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1. Cloak Of Lies

Flies have taken this perverse asylum
Disease has hold where others would not dare
Forced confessions - colony of lepers
Deathly stench is clinging to the air
Footsteps where there should not be a presence
Starving voices groaning in despair
Sadistic maestro wields the scalpel like a bull whip
Erratic technique sprays the wall with blood

Cold horizon of unmarked graves
Ledger entry - numbered days
Laughing shadows - labyrinth eyes
Bandaged in a cloak of lies

Unwanted visitor, levitates, comes to taunt me
Tormented prisoner, no escape, from this haunting

Sideshow in this carnival of nightmares
Perspiration frozen to my brow
Altered with a steady-handed ice pick
Fragments of me dripping to the floor

Down that corridor to the furnace and beyond
Ingested by the smokestack and ejected further on
Random rearranging in that crucible of death
The shadow of that silo is my final chariot

2. Silhouette Usurper

Shape shifting consecration delights in this matrix of blood
Hissing serpents murmuration feasts in the raging flood
Your warden of despair
Prophetic lifeless glare
Foul tempest lurches forth and marches right in league
Spurning out a pact of murder- not before my death's foreseen

Sunken eyes eaten away
Adipocere mocking wraith
Fleshless bones in the pyre's flames
Plume of smoke and none remains

Tortured by this vision - double walking entity
Gas lit premonition - light betraying reveries
Cursed apparition
Scavenger! Harvesting!
Violence! Inquisition
The hoards of omens haunting me

Silhouette usurper - open up your pits of hell
Collector! - say you've come for me
Silhouette usurper - open up your pits of hell
Ride out wretch be free

3. Scarecrow And Spectre

Chaos splits the sky and unifies all portents
A great otherworldly howl and futile to defend
Chromatic shrieking radiation rings from the feathered vortex
Riotous cacophony from the lacerated winds
We are the seers
The architects of plague
We are the one and the many
A thousand different names

Cower as you call to us
You should never have been freed
Pray you're dead when our comets come
Worthless progenies

The sky is black and blotted with a satiated frenzy
Scarecrow arbitrator between the lying and the others
Never since those windswept plains has come such annihilation
But this one is the shadow that was feared since we were born

Hammers swing to seal the tombs without a good word spoken
Every curse on that vile crypt cast with glorious commotion
Locusts pick the harvests clean begging for atonement
Ground gives way and joins the sky in the shadow of the eclipse

Once more I stand in awe and weep before such visions
What's more I'm looking on your temples as they burn
I've shook the ground before to rid a surface nuisance

But never have I had the pleasure to look upon such works
I've buried all your cities as you've pissed away your lives
I've relished every second of your eventual demise
So fight yourselves and eat your fallen hiding from your truth
I always have and always will be here when you are through

4. Phantom I Am

So long I have waited for this moment
This toxic malignant breed
Forged in acidic boiling oceans
Hatching brood take wing

Phantom I am - creator
Sneer of cold command - no master
Anthropocene event
Polluted to your end
Contusion of the land
Thy name be sapien

Now suffer - cry out - sing for me
Mother - into extinction - on your knees

Anthropocene event - pollution to you end
Contusion of this land - thy name be sapien

Like a weed growing into the sun
Cut you down when my work is done

Spreading - across the cradle the pregnant fertile crescent
Bleeding - blinking moon draws wolves in to the excrement
Bloated - distended womb the stillborn starts to ferment
Bloom! Descend one flowering experiment

Phantom I am- creator
Sneer of cold command - no master
Anthropocene event - pollution to your end
Contrusion of this land - thy name be sapien
Licking clean my carapace drawn out from hibernation
Fpollinating virus - spread your wings - abomination
Like a weed growing into the sun
Cut you down when my work is done

I will cut you down

5. Mist Of Ruin

Stalemate - all is quiet
Pummeled by bombardment
Splintered forests
Shattered trunks
Vultures gather to the drone of war drums
As the toolmakers take the stage - the valves are opened
On tens of thousands downwind
Soon to drown on dry land

Those who once would dwell in darkness and dream of the augur's visions
More still who in spilling blood would read the sprawling entrails
Care the tongue out - seize the lungs - silencing the sages
Severed link to knowing when and how we meet our end

Throw the curtain open!
Hail the rolling sky!
Breathe the corrupted ether!
Bleeding from the eyes!

Spellbound by the churning cloud as it writhes into the ages
The heavens shed like leprous skin
Rife with the disease of life
Death march of green and yellow turns the ground before it silver
Soul sucking mist of horror raining death across its pages

Now you meet your end
Drowning in your skin

6. Temple Of Leviathan

Years I've spent in this creature's craw - I am its hostage
Circling devils spiral round and churn the waters surface
Lurking shadow twisting down below into the growing maelstrom
Delirious into its jaws I was taken by a beast

And there are no stars for me to navigate by
And now there is no light for me to see
I am adrift on some creatures whim
Passenger of disease

In these catacombs of madness
Isolated rumination
Temple of leviathan
Symbiote dependency
Catacombs of madness
At the bottom of the world
Bowels of leviathan lumbering monstrosity

And there are still no stars for me to navigate the sky
No more light to be seen
I'm the prisoner of some creatures whim
Passenger of disease

I must have been hunted down
To become another meal
I wish first I would have drowned
This cannot be real

And who will rid this loathsome muse
Crude and only useless
I'm the titan of the seas this virus merely hubris
Still I shudder sick inside and set out for the answer
Cetus I with man inside and sinking down with cancer

And so I will dissolve
And now I do dissolve

7. Famine Angel

Many names I have known
In countless ages conjured
Of foreign tongues and darkened times
Invoked but never pardoned
Vain attempts on famished lips
And shadowed whips bartered
In dire dealings at the fire's hearth
Vanished sons and daughters

Of the mist - spectre rides
Famine angel - treason bride
Hunting seraphs rule the night
Mounting heads of regicide

Taking forms, of severed horns, written of in threes
Invading kingdom, of the living
Bring to its knees
Augur evil, vilified, in tattered rags they see
I'm the mistress of the moon, corrupted blasphemy
Possessions at aix, I'm to credit
Told them I was he
Watched the sentence from on high
Laughing on the wing

I've boarded ships and brought pestilence
Damning all to death
Inspired servant of the insect
The mare upon your breath
I'm the empress of the moon, your kingdom is my fodder
Lustful convents bear my mark vanished sons and daughters

8. Crescent Aberration

Fall away
Blistered blackened carcass
Peel away - rotting barren husk
Its form unfurls in this neon realm
Radioactive and retching
Pulsing signal - the insect sings
Nightmare life form oscillating

Fear its very presence
Absent of all essence
'Conjured ascension risen to the surface
Marching without any purpose
Growing - appetite for bloodshed
Glowing - drunk on radiation sickness
Roaming old one - live again
Tyrant of the wasteland
Error of the fossil record
Summoned from the abyss

Reclamation - vengeance makes its entrance
Oblivion - mutual assurance
Virulent spore this mote of dust
Bathed in aberration
Nasty and brutish - wolves of war
Another failed mutation

Fall away - amputated existence
Smoldering - embalmed in nuclear twilight
Its form unfurls in this neon realm
Radioactive and breathing
Pulsing signal - the insect sings
Oscillating nightmare being

9. Husk

There's a rumor that you're speaking in tongues
And you've lost all control
Motor functions not a power you hold
Least not a power of yours

O queen of mischief - mysterious one
I want your beautiful soul
Your tales are legend
The things that you've done
They say you're not of this world

Contorted angel - they sent you a priest
But you were busy in told
You're a weapon of the darkest design
You claim you're centuries old

Now come with me
Suffer as my fugitive
Sliding in between
Other worlds
Into dreams
You and I infiltrate - horror
Manifesting scream take them down

Unholy spectre
Can this be the end
Am I finally free
Transmission in the marks on my skin
You know I've tried to come clean
You know I've tried to come clean
O let this be a dream

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