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1. Shadows Of Obour

My death-thirst is strong unquenchable death-kissed, mine days in the grave
Cold and rotting
I rise as shadows, unquenchable
In phantom form casting a mournful shadow
Shrieking in the nigh
Forty days I enter my corpse in the grave
To rise
Drinking and spitting blood
Cruel fangs and claws and all
Life I thirst for
That rhythm of the heart slowing
Into the abyss encircled in darkness
The void is where I breath fire
Blackened whispers call you near
Behold the death-thirst

2. Ankou And The Death Fire

At dusk, the gates of the netherworld can be opened
The Ankou takes shape
Tall and gaunt casting shadow
Let the wizened skin bring the stench of death
Ankou, swathed in a ragged shroud
Ankou nigh stalker
Smell the air for the living
Your cart creeks slowly by
Eyes lit with a phantom flame, Ankou the death bringer
Sharpen my scythe on human bones
Plague and dysentery my companions beside me
A appear by the ghostly death fire, won't you come with me?

3. Dearg-Due (Blood Drinker)

She waits there
Pale and still
She is pale until her prey passes by
Beautiful and seductive, Baobhan sith, lurking in the cemetary
Seeking her cold kiss of death
Dearg-due, she bites deep with her kiss
Slowly the life is drained
She is strong
From the mountain wilds, her world opens to ours
To drink the ecstasies of death
Shadow upon black wings, the world become gray between the living and the death
Drink the deep with phantom grasps to old until carries off
Behold, Dearg-due, who loves darkness and warm streams of crimson life

4. Gwyn Ap Nudd (King Of The Underworld)

The chilling winds of autumn
The horde of darkness rise
Upon steeds and wolves with demonic faces gather, tonight the wild hunt rides
Gwyn ap nudd, libations to an ancient god
No prayers may save your human pray
Fast on the dark skies
A huntsman in the devil's mask
Screaming upon the night sky
Triumphant glance
Across the haunting moon
Let our noise terrify
I deal in death, the wolves and hounds tear life away

5. Oberour Ar Maro (Henchman Of Death)

Grim terrifying reaper, to all who are gathered by
Grave yard watcher, gaunt
Your forms are many, old god
As a wizened corpse tall and decaying
Who wields the scythe or sword, Ankou, shadow-wraith collecting the dead
Black robed phantom, whose burning glance from beneath the hat bring terror
Whose Black cart is led by 2 ghostly servants, four flour black death-steeds
Oberour ar Maro, who is Cain immortal, reaping
Ankou, king of the dead, let the power of shadows be mind
Haunting in decay
Do you hear cart? Karrigell and Ankou (wheelbarrow of death), his pound of flesh best cold
The knock on the doors calls all into the darkness while shedding the flesh

6. Cwn Annwn (To Harvest Human Soul)

On a cold night, still a death, winds send forth the wild hunt, from the east to the coldest north, we are the escort to the grave
Cwn Annwn, spectral wolves and phantom hounds, hail Lolo ap Auw, can you hear them baying in the void? Into the forests, gather the souls and death, deeper into the green wilds
Unto Caer Vandwy, fortress of the otherworld
To the king of spirits and his Queen - Cwn Annwn, you who are entering the forest
For the love of your mate permit us to enter your dwelling...

7. The Morrigan (Battle Crow)

Behold, the green fields of battle, let the sword be scary and cruel
Under the ravens, banner we ghader to kill and feed the soil our blood
I seek the ecstasy of the blade burying in flesh
Open the flesh of the gods, spears stabbing down
Harbingers of death, hearken to me! As warriors falls, dying and tortured by cruel wounds, let macha drink deep
By the tusks of the boar, fill me with your frenzy
By the hunting hounds biting the throat of my prey, let no weapon assail me
Morrigan favor me under the bleeding crescent moon, Morrigan guide us to the netherworld if you determine that I fall

8. Labous An Ankou (Bird Of Death)

In the cold chill of night, hear mournful wail
Apparition, creeping shadow which takes shape
The cry of the owl cannot be ignored
When the Ankou comes, his thirst must be sated, hordes of phantoms, Labous an Ankou upon the nocturnal winds, Labous an Ankou, I seek to extinguish your fire, let the carrion fill my cart
Haggard corpse filled with a fiery spirits of the darkness
Cain, cloak me in the robes of Ankou, let me take the form of the bird of death

9. Dullahan Graven In Funeral Lights

Dark spirit upon the nightmare steed, bearing its head screeching into the darkness
Small fires in the black light flicker about
A skull with stretched skin, molded and tight with decay
A grin which reveals a lust for death, never sated
Dullahan, carry the whip of the spine of the corpse, the black wagon carries the dead, graven in funeral objects, skull candles light the way covered in human skin
An fear Dorcha Gan Ceann...

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