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1. Druj Nasu

As the body fall under the cold shadow of death's embrace
eternal life under the kiss of Ahriman
falling deeper into eternal sleep
a druj of the north, flying down as the insect god
she touches the corpse, demon of the possessed flesh
awaken my flesh as the child of darkness
to enter the flesh, maggots awakening in the spirit
I am death conquered, blood thirsty druj of the haunted wastelands
From death's embrace do I welcome the touch of Nasu
who is filth incarnate, fly formed goddess of vampiric life
awaken me in the cold place of the temple, defiled by Yatus
by Druj Nasu does the druj rush forth
by Druj Nasu do I awaken from deathless sleep
Be Nasu kasha, who carry the bodies away
to feed the dragon who cuts the flesh away
Mother of Abominations, feed upon the flesh of the dead
may your spirit grow in strength, by your many forms arise

2. Daevodata

Hearing the calling of wolves deep in the forest
as I walk towards the place of desolate land
where a world of darkness seeks to overpower the light
and a serpent which sleeps hears a softened whispers
I drift towards the ruins long forgotten by man
the sleeping spirits long fallen from light
they hunger in darkness, eternal, infernal
voices disembodied ring out in my mind
burning me, desire and lust
I shall take their wisdom and hold the keys
to my own hell which I shall remain as a paradise
The wisdom of filth, knowledge of darkness
daevodata, wisdom of demons
shall I seek freedom and the knowledge of self
Here in the ruins long forgotten
they call t me, I summon their shades forth
enter me, my mind afire in darkened desire
from shadows they emerge and I answer
to awaken as the Son of Legion
an old way reborn hearing the calling of the
dragon within my spirit, my father awaits

3. Az-I-Dahak (Awake)

4. Dahak (Serpent Arise)

In the desert lands, mountain range cruel and sharp
a throne is taken, a young prince is of age
Ahriman arise, lead the child to greatness
enter a pact with me, your head shall be above the sun
strike down the weakened father, raise yourself as god
begin this transformation, an immortal spirit of darkness
to now a kiss on each shoulder, corpse white flesh appears
black pits open and from the abyss comes serpents
black and venomous, hungering for the brains of men
transform now into the storm fiend, immortal one
none shall smite you, shake off the human yoke
become something greater, a beast awakened
in the serpent king does he become, our father of old
who made witchcraft the common practice of the land
strike down the righteous, those followers of false light
Arise Azi Dahak, scorpion soul, filled essence of lizards
who fell and was imprisoned in the mountain of Demvard
Whisper to us the way of the sorcerous path
who shall be as Gods, druj and serpent darkness

5. Eye Of Arashk

I ensorcell myself in the form of Ahriman
wolf and serpent growing from
black shapes, my will grows strong
I cast my shadow in the name of Diabolus,
father and spirit of isolation
let the blackened flame burn brighter
those who may see this flame are of us
dregvants the children of the lie
we emerge as the new religion, the new god
The eye is brought from our flesh, whose curse is painful and cruel
the Will never may be extinguished
the eye will not be blinded
Arashk I summon thee
Akht call of the nomadic deserts
wolf and serpent, arise from my flesh
to command my desires to become this dream
Eye of Arashk arise in me, I of the mind of Akoman
I ensorcell myself in the form of Arashk
a fallen one who devoured the light of heaven
On this earth I shall be as the lion, my eyes seeking the blood of life

6. Kiss Of Serpents

Between her legs, the blood covered whore embraces
to sip from the vein pulsing hard in the night
like wings of shadow can she hear it
blackened beast colored fur, talons to walk upon
night brings a cloak of flight
she drinks from her wound, fresh blood of the moon
biting deep in her veins, drinking in pure ecstasy
obsession soon follows
Between her legs, now she is aroused by a forked tongue

7. Sutekh (Chaos)

Lord of the Northern Sky, chaos unbound
Whose head is a beast, yet has no form
Lord of deserts, the mightiest of Gods
Whose blade cuts deep the weakened enemy
A tribe of sand moves across a sky forlorn
I am the Eye within the center, overmastering, devouring
As the Serpent do I embrace torment, stinging death
Yet through me there is life
The moon is dark, sleeping in a desolate ruin
Shadows bring my servants, breeding serpents within
Lord of Beasts, who cuts with the knife oppression and stasis
Let strife run through the veins of all, let mastery be of the strong
There is no compassion for those who are not of our blood
Praise is made in me, for here darkness begins
Tongues of flame, scribe my books of art
So infernal, yet I compel the suns scorching rays
Lord of the Darkened Skies, yet arise in the Noon
Burning sun and deathhead Moon

8. Astovihad

Bone divider, devouring shadow of darkness
insect limbs, crawling in the cold corners of forgotten tombs
I call to you, druj of death, Astovihad, strong shadow of Ahriman
from the abyss I call you forth, to come unto me
In death do I grow strong in life, let me drink of your eternal fountain
Bone divider, breathe stealer, bless me in the grave
awaken me in death so I may drink of life
Demon who seizes the life, who drags all to the gates of Arezura
Let my noose reach your neck, for in life I shall never let go
spider legs move up and down your spine
sleeping and dreams turn blackened vomit
I drink from your life, in dreaming and waking
I am always there to grow strong from your life
The sun has died, blood is falling from your cup of life
my children drink of it, the Mother of Abominations bathes in this river
death walks with us now, no more light within your life, Astovihad conquers

9. The Fallen Arise

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