
before I defile thee and bathe in the force of life...

I shall send the opfer to a rancorous demise
and walk as a shadow in the black of night
for my will is of the goddes of death...
Baphomet incarnate!
Lilith, thou have returned to flesh
thus have bred pure strength
let the angel's wings be as their shrouds of death
and their smiles fade as though they were never...

Mastodonic forces summoned by chant and tetrahedron,
while the moon hangs low and red with a drop of blood
and the voice of command malodorous corpses rise to my
bidding to serve this malicious goddess of the black earth
Let their voices be screams...
behold Stregoica, she who bathes in blood...

5. Der Werewolf

Before the Samhain full moon I position myself
Facing the soil carved pentagram
Candles incinerate black, smoldering the scent of Mars bellows in the wind...
I cloak my skin in the flesh of the wolf and a mask of demonic symbolism
The lycanthropic strain engulfs my psyche and I feel electric alive...
Holding the tetrahedron, the chant is called,
Fenris is awakened...my eyes reflect red,
Hungering, I walk the dense forests the light of the fullmoon darkens the earth...
And as I watch and feel the ghost rise...the energy builds,
The casual life envelops my being, to go into he world,
To claw and devour the weak and fearful, beholden, upon a mountain...
The purple lightning forms a sigil...
Luna descends, the pleasures of flesh are mine!

6. Leviathan ‒ The Black Oceans Roar

Malefic energies circle the temple as the spell is willed...
where the spheres connect cosmic forces enter the casual world of horrors, beauty to the risen...
watch the cthonic blood pit dwellers rise...controlled by our will.

The Goat of One Thousand young is a shadow of my lust...
Leviathan, serpent of the depths is a reality of my iron will let the trapezoid bring forth...
Mind over matter connected whit sonic energy...
the key is the eighth angel,

The black oceans roar with the sound of demonic laughter, dark waters stir...
Behold, Leviathan awakes...
From the chains in which I have hung myself, I see now this vision knowing, my strength is one with Pan...

7. Empire Of Blood

8. Nihilist

[Bonus track]

Let the shadow becloud my configuration
all is seen as a specter
from the night of Pan (in which I will dwell)
brings an order to the casual world

from a desert, deep within the tombs of our kind
I have become will to conquer once again
to bestow my law
time forever passes (blood still pours)

I enter my homeland, the forests, caves and mountains...
to rule again within my ascendant's domain...
slowly, I will lacerate the white body of an enchantress
and experience the flesh in all it's alumnus pleasure

Through the Red Dragon, our blood of Nachttoter,
through the Black Order of the Dragon to build the Empire of Blood
As the nocturnal drus awake my restful visage
I descend from a sinister gray castle
to venerate the severed flesh, still so ripe...

The wolf comes to the surface (of my will)
Fenrir unleashed, a leather-like cloak made of human
carrion will glide into the night
to reside in our Empire of Blood...

9. Lord Sathanas Returns

A spell we chant, a cascade of blood flows...
Fullmoon calls the north hordes, we gather as one
The earth a wasteland, freezing ice and snow
The wind carries our battle cries, a victory chalice is raised

The moon rises again, the blood angel screams
War begun, lord Sathanas returns
Millions crushed, an age of death
My earthly form is finished, I await the sign

Armageddon finally here, the black spells victorious
I call the demon of emptiness, devour our gift of flesh
The earth a wasteland, freezing ice and snow
The wind carries our battle cries, a victory chalice is raised

The moon rises again, the blood angel screams
War begun, lord Sathanas returns.

10. The Funeral Procession Descends

11. Journeys Into Horizons Lost

A heartbeat non-existent, as I travel deep into this materialized plane
This negative force proceeds to drive me further into this lost horizon

A bloodlust unfulfilled, a hunger for crimson fluid
The atmosphere around me grows as cold as a December night

The moon gallops into my mind, awaiting a fresh human kill
As a wolf I walk, smelling for blood
Eyes of a golden fire search
A traveler, I stumble upon, for he never heard my steps

My human form returns, blood spell of ancient flame
Draws me to this feast, white teeth sink deep

The searching for blood over, but it has just begun
Through my veins the blood runs, my immortal existence obtained.

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