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1. Infernal Majesty

Zazas, Zazas, Natsatanada Zazas
Born in the light,
Prometheus, none shall come before me
there is a serpent in the garden
the serpent give wisdom of the illuminated one
now of darkness, now of dragons
infernal majesty
Heaven is no ideal for us, we don't want it
another god becomes death
light extinguished.
Born through the depths of the abyss
where the fire is within us
through our essence, through our forms
born in the light, living through the worms
eating the corpses... devouring the false
light of Jehovah.
Nothing remains...
the wolf rises in the rune of Thurisaz,
bloody specter haunts from the graves
In the night the burning eyes see
demonic glory from the light not seen
infernal majesty, life through the breaking of bonds
become the light one, shadows reigning in the mind
infernal majesty, dragon ‒ serpent
burning the lies
death reigns only with Jehovah

2. Book Of Belial

From the gates of Heaven,
we fell towards the abyss
once crossed, we were as gods
born through the northern winds of night
fallen to earth, our domain is one
beasts of nature... werewolf rising
Walking the earth, the flesh is ours
feel the rope around the flesh, tighter
my spirit is the time of darkness,
the blade which finds the flesh,
vengeance and wrath are one
my spirit is eternal, exact in its nature
equal to solar power, balanced with night
Belial, I am this number,
I am no one,
Belarion towards the Throne of Sorcery
We are walking with Christ no longer,
lies are the inconsistency of all that is natural
Burning temples, let us open the Book of Belial
reclaim the power of the Crimson Warlock, Sorcerer of the Highest Order

3. Antichrist Rising

No longer shall man be subservient to any god
freedom lies within the forces of the air
the sun gives the path of enlightenment
born of the black flame
baptized in the blood of Lilith
known to the mirrors of red monks
I have been seen in the fog
dream known through blood
the light of Lucifer is the brightest
from which all freedom and wisdom derives
know thyself and break the chains of bondage
Fenrir seeks to be unleashed
Join with us, we are many
Antichrist is rising
Angel Flesh dripping in fornication
we demand the death of Christianity
everything is backwards
no light in the chapels
no light in the tombs
Sexual Jesus, union with demons
Please mistress, scribe my name in the black book
I am no one, serpent in Eden, light

4. Varcolaci

The moon rises, dripping blood in the astral sky
my grave is opened... flesh becomes nothing
the cold of the grave entices the warm flesh towards us
I leave my grave shroud on the tomb
hunting the life in the form of the wolf
the bat banner of my house is highest in night
from which know the blood bathes
the wisdom of Lilith and the lust of Cain
such is and shall always be
the flesh tears under our hooks and stakes
youth exists in our morbid kiss
knowing the grave flesh, cold grip of life
then you know our darkness
I shall return to the tomb, shrouded in the grave cloth
awaiting night again... our darkside symphony
written in the blood of the sleeping

5. Lycanthropy And Flames

The rune is carved and the blood trickles
the midnight fires are illuminating towards the moon
no circle, only spirits of night
wolves and beasts, we become our darkest atavism
Lycanthropy and flames
The blade is drawn
an oath is given
no false idols, no above or below gods
we are the flesh of our mothers
the gods of all mythology
our darkest desires
Lycanthropy and flames
astral travel,
the night is ours
wolf skin,
given by the devil our beast itself
we are the sorcerers of night
ghosts and vampires gather in our temples
dungeons where the dead sleep
Lycanthropy and flames

6. Light Of Satanael

Spirit of Venus
the Morning Star
Fallen and free... we rise from the abyss
crossing and the radiance of Satanael
the gates are forever open
Nephilim joining with us
may Xaphan burn Heaven to flames
werewolf spirits... beasts of nature
gather among mankind, teach them to be as Gods
the slaves shall serve
Lilith walks among us
sorcery and witchcraft through the Lunar cycle
the Goddess takes flesh on earth
Thelema shall be the Law of the Strong
the Beast walks in many forms
our black book is written
fallen and free, we rise from the abyss
adorning the light of Satanael

7. The Crimson Dragon

Mother darkness
bringer of the blood chalice
elixir of Lilith and Cain
Graves opening... sorceries in blood
The Grimoire is opened
Asmodeus, double wisdom in the fire
I evoke this serpentine presence
ascend and deceive.
Those of the false light
return to the frost of the night
the circle contains the spirit
fed with blood fresh from the wound
I shall walk this earth again
the circle means nothing
Mother Darkness
bringer of the blood chalice
elixir of Lilith and Cain.
Speak your invocations
the names of power
the Dragon is loosed again
Ancient ones rise...

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