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1. Intro: Meories Of Blood And Bone

2. The Last Dragon

The dragon eyes
Searches the great unknown
See through man lies
Never let alone
The last of his king
Vengeance poisoned mind

The dragon flies
Memory of blood and bone
Spirit old and wise
All hope turn to stone
The last of his kind
Now myth to mankind

Rage in his heart
Hear the
Last dragon roar
Flaming storm blazes
Trembling the world with fear

Pain in soul
Hear the
Last dragon roar
Volcanic fury
Erupted upon his prey

Oceans of flame
Burning all in its path
Screams of death
Piercing the wind
Fire breath
Igniting all who resist
Great inferno
His wrath will persist
Settling torch
Buildings turn to ember
Pitch black smoke
Engulfing the moon and stars
Snow of ash
Falling across the land
No regrets
Now his mind can rest


3. Battleborn

Brothers! Gather your might
To defend our land we must fight
Brothers! Tonight we ride
To defend our honor and our pride

Trust the sword in your hand
Time to make our final stand
We will fight to the last man
In Valhalla we will meet again

Flaming arrows light the sky
Fear spreads from our battle cry
Their quest we will deny
Never forgotten those who die

Strength fueled by bloodlust
They will never break us

We fight as one
This battle is won

4. To The Land Of Frost Giants

Entombed in frost
The loved I lost
My heart exhaust
I'll pay any cost
Iced treachery
Wintered misery
Snowy journey
Must set her free

Her frozen face plagues me
Endless rage in me
Vengeance fuels me
Death falls on whom face me
No wounds will break me
Give her back to me

Odin's ravens as my guide
To the land of giants I must ride
Axe and shield at my side
Storming like the raging tide
The icy gates they fortify
My wrath they can't deny
Thor's lighting cracks the sky
Charging my strength until we unify

Frost beast stands tall
Defending the great wall
Ice shatters from the brawl
By my axe, he will fall


Come out Laufey
You will face me
Suffer your treachery
Give her back to me!

Death is upon thee
For the pain you caused me
Feel my misery
Give her back to me!

5. Through The Gates Of Time

Father and son fight side by side
Endless war starts to subside

An enemy rises
Seaming from the dead
Let's an arrow fly
A life brought to an end

Through the gates of time, bathed in light
An instant he must turn wrong to right
Through the shrine of light time stands still
A treacherous quest he must fulfill

Gather the essence of gods
For they are the keys of time

Change a fleeting moment
Travel through the gate
Defy the gods design
Alter his son's fate

Eye for an eye, order of the gate
Claims his life; for death is fate

6. To Hel And Back

I've seen so many fall
Back against the wall
No strength to move at all
Spirits fade away
Longing for death
To relieve their pain
To hell and back

No one else can define us
Drown the voices that defy us
Our will lies within us
A whole world in front of us

It seems the shadows draw near
It seems the past isn't clear
Our minds clouded by fear
The Reaper's call is all we hear

Through pain; much to gain
This suffering; no longer endearing
Through heartache; spirits are lifted
This misfortune; life is appreciated
Through weakness; strength is found
This scar; past remembered
Through trials; limits are tested
This agony must be extinguished

Time to free your soul and clear your mind

To hell and back I return
A stronger form of who I am
To hell and back I survived
Forgetting the demons I had inside

Believe in yourself
And escape your hell

Embrace this life
And you'll find your way

Through heartbreak; love is found
This illness; must be cured
Through anguish; self to discover
This doubt; to tear down
This calamity; bring to its end
Through trouble; relief is earned
This plight; will be over

7. Legacy

Wandering endlessly
Driven by forces unknown
Emptiness haunts my mind
A vast void in my soul

As I climb the mountains high
Fear and excitement boils
A temple at its summit
Hidden for ages from the world

As I enter
My mind set free
Surge of energy
Flows within me

Voices echo in my head
Familiar and comforting
My past lives speak to me
Revealing my legacy

My world fallen to chaos
Engulfed by the dark
I return to bring back the light
A beacon long forgot

Open your minds
Let me in
I will set you free
Your reality
Shadowed from the truth
Open your eyes
See what really is
The true reality
Open your eyes
Flee the darkness
I have set you free

8. Live And Die For The Horde

Born and raised for war
Live and die for the horde

Brutal savage force
Live and die for the horde

Our fists will crush skulls
Live and die for the horde

We, the hammer lords
Live and die for the horde

We march to the drums beat
Our foe we will defeat
We charge as the horns roar
Our constant thirst for war

To raid and slaughter
Live and die for the horde

Mettle and vital
Live and die for the horde

Our tusk will crack bones
Live and die for the horde

We, the battle orcs
Live and die for the horde

We march to the drums beat
Our foe we will defeat
We charge as the horns roar
Our constant thirst for war

For the Horde!

No rest, no retreat
Live and die for the horde

Honor and glory
Live and die for the horde

For the horde!

9. Fall Of Yggdrassil


Its branches link the nine worlds
The realms flourish from its roots
The bringer of life
The all eternal tree
Planted amongst the cosmos
Aged beyond the gods of old
All began and is bound to it
At Ragnarök it will crumble
The war of gods will bring its end
A new world will merge

At its peak, my home Asgard
To watch over the nine worlds
Sacrificed much for knowledge
Keep the peace is my burden
Valkyries gather the fallen
Proven worthy in battle
Waiting in my golden halls
To fight once more
When the end is nigh
The gates will open
My army will preserve this world

To be
Will fall
To save
Us all

Battle rages on
Gods against beast
Endless war
Amongst galaxies
Oceans roar
Mountains crumble
Skies become black
Prophecies unfold
Great warriors perish
Chaos unleashed
Fires of Hel rise
No realm is safe
Will the gods prevail
Yggdrasil is falling
Ragnarök has arrived
My end is nigh

10. The Devil Within Remastered

[Bonus Track]

11. On The Path To War Remastered

[Bonus Track]

12. In The Isle Of Endings Remastered

[Bonus Track]

Mariusz Syposz: lead guitar
Reuben Pereira: rhythm guitar
Corey Seguin-Bisaillon: vocals
Charles Mattias Wolf: bass
Deborah Lawrence: drums(live), clean vocals

All songs written and produced by Mariusz Syposz.
"At The Gates Of Time" co-written by Reuben Prereira.
Lyrics written by Corey Seguin-Bisaillon.
"At The Gates Of Time" co-written by Deborah Lawrence.

Thanks to charles.mattias.wolf for sending these lyrics.

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