Dark Lyrics


1. Safe & Sound

It is in all heads, the society falls ill with itself
One pants for air and drags his infected soul day to day

One fulfills his duties, last hope dies
Daydream or nightmare - it's time to wake up

Beyond recall - one stands his ground as a soldier
And thus in his memory, there sleeps just an idle wish

The speech is about fear, fear of the future,
Of poverty, job loss - last hope dies

An ideal world when parents cured the wounds
Who will now?

Inside our souls, there slumbers the desire for safety
In Childhood we experienced it every day
Lots of love, we had no danger and no difficulties
It was an ideal world

Beyond recall - one stands his ground as a soldier
And thus in his memory, there sleeps just a sheltered life

Lack of change kills, so please don't resign
Other-directed, the lack of creativity

One trudges home and hopes for permanence
No responsibility, no praise
Unsocial one doesn't sit down to the weir
Depressions programmed

Last hope dies - safe and...
Last hope dies - safe and sound

2. Saturnine Past

Lashing rain patterns against the window
And reflects my crestfallen mood

I feel the autumn storms coming closer
In hopes of cleansing my wounds

Restart - the night made way for the sunlight
And left behind the dark days of your saturnine past

I sense it's time for new horizons
I take my joys and sorrows and start for a new world

Far, far away, my feet take me to a better place
To live my life immune from poisoned air

Sun's rays flatter my anguished heart
And i can erase from memory the darker times

3. Frozen Heart

Deep within my heart i've always felt the fire
That warmed me in the cold, cold world

And times changed and seasons went by while my heart stood still
And just a reflection of love remained

I have lost all faith in trust in honesty, love and caring
My frozen heart forgot to breathe and stopped to beat

I was left lonely and broken, poisoned by a treacherous kiss
Oh what wicked deceit, all i've felt and all, all i've longed for left with you

Will i ever awake, will i ever feel again
Will my heart ever be revived

And years passed by and nothing released me from misery
And there's no room left for hope

4. Walls

Obscure - my road to perdition, i'm breathing fire
All crossings left behind, no way out
Deeper down into the vortex of chaos - sinister, savage
Evoked demons swallowing my sordid soul

Forlorn in a never-ending nightmare
My call for the end of all pain echoes through all hallways
And pierces marrow and bone

Walls are crumbling down and the flames flare high
Scorching my forsaken soul
My worid's collapsing, i'maken at my deeds
I plunge into depths

Dark - my path to perception, through a tortuous maze
All borders crossed, now roads lead to hell
And hell does welcome me - the prodigal son - son of fire
My own words engulf me in misery

Now step forth, inhale the scent of ash and harvest your reward
Pay the prize you're poised to pay for all your contempt,
So embrace the flames

Vengeful shadows lying in wait to let me go up in flames

5. The Ego And Its Own

6. Soulreaver

The soulreaver, he's coming around to devour your soul
You're just what he is waiting for

Willed sacrifice, the devil incarnate feeds your greed and fools your mind

High day in hell, another sinner sold his soul

For nothing more than a golden cage

Faithful servant, the reaver takes your hand and leads you to your grave

Run, run, as fast as you can, the reaver's on your trail
He's coming to suck your life, smash your world and cut your throat

It's the souleater, he's coming around and your greed
Feeds his greed for more and more of your soul

Willed sacrifice, the devil incarnate drives you over the edge

Harvest time, the time has come, come to pay
For all your...all your foolery

Faithful servant, the reaver drains your fate
And leads you to a house - a house of mirrors

I cannot breathe, the debt it takes my last breath
And fills my lungs with black smoke, help me !

7. Darkest Night

Do you care for all delusion in your dreams?
You see the light in nights when fear's surrounding you

I remember scary things that still seem real,
I try to run and hide

Run away, feel the strain - overwhelmed by fear
Lost in a maze of...

Dreams - they can be reality
Your mind pretends you bad emotions
Lost deep inside our souls
This is your darkest night

Back to life my thoughts in-between day and dark
I pass my dreams unreal, can't breath 'til i wake

I know that's a dream, just thoughts of curiosity
Being part of my soul and my destiny

Why nightmares fill my mind throughout the day
Delusion scares me now, i shiver full of fear
So cruel i feel he's grabbing around my neck
Falling down so deep

Try to hide, you're my dream - fear in my face

Trapped in my...

Run faster,
No one can avoid his destiny

8. Zombie

Massive chaos, society chokes itself
Dead eyes see no future, in all us breeds the fire

Arcane's the dense - veil of distress
And dread feeds the flames that burn my mind to ash

Line up - all you doomed people
And say welcome to the ravening darkness
Judgement day, the world burns

Doom makes the blood run cold
Fast redemption, hope is gone
Damnation, nemesis, don't play with fire
Our deepest sympathy for the lost souls

Scorched earth, dead ember
We follow wake of devastation

Like hungry zombies we're on manhunt
And wrath corrodes our darkened minds

The noose - merciless tightening on us
We're finished, out day has come
We killed ourself, oh what a great day
Our world ends right now

9. Words Of Accusation

Still, so many stones that obstruct the way
Yet, so many tears that flooded your eyes
And all the grief that that spelled doom for you

A hard blow that hit you deep,
A sudden loss that burned your hopes to ash
And all the pain haunts you like a ghost
In a really bad nightmare

It's the bitter truth at the end of the line

No way back just the pain that speaks,
That speaks the words of accusation
A sting of remorse aches within

And leaves coldness deep within my soul
It's really serious how you suffer inside

Your name is eternalized in my heart
Forever your words will echo
Your words of love and devotion still caress my heart

This is your only bequest and I will keep this remembrance
Until the sky darkens and the pain, the solitude kills me

Locked up in a veiled inner panic-room
It's so very cold, desperate and oppressive
Life and death are struggling for their prevalence
Forsaken i retreat into my shell

Still, so many thoughts lost in the past
Yet, so many lights that stopped to shine
And all the feelings that...that wither on the vine

A hard blow that opened your eyes
A sudden loss that shattered your fragile world
All the pain descends upon you
You're the lead in worst case scenario

The pain that the speaks the words,
Laying the blame on you

Forevermore solitude attends me

But maybe one day time can heal
Your deep wounds that ruled the bitter years
All the tears have washed away your woes
Just a dream, just an illusion? For now...

10. Empty Skies

Empty skies, after sunshine comes the rain, darkening rises

Silence nourishes the pain
Fly away on wings of equability
Nothing matters, no one else

Better Times have passed or still to come
Leaving now and don't look back
Life is hard so just fight back, its worth a tty
No further chance, no last goodbye, live your life

Dream again, let the pictures wash away, swept aside
Hide your feelings deep inside
Enjoy yourself, life's too short to stay behind
No damn thing be in my way

Grey to stained, no more blurred
The streets are paved with gold
Breaking out never give in again
Leaving the impair events again and again
Force your way, you're the next in line

Watching clouds passing hope in pleasant white
Now comes the sun, it's warming breath you take
Indulge yourself, cheering up is what you need
Chains fall down, just be relieved

Guillermo — Drums
Dennis — Bass
Ann-Kristin — Vocals
Fabian — Vocals
Markus — Guitars
Björn — Guitars

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